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Ava Taylor Her Brother’s Slut

PART 1 Ava Busted Cheating – My “perfect” Sister Ava is studying very hard, or rather, studying the stolen answers to the exam.She always acts like she is perfect, but now I fucking have her! She tries to play it off, tries to act like she can get away with anything, but when she realizes I really will tell mom, dad, and even the teachers, she gives it, totally
PART 2 Ava Taylor – Just Aspirin – I took a look through my “innocent” sister Ava’s purse. These are the weirdest looking aspirin I have ever scene. She is super anxious when I confront her, she takes one to prove I am wrong about what they are, I check on her a few times afterwards, the first time she begs her friend to come get her on the phone, then next time she is seeming to be relaxed, and touching herself, the third time she is dancing totally naked like she is in ecstasy…she seems very open to the things I start to do…
PART 3. Ava Taylor- Working out at home. I am watching my sister working out. I have had her pussy twice now, it is so fucking tight and wet. I think she is starting to love my dick, I decide to find out. At first she acts like she doesn[t want to, then she acts like she is doing me a favor, wanting me to hurry up, but she comes all over my dick again and again, What a fucking SLUT!!!!

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Ava Taylor Porn Addicted Daughter

Ava is looking at porn on the computer masturbating. She sneaks into dads room before he has gotten up in the morning and gives him a blowjob. He comes in Ava’s mouth,falls back asleep without knowing.
Ava watches her father take a shower and rubs herself thinking about him, he comes out of the shower and she fucks him.
Ava wears skimpy clothing around the house and teases her father. Dad breaks down and fucks Ava on the couch. Mom comes earlier but there is no time for Ava to get off dad. Mom sits down and asks if Dad has talked to his daughter about acting Slutty. Dad promises to have a talk with his daughter and mom leaves.
Dad continues to fuck Daughter till he finishes inside her.
Ava gets naked in dad’s bedroom and ties her hands together and tells her dad to take advantage of her. Dad helps with the restraints and fucks Ava in every position he can. Ava begs for his cum in her mouth and makes Dad promise to always keep this a secret.

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Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Must Quit Smoking

cene One: Doctor’s Orders

Son gets a phone call from his mom’s doctor, he says it’s very important that she stop her smoking habit. The son confronts his mother about this and she says she has tried to quit in the past but it never works. She makes the joke that the only time she doesn’t smoke is when having sex. The son puts his hand on his mom’s pussy and starts rubbing. If this is the only way to get her to stop smoking he will do it. She tries to move his hand but he pulls off her pants and underwear. He starts licking his mom’s pussy as she pulls off her top and plays with her tits. He gets her to the brink of orgasm and she pushes his head into her pussy and wraps her legs around him and has a shattering orgasm. He gets up and reminds her, no smoking.

Scene Two: Light up by the Pool

Mom is out by the pool and she decides to light up a cigaret. The son comes storming out of the house and throws the cigaret in the pool. He grabs his mom and pulls down her swimsuit bottom and spanks her. He rips off her top and fucks her. After he cums inside her he throws her into the pool. Stop Smoking!

Scene Three: Night time Smoke

Dressed in her nightgown mom is reading a book before bed. Out of habit she takes a cigaret out and lights it up. Hearing the sound of the lighter the son bursts into the room. He is more pissed off than ever and decides to fuck her fuck her from behind to teach her a lesson. She protests but takes her son’s punishment.

Scene Four: Cravings

Mom’s cravings are too much for her. She puts on her sexiest clothes and calls her son into her bedroom. She pulls down his pants and sucks on his cock. She fucks him slowly and seductively talking about how good a boy he is and how much he cares for her. She then makes him cum hard onto her face. The son is spent and flops over and onto the bed. Mom, with the cum still on her, lights up a cigaret and asks “Do you want one?”

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Taylor Raz – Crazy College Girl

Scene One:Pledging to a sorority

Taylor comes home after her first semester of college. She has completely changed from daddy’s little girl to a woman in what is only a few months. Her dad is shocked at the changes he sees in her. She tells him not to worry, and asks him for a favor.

She is pledging to a sorority and to get in she has to suck her fathers cock. She puts her hand down his shorts telling him that she has to do this and that he will like it. Taylor pulls down her dads shorts and begins to jerk his cock. She teases him with her tongue before fully taking his dick into her mouth. She gives him a better blowjob than he has ever had.

Picking up her phone she snaps a few photos of her with her dads dick in her mouth for the sorority girls. Not being able to take anymore her dad cums. She takes a pic of her cum filled mouth and thanks her dad for the help.

Scene Two: Does this make you uncomfortable?

Dad is sitting on the couch when Taylor walks through the living room completely naked. She goes into the kitchen and grabs a beer and returns to the couch exposing her pussy while sitting. She complains about the heat and rubs the cold beer over her body. She asks her dad if this makes him uncomfortable looking at her hot tight body?

Crawling over to him she giggles that she made her dad’s cock so hard. She pulls off his shorts and sucks on his cock again. He asks her what she is doing, and she tells him she is getting him ready to fuck her.

She pulls herself onto his cock and fucks her dad. Losing himself in the moment he fucks her back and she moans with excitement. Holding his little girl by the hips he fucks her until she loudly cums. The sound of her cumming causes him to cum and he shoots his load into his daughters pussy.

Scene Three: How I got good grades

After living on campus for one semester Taylor has emptied her bank account. She decides to ask her dad for more money. Dressed in lingerie Taylor walks into her dads bedroom and asks him for some cash. When he refuses, she begins to dance showing him how she gets her professors to give her good grades without having to go to class.

Pulling down her top she plays with her tits for him, then moves her hands down to play with her pussy. When she sees his dick get hard she pounces jumping on her dad’s cock. She fucks him hard on the bed until she cums again on her dad’s dick. She licks her dad’s cock clean and sucks him begging him to cum in her mouth. Taylor swallows her father’s huge load and asks him how much he is going to give her.

Scene Four:The deal

Taylor’s dad does not want her to go back to college. She is been nothing but a slut there. Taylor makes her dad a deal. She promises not to fuck any men if her dad can fuck her better than she has ever been fucked before. As her dad pulls off her clothes Taylor taunts him making her dad angry.

Shoving his cock into her mouth he face fucks her in the bed. Her moans are muffled as she rubs her pussy. Like a jackhammer he fucks her around the room making her cum over and over again. His cock drills her into a puddle of pleasure. He jerks his cock onto her face sending streams of cum to cover her.

Exhausted and destroyed Taylor agrees to the deal, but she did not say anything about fucking girls at college.

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Cum on my face daddy

When you’re a young woman and your mother finds a new husband you pray he’s good looking and a great provider. Even better has a big cock he’s willing to share with you. Welcome to Daddy’s Home 2 where four hot little step daughters get to ride daddy’s cock in enchanting tales of taboo lust and sexual indiscretion. These girls better hope mama doesn’t get home early.

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Angelica Taylor – I Love My Sister’s Big Tits

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Ava Taylor – Daddy Issues (2014)

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Ava Taylor – Our Father (2014)

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Taylor Stewart

Video: mp4
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