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Making My Step-Mom Squirt

Anna Bell Peaks is one hot step-mom. Her step-son, Tyler Nixon, was spying on her as she was changing. However, he got a little too close and got caught. This is when she went all in, Anna Bell Peaks shoved her step-son’s face into her tits. From there, she made him eat her pussy and soon after she was choking on his cock. Anna Bell Peaks got her pussy stretched by her step son in several different positions before receiving a giant load all over her face.

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Making Mom Cum With Sperm Inside Her

Stepmoms getting filled to the brim in every scene! It’s the super horny MILFs that crave a sweet load in their dripping wet pussies! These cocksmith stepsons dare not pull out when their hot mamas are squeezing their asses to thrust deeper – cougars aren’t afraid of a creampie! In fact, they want to feel that hot man juice dripping out all over!

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Making Sister Happy Again

I was so sad. They were fighting all the time. I just wanted to disappear… My brother found me hiding in the attic, and we were together just like I always imagined. I can’t ever remember being happier… My brother was always was so nice to me. Always telling me things would get better. And they finally did. I’ve never felt closer to anyone in my whole life… And now he’s gone too….

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Mother’s Secret Lessons – Making Love

Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready….

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Making Aunt Melanie Baby

Aunt Melanie is lonely and depressed this holiday without her husband. Her Christmas wish this year is to have a baby, the only problem, her husband cannot give her one. She leaves the party downstairs and goes to her room. She is not aware that her nephew has followed her and is watching her play with her pussy while she dreams about getting pregnant. Melanie notices her nephew and tells him to come inside. She is desperate to have a baby and she does not care who gives it to her as long as she has a baby. “It is ok, nephew, no one will find out, now fill my pussy with your hot, young cum!”
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Stop making me laugh Daddy

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Making Mom Perfect

Things were great at first. My Mom did everything I said and was totally submissive. But pretty soon my Mom was starting to give me attitude and not do the chores I gave her. I knew it was time to tighten my belt and and administer some further discipline… Not to worry though, after a few days my Mother was fully under my control again. She’s now exactly what I want, a submissive slut who knows her son is always right – she’s perfect….

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Making Your Little Brother

My son has been begging incessantly for a new little brother to play with. He’s finally gotten on my last nerve & I blow up at him. I can’t make him a new little brother with his father because father had a vasectomy. But I finally relent & tell my son that if he REALLY wants a little brother, he’s going to have to help me make him.
I order my son to sit on the couch & I show him how to start making the baby by getting his penis hard with a blowjob. Then we undress & I climb on top of him. He seems to enjoy me riding him cowgirl style, so I turn around & ride him the other way. He says that it feels good but it hurts a little & feels like his penis is going to explode. That’s how I know he’s about to come inside me & make his little brother.

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Making My “Perfect” Sister In My Personal Slut

Making my “Perfect” Sister my Personal Slut – Part One – Flunking Out – I found out my “perfect” honor roll sister is actually flunking out of college. Must be nice to have been the one my parents pay for everything for, and not even be passing her classes. Well, since she isn’t learning anything in college, maybe I can home school her? She is pretty pissed when I back her into a corner and she knows there isn’t any way out. And you know what? I know she liked it, I mean, she came so hard on my dick that nothing she says really matters.

Making my “Perfect” Sister my Personal Slut – Part Two – The Morning After Pill – So, my sister is supposed to be the “good one,” the “responsible one,” except why did I find a box for the morning after pill hidden in her trash? I knew she had lots to hide. Our parents would kill her for fucking around, and unprotected too. Well, since she likes raw dick so much, and I haven’t had any way of getting her to give up her little pussy for way too long, it’s time for more training. She gets off even more than I do, no matter how much shit she talked before giving in. I know I can get it with a lot less trouble from now on.

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Making my big puffy ass sister my slut!

Sister’s Slut Training – Phase One: I have this plan, I just NEED to fuck my sister. But I know once won’t be enough. I need to train her to be my slut. Get her to just give it up willingly all the time. I watch her, walking around the house in tight skimpy clothes. I follow her up when shed goes to take a nap. Now is my chance… I touch her and make her wet and horny, she thinks it is a dream. I really take my time getting her turned on, and once I get her really warmed up It isn’t hard to make her horny pussy cum. She is having the best wet dream ever. Once she is ready I fuck her soaked little hole and cum all over her. Let her figure out what happened.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Two: So my sister, the “college girl” is totally failing her classes. I watch her for a while, savoring what I am going to do. I confront her and she tries to deny things, tries being bossy, but I tell her what I want, she acts like it is crazy, but I can tell some part of her really is getting turned on. She plays it off but soon she is moaning and cumming on my dick, looking up at me as the best fuck of her life.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Three: Now I know my sister has been thinking about my cock. She has been playing with herself so Much more since the the last time I fucked her. I watch and record her in the shower, she is such a horny slut now! I let her cum once before busting her. She is not nearly embarrassed enough, sure she gives in so much easier than last time. Now her pussy is desperate for a hard fuck, she is now totally my slut.

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