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Clip 1 – You can trust me son – Mom is getting ready to go meet dad for lunch, she has been separated from him for a while and it has just been her and her son at home. She needs to discuss some financial matters with him so they decided lunch would be best. She is wearing a very sexy red dress and heels when she walks into the living room ready to go. her son is in there and asks where she is going, when she tells him he is upset. Why would she go meet dad? She promised that it would be just the two of them from now on. Mom tells him that he can trust her, but her son is not convinced. She tells him it will be ok and not to worry as she drops to her knees and starts to suck his cock. He is loving this as Mom gives the best blowjobs he has ever had. When he is ready to blow his load, she makes sure it is all over her face, then she tells him to get his smart phone so he can take a picture of her cum soaked face. Now that he has a picture of his Mom with his cum on her face, surely he will trust her now.
Clip 2 – Facial for mom’s skin – Alexis is doing some exercises in her living room when she notices her son is on the couch. She has been reading online about how cum is good for the skin and she wants some for her face. She figures she can get some from her son. She asks if he can help her get motivated to work out more and he asks how he can help. She tells him that he can sit while she exercises on him. She takes off his pants and does pushups on his legs while her mouth rides up and down his cock. When he is good and hard she gets on top and starts to fuck him. She wants his cum bad so when he is ready to cum she grabs his cock and rubs his cum all over her face!
Clip 3 – Son’s birthday lapdance – wmv Alexis is getting ready to go to work at the strip club when she sees her son sitting in the living room. She is surprised to see him because his dad was supposed to take him to a strip club for his 21st birthday. She asks him why he is still at home and he tells her that dad left without him. Mom feels bad for her son and offers to give him his very first lap dance before she goes to work. She dances and grinds on her son, teasing him gently as she turns and rubs her chest on his lap. Her son is embarrassed that he is getting aroused by this, but Mom says it is ok, she will take care of him. She pulls of his pants and strokes and licks his cock until he shoots his cum on his Mom’s tits.

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Daddy?.. Daddy, wake up. I have a favor to ask of you. So, prom is tonight and my boyfriend has been asking me for something lately… He wants to try anal. But I’ve never done it before! I was thinking, since we’ve been having sex for a while now, maybe you and I could stretch my asshole out a little?
Oh, Daddy, yes, please, would you help me? Thank you! I love you so much. I just know if you can teach me just how to take your big cock in my ass, my boyfriend can definitely fit! You’re much bigger than he is. Of course, I wonder how good he’ll be after I’ve experienced you. Oh Daddy, I love you! Please, though, do go slowly. It’s my first time! …Hey, that feels.. good!

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