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It’s Alaina’s High School Prom Night!!! As She is waiting for her Date to pick her up…her Mom & Brother are taking pictures of her in her Beautiful Prom Dress. Alaina looks like a little Princess….a very sexy Princess!!! As her Date arrives…Alaina is off to Prom….and Mom is ready to go to bed soon. Mom asks Alaina’s Brother, Mitchell to wait up….and make sure that Alaina arrives home before her Midnight curfew. Mitchell ends up falling asleep on the sofa in the Living Room….and is woken up…the NEXT MORNING….by a tipsy Alaina…who has been out all nightlong…drinking and getting Fucked!!! As he wakes to find his Hot…. Slutty…. Tipsy…. Sister sneaking in…. Mitchell’s raging hormones get the best of him…and he threatens to tell Mom about her breaking her curfew… unless she agrees to let him have a poke at her too!!! Alaina agrees to let her Brother her….and she enjoys it!! Alaina rides her Brother’s cock as her spectacular, young Tits bounce up and down. Alaina even takes her Brother’s load in her mouth…before going off to collapse into bed….after a very eventful Prom Night!!!!

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Victoria is watching the late night Infomercials on TV…..and she is shocked by what she sees!!! This one particular Infomercial claims that some of the ingredients in male ejaculate are good for your complexion!!! Victoria spends thousands of dollars on skin care products….so imagine her excitement at finding out that the best thing for her face is…..sperm!!! She is so excited to try out the new facial….that she approaches the only available source of sperm…..her Brother Richie. Richie is home from a Date…so Victoria asks him how his Date went. When he explains that he took his Date home early because she had a headache…Victoria smiles…”Oh….ok…..good…..so, umm…..your balls are still full then, right?”. Richie is completely confused and shocked by his Sister’s odd conversation…so Victoria fills him in….and begs him to….”Please Cum On My Face!!”. Richie is not interested in helping his baby Sister…so Victoria has to convince him….”I’ll show you my boobs……I’ll give you a handjob…..I’ll suck your cock…..oh, ok…very well then….I’ll let you Fuck me…just don’t take too long”. Now, Richie is on board!!! There is one request, however that Richie makes….he’ll give her the facial she wants in exchange for being allowed to Pound her….as long as the deal includes her sitting on his face for a while too…..he confesses that for a while he has wanted to taste her pussy and her ass. Victoria agrees to the terms…and begins by face-sitting her Brother so he can lick her “goodies”. They proceed to Fuck…with Victoria reminding him constantly…”Don’t cum inside me….save it for my face….”. When Richie is done Pounding his little Sister, he gives her what she wanted….a Huge Load all over her pretty young face!!! Victoria basks in the sticky afterglow….”Hmmm….My Very First Sperm Facial!!!!”.

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