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Mommy Fixes Sons Masturbation Problem

A hot blonde MILF is seen doing various housecleaning chores. After vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, and folding laundry she goes to clean the bathroom, only see her son masturbating. He rushes her out and she is audibly upset. A little later she goes to clean his shower and finds him jerking off again. A bit later she goes into the living room where he is jerking off to beach volleyball on television. Mommy has had enough. She tell him that he needs to stop the masturbation and needs to find a nice girl to have sex with. He confesses he is a virgin and has no interest when he can jerk off, but mommy convinces him and he agrees no more masturbating.

One week later he is caught on his bed jerking off yet again. Mommy is furious and he says he tried hit on girls, but they had no interest. She then climbs on the bed and does something very unexpected and very taboo. Mommy takes off her panties as she knows he has been using them anyway and lets him sniff them. Then, she grasps her son’s hard cock and starts to stroke it. His face is in shock and even more so when she starts to suck his cock. She keeps talking about how sex is better with another person and he is starting to see why. Mommy then does the very unexpected and continues the taboo fun by climbing on his cock as she starts riding him. She explains she will take his virginity so he can gain some confidence and so she can fix his masturbation problem. After some taboo dirty talk by mommy and lots of riding he cums deep in mommy’s pussy. She then alludes to the fact that he can do this anytime instead of jerking off. There is then a cutaway scene that shows mommy and son fucking in several different rooms and even a POV blow job. The taboo adventure ends with him on top of mommy thrusting deep and cumming in her again, with mommy smiling a wicked MILF smile that lets you know she is really enjoying all of this.

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Big Sister Fixes Brother’s “Virgin Problem”

Dixie CometHey Bro, why weren’t you in school today?Mom said you stayed home sick but I don’t think that was really the problem. I heard some of the older students talking and I know that a bunch of them were making fun of you for still being a virgin. They’re assholes and you shouldn’t even let them bother you… but on the other hand, maybe I should just help you take care of your problem so they can’t make fun of you anymore? I’m sure you’ve heard I’ve got kind of a slutty reputation around school, I’ve touched a lot of dicks already, why shouldn’t I touch yours? Have you ever had a girl touch your cock before? I can tell by the tent you’re pitching that the idea is turning you on, I’m going to just pull out your cock. Wow Bro, you’ve got a nice cock, I’m going to just put it in my mouth a little bit to see if you like that. But you know, none of this really counts, you’ll have to put it in my pussy if you really want to not be a virgin anymore. We have to be quiet though, I told mom we were playing video games to cheer you up.

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Daughter have Attitude problem

Melanie has an Attitude Problem. No doubt about it…..a BIG Attitude Problem!! Dad gets a phone call from the Principal saying that…..once again….Melanie skipped school today. dad is furious….and tells the Principal that he will take stern action when Melanie gets home. When she arrives home…..chewing bubble gum…..blowing bubbles….full of Attitude…..Melanie is confronted by her Dad about skipping class. Angry Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for her actions….effective immediately. Melanie tells her Dad that Grounding is….in her words….”unacceptable”…..and she simply takes off the shirt from her school uniform to unveil her Giant Tits. Melanie points to her Tits….then caresses her Daddy’s crotch…..and tells him that there “must be another solution”. Dad is putty in Melanie’s hands….staring at her Big Tits with his jaw open. Melanie quickly puts Dad’s cock in her mouth, and begins to Suck away her Grounding!! To cinch the deal…..Melanie sits on Dad’s face, and lets him taste her sweet young cunt $ asshole, before letting him give her a good, hard Pounding. Needless to say….Dad is spent….and Melanieis free to come and go as she pleases. Girls with Big Tits don’t get “Grounded”.

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Sister solving her brother Viagra problem with her teen pussy

Kate’s brother has a BIG PROBLEM. Literally… He dipped into his dad’s Viagra bottle to see what happens, and now his erection won’t go down! When he tells her about it, she won’t stop laughing – it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard! Brad doesn’t find it that amusing – it’s been hours – and he doesn’t wanna go to the hospital for it. He asks her to help him out, and at first – she flat out refuses. He keps begging her, and she reluctantly agrees to give him a handjob, as long as she doesn’t have to look at him. She faces away from him, but when she peeks over her shoulder she can see him, so she puts a pillow over his face ! Nothing happens with the handjob, so she figures if she pretends he’s this guy Derek from school – she can give him a blowjob! That doesn’t work either, and now she is actually getting pretty horny, so she goes all the way, takes her clothes off, and gets on top of him – FACING AWAY – she still doesn’t want to look him in the face while fucking him. That soon changes, and now she’s getting the fucking of her lifetime, and she loves it!!! When Brad finally blows his load in her face and over her perky tits – that pesky erection finally starts to go down.

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Stepson’s little blue pill problem

All I was looking for was something to take this headache away. I thought the bottle of blue pills were aspirin or something equivalent but no, I had to stumble upon my dads Viagra. I instantly got a perma boner that wouldn’t go away no matter that I jacked off four times. I was reading on the internet that if my boner didn’t go away in a certain amount of time I would have to go to the ER. Desperate, I went to my stepmother for help. I had no idea she would offer her hole for me to try to get a good nut out and hopefully make this boner go down. She said she would do for me what she does for my dad. After a few minutes fucking her mature mound I nutted so good I could immediately feel my boner going down. She didn’t like that I accidentally left my spooge inside her but hey, she’s the one who offered her hole for my release.

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Busty Silvia pleasing 3 guys without a problem

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