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Kate England – Pearl Father and Daughter

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Duration: 00:22:33
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Kate England is Obsessive Compulsive Daughter

Over the past few weeks I’ve been strangely obsessed with balls. I catch myself spending lots more time playing with them… especially daddy’s! The other night I came home and went straight to daddy’s room. I pulled back the covers and I played with his balls before he woke up. My licking sucking and teasing did the trick though cause daddy was rarin to go. I straddled his cock and played with daddy’s balls while I rode him. He even came all over my pussy which turns me on too but not as much as balls.

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Sister solving her brother Viagra problem with her teen pussy

Kate’s brother has a BIG PROBLEM. Literally… He dipped into his dad’s Viagra bottle to see what happens, and now his erection won’t go down! When he tells her about it, she won’t stop laughing – it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard! Brad doesn’t find it that amusing – it’s been hours – and he doesn’t wanna go to the hospital for it. He asks her to help him out, and at first – she flat out refuses. He keps begging her, and she reluctantly agrees to give him a handjob, as long as she doesn’t have to look at him. She faces away from him, but when she peeks over her shoulder she can see him, so she puts a pillow over his face ! Nothing happens with the handjob, so she figures if she pretends he’s this guy Derek from school – she can give him a blowjob! That doesn’t work either, and now she is actually getting pretty horny, so she goes all the way, takes her clothes off, and gets on top of him – FACING AWAY – she still doesn’t want to look him in the face while fucking him. That soon changes, and now she’s getting the fucking of her lifetime, and she loves it!!! When Brad finally blows his load in her face and over her perky tits – that pesky erection finally starts to go down.

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Big Boob Babes – Anissa Kate

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Anissa Kate – Cock Love

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