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Broken Condom – Sperm Inside Pussy

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Only Daddys Sperm Can Fill My Fertile Pussy

Dear Diary,
The other night my girlfriend wanted me to meet a new guy so I got dressed up and ready to go. When I stopped to tell Daddy I was leaving to meet a boy he got pretty uptight. Apparently he really wants the baby now so I’m off limits to other guys.
To make sure I behaved myself Daddy took the time to satisfy my needs. He took me right there on the couch and made me ride him a bit. Once I was ready he laid me on the couch and really fucked me good. I guess the only Dick I’ll be getting from now on will be Daddys and thats fine by me.
Xo Naomi

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It’s For The Baby, Grandpa. Fill me with your sperm!

During my pregnancy I went to stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a month or so. During my stay my hormones got the better of me and I needed to get laid really bad. Unfortunately there are no places to meet guys around Grandpas place so I was really sexually frustrated. When I couldn’t take it anymore I want for the only man around, Grandpa. He was a little shocked at my forwardness but when my hand hit his cock he was ready to go. After I sucked his cock Grandpa took me from behind and made me cum several times before he exploded in my pregnant pussy. Grandpa will be taking care of my needs for the rest of my stay solving my problem….. as long as grandma doesn’t find out.

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Nerdy sister get brother sperm inside her

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Big load of sperm inside Mommy mouth

Vanessa is a single mom. She left her deadbeat boyfriend (and the father of her son) when she graduated college and found a lucrative career. It was extremely difficult but she managed to raise her son while also having a career. However due to her hectic schedule, she had nearly no relationships with the opposite sex, and had pretty much devoted her entire life to her son. As her son came of age he became her confidant, supporting her emotional needs. Soon it became apparent to her that she was slowly looking at her son like a “man”, and that her deepest desire was to be “with” him…
Son walks in on his mom sleeping. He removes the sheets, and starts to fondle and undress mom. She wakes up and asks what’s up. Son takes out his cock and starts to rub it on mom’s lips. She starts to suck him off as he continues to grope her tits. Mom asks if Son wants some Pussy. Son is still worked up from the blowjob and cannot say no.
Mom sits on Son’s cock and fucks in various positions. Mom begs for his sweet cum while Son is inside. He pulls out and explodes inside Mom’s mouth and on her face. Mom Swallows all that landed in her mouth and reminds Son he can have Mom anywhere and anytime…

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Anal Mama Take My Sperm Inside Her Asshole

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Kendra discovers that “sharing” the bathroom with her Dad, is NOT necessarily a good idea!! Since she is in a hurry….Kendra decides that she will brush her hair and do her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror….naked……while her Dad is taking a shower. Kendra is SO smoking HOT….that her Dad can’t help but peer out through the shower curtain to ogle his naked Daughter. When Dad gets out of the shower to towel off….Kendra innocently bends down to get some things from the bottom drawer…..sticking her sexy young bum up towards her Dad. Dad, of course, gets a boner….and Kendranotices. When she confronts her Daddy about his erection…..Dad admits that he is turned on by her naked body…. and Kendra asks him if he would like to have sex with her. Since Mom is away…..Dad takes Kendra up on her offer…..and with Dad sitting on the toilet….Kendra starts to suck his cock!!! Dad puts Kendra up on the vanity, and enthusiastically eats his Daughter’s young pussy. Dad gives Kendra a hard pounding as Kendra holds on to him….her eyes full of terror, as he pumps her…..until Dad fills Kendra’s pussy with a Massive Creampie!!! Maybe it’s a good idea to wait until Dad finishes his shower next time……

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Mother Collects Sperm Sample

Kelsie is very careful to not get pregnant. She always makes Anthony use a condom when they have sex. One afternoon he was fucking her particularly hard and the condom broke while he was inside her. He did not realize until it was too late. Kelsie quickly squatted and tried to squeeze all the sperm out of her pussy. She hoped everything would work out. Unfortunately it turned out that Anthony apparently had very potent sperm and she ended up pregnant. Once she found out she was pregnant Anthony would not have anything to do with her. He claimed the baby was not his. She tried to prove it to him by having him take a paternity test. He refused to give a sperm sample for the test. Months later when the baby’s birth was approaching she talked to her mother about what she would do. Rachel knew that the baby belonged to Anthony but she had to prove it in order to make him share in the responsibility. At first she thought that Kelsie could somehow sneak a sperm sample from him for a test but he would not even return her calls. She realized that she was going to have to take charge of the situation. She called Anthony on the phone and asked him to come over. She knew that Anthony was attracted to her. She had seen him looking at her. She concocted an excuse for why she called him over but then quickly admitted that she really just wanted to have sex with him. She led him into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes. She crawled between his legs and started sucking his long cock. Once he was good and hard she handed him a condom and took off her dress. She got on her hands and knees and had him take her from behind. Although she had ulterior motives she could not help but enjoy getting fucked by his long hard cock. She rolled on her back and he slid his cock back inside her. She put her legs as far back as she could and let him pound her pussy. It did not take long before he announced that he was ready to cum. She told him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, took off the condom and slid his cock into her warm mouth. The first blast hit the back of her throat and then he pulled out and shot the rest of his load on her tongue. She pretended to swallow his cum and then excused herself. She went into the bathroom and spit the cum into a cup. She and Kelsie took the sperm to a lab the next day. A month later Anthony receives a letter from the State informing him that he had been named the father of Kelsie’s newborn baby.

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