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Leia Sucks You Off in ULTRA HD

It’s about time you had a proper blowjob. A sloppy, wet deep throating. I want to gag on you and swallow every last drop of your hot cum. I won’t tell anyone, promise. Your cock in my mouth is all I want. Draining your balls is so much fun. I love sucking your cock!

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Alone After School HD

I can see you down there. I know you’re not doing your homework… You know I could help you if you want. Mom and Dad won’t be home for at least another hour… No, it’s okay, I’m just helping you. We can just help each other out sometimes, I don’t think that’s weird… Here, let me show you….

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Quality Time with Sister in HD

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Sister Creampie in HD

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Mom Won’t Find Out HD

A few weeks ago my older brother moved back home. I never really knew him, he left for college when I was little. I know he’s my brother but I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot he is, I’d watch him while he worked out in the garage and when he’d mow the lawn, I couldn’t get him out of my head. And I always wanted to be with a hot older guy. One night he came home really late after hanging out with his old college buddies, I went in his room and got naked, he couldn’t resist me even though he said we should stop. Afterwards he told me we couldn’t do it again, that we’d get caught, that Mom would find out and throw him out. I left him alone until last weekend… I came home early from school and and we fucked in kitchen… until we heard Mom’s car pull up in the driveway. My brother was so freaked out… I didn’t care, Saturday I caught him while he was in the bathroom while Mom was waiting for me to finish getting ready so we could go to the beach… And then Sunday I snuck into his room while he was taking a nap… Everything’s fine though. We didn’t get caught. Mom doesn’t suspect a thing. I know I’m bad, but I can’t stop… And my brother can’t say no….

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Daddy fill my pussy up with your sperm

Ok” Anabelle says hanging up the phone. Her boyfriend just told her that he’s been seeing another girl. Anabelle is crushed and calls her dad to her. Her father is a famous psychologist, dealing in self improvement, trance and mind control. “I can’t stand it thinking about him, help me forget daddy. Take every thought from my mind. I want to be blank completely”
Reluctantly he agrees putting her under, removing every thought she ever had. She looks at her daddy saying “I want to be your mindless slut daddy” He is shocked, where the hell did that come from. Anabelle’s subconscious is speaking, letting her say what she has always wanted to say. “I want to suck your cock daddy” She sucks on his cock getting him hard before laying down and begging him to fuck her.

Scene Two: I want to be mindless all the time

The trance slowly wears off and thoughts flood back into Anabelle’s head. It felt so good being a mindless object she doesn’t want it to stop. “Tell me what to do and what to say daddy I want to be yours”
She obeys his commands forgetting everything she ever thought as her daddy fucks it out of her. He cums inside her tight pussy and she thanks her daddy for helping her forget.

Scene Three: I can’t stop cumming

The next day Anabelle is so horny, more than she has ever been in her entire life. She rubs herself moaning for daddy and looking at porn. She cums hard, but instead of relieving her it makes her more turned on. She has to get some cock now!
Daddy is the only one around and she begs him to fuck her. Something must have gone wrong with the mind control because she sucks and fucks him with almost endless orgasm.

Scene Four: You own me

Waiting for daddy to get home dressed in lingerie Anabelle’s legs are spread and her big tits are spilling out of her bra. “Welcome home daddy, I’m your slutty little girl” she says. She only lives for his cock, her mind full of thoughts of him.
She degrades herself to turn him on. “Fuck me daddy, fuck your little whore” She desperately wants his cum in her pussy and begs him for it saying over and over “Daddy cum in my pussy, I want your baby Daddy.” Alora tightens her pussy just as Daddy is about to cum, he cannot pull out or stop. He fills Alora’s pussy until he is completely empty.
Alora finally releases her grip leaving Daddy in shock but Alora now has everything she ever wanted.

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I Want My Daughter’s Ass HD

Cory is out for the day and dad calls Molly into the bedroom. With some of Cory’s lingerie on the bed he wants his daughter to put it on for him. She does as she is told, dressing and sucking on his cock.
Throwing her on the bed he fucks her as she moans “oh daddy fuck me” He then fucks her tight ass making her moan with pleasure. She loses count how many times her daddy makes her cum. He shoots his load over her perfect face and she licks and sucks every last delicious drop. Molly should consider being a marriage counselor.

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MistressT Facesit Handjob HD

Me naked, sitting on a slaves face while milking his cock: heaven.

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Mixed Hotties cumpilation HD part five (innocent looking)

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Casting cumshots HD

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