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Incest Truth Comes Out

A REAL FAN‘S fantasy with Rachel. The model in this video came from Brooklyn NY to shoot a scene with me! This was his story. Rachel’s son Jake had been struggling with a deep dark secret. The secret finally got the best of him. He could not eat, sleep or work. Rachel saw the mood changes and finally confronted him. He turned red as he began to confess his twisted fantasies. Rachel had no idea what he was about to reveal. Jake told her he had a foot fetish and he was having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel tried to remain calm and told him it was normal for a son to think of his mother that way. She did not really know how to handle it but she knew he was conflicted. Rachel would do whatever it took to snap him out of it. He took her feet and moved them into her lap. Rachel went along. He rubbed her feet over his erection. Rachel began to blush. He apologized again. Rachel let him continue she felt so sad for him. After a few minutes of rubbing his cock with her feet. She sat up to ask him if that was enough. He looked at the floor depressed again. He did not want her to feel obligated but he wanted her so bad. Rachel knew it. She unzipped his pants to release his huge throbbing cock. It popped right out at her. Rachel was taken aback by her son’s big hard on for her. He was much bigger than his father ever was. She began to stroke him with her feet, and then she gave him her mouth. After a few moments of this pleasure she stopped and told him that was enough, he should finish himself. He was happy but still not satisfied. Rachel left the room in a hurry. She was confused about what happened but in her heart she knew it was best for him. The next morning Rachel was ready to leave for work when Jake came to her still upset and frustrated. His cock was visible through his pants pointing at Rachel. He told her he wanted more. Rachel could see the pain in his eyes. He was practically begging her. She could not refuse those big brown eyes. And she undressed. Jake lay on the bed as she stripped his clothes off. She said a few kind words and gave him a long slow deep kiss. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths as Rachel’s hand wandered down to his erect cock. She made her way with her mouth sucking and licking him slowly. His eyes rolled back in his head. He then returned the pleasure fingering his mother deep until she came a few times on his hand. They kissed like first time lovers they had become. He made her feel incredible. Rachel and Jake knew this was going to the next level. He mounted her and after just a few minutes all his dreams came true. He came quickly. Rachel opened her mouth welcoming her son’s seed. Jake’s twisted fantasy was out and he was released from the torture.

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Cory Chase – First Incest Incident

Mom had an ugly divorce with dad just a year after her son’s birth. Ever since then mom had kept her son very close, making herself and her son a very cohesive family unit. However as her son aged, just like any other male, he started having “needs”. All mom wants is to keep her family unit together, but it seems like her son is growing further apart from her, especially now that he has a steady girlfriend…

First incident

Son comes home from a party and in his bed.
Mom comes to his room in the middle of the night to check up on him.
In the process of tucking her son in, she sees his boner.
It’s been years since she’s had sex, and been at least months since she’s even seen a cock.
Mom attentively starts stroking her son’s cock, looking at him to check if he’ll wake up.
She keeps checking while she starts to suck his cock.
She starts enjoying herself immensely, moaning and touching herself while she sucks her son’s cock.
She then goes on top of her son and mounts him, sliding his cock inside her.
She starts to ride him vigorously when her son becomes semi-awake (still pretty wasted).
He looks up at her and says questioningly, “Mom?!”
Mom replies and says “Yes honey?”
“Is this a dream?” says her son.
“Of course it is, you are after all fucking your mother” replies mom, taking advantage of his inebriated state.
Mom dirty talks to him freely, knowing he’ll write this off as a dream or even forget it by the time he wakes up
She continues to ride him vigorously until he says that his going to cum.
She tells him to cum deep inside mommy, stating that it’s just a dream to encourage the act.
He explodes inside her, as mom continues to ride him, gradually slowing down.
She comes off his cock and starts to suck it clean.
She tells him “Good night sweetie” and the son replies in grumbles as he falls back to sleep with a smile on his face.
Mom picks her clothing up and exits the room.

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Incest fucking of pregnant girls – Extream taboo

This is some fucked up shit. Brother fucking his pregnant sister, father fucking his pregnant daughter. Nasty videos combine in one great movie that will blow your pervert mind.

File size: 1.23GB
Resolution: 720×470
Duration: 01:47:02
File type: MP4

DOWNLOAD:  http://www.uploadable.ch/file/2RMbCsC7A3Hz


Crazy incest family – Tabboo Movie

File size: 550MB
Resolution: 852×480
Duration: 01:17:47
File type: WMV

Download:  https://www.oboom.com/RXSQX19G/TMUMAP122.wmv