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Yummy Step Mom Good Game

Soccer MILF Sofie Marie is congratulating her step son on a great soccer game. His legs are sore, so she rubs his thighs and his penis gets hard. She is so proud and horny for her athletic son, that she gives him an oral penis massage that relaxes them both!

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Mother Needs Some Good Dick

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Mommy Made Me So Good

Mommy has a lot of power over you, all boys have mommy problems and it’s your job to serve your higher power to recondition your mind. This is a gift for me to prove your submission, to worship your mommy who has been the woman you’ve always desired.. IN HONOR of Mother’s Day, tribute to a relaxing day at the spa.. I deserve it. Mark up code drained forever / Owned / brainwashed

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Good Little Sister

Cute little Melissa just loves her older bro. She’s wanted his cock in her mouth for so long. Climbing up on the couch, she sneaks on top of him. Pulling the blanket up she takes a peek at his bulge and sexily slinks along his body up to it. She puts her mouth on it, feeling its warmth emirate through his cotton briefs. Pulling it out she playfully kisses it as it stiffens under her mouth. Pushing her mouth down the length of his shaft she takes all of him inside her skull. As he wakes up she smiles at him, he is pleased to find his sexy slutty sissy on top of him, her fully developed breasts hanging from her chest.
Putting her on the couch, he makes her spread her legs. He licks up her pussy and pleasures her to several orgasms. Her juices pool with the saliva on his tongue, and she screams over and over with pleasure of this forbidden tongue. He straddles her, putting his cock back in her mouth. She loves sucking on his balls, and his rod thrusting in and out of her lips. He cums on her tongue, and the salty goo flows to the back of her throat as the two collapse on the couch giggling.

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Be a Good Girl And Take Daddy’s Cock!

Look what you did to your mother’s car! What were you thinking?

Come on dad, it’s not a big deal..

Sweetie, this is pretty bad.. There is no way your mother is going to let you borrow her car again

You’re gonna tell mom?!

I have to! She’s going to find out either way

Please don’t tell her!! Let me work for you or something, I’ll pay you back!!

You don’t even do your chores at home, how do you expect me to believe that?

Seeing my daughter break down right in front of me was tough, her mother has been really hard on her recently. Perhaps I can keep this secret and convince my daughter to help me with something in return…

I’ll do anything! You know mom will flip if she finds out about the car!

Maybe there is something you can do for me… Take your shirt off !

What?! No way! I’m not going to do that, you’re my dad!

I try to explain my frustrations with my daughter.. But I couldn’t control myself – I rip my daughter’s shirt off and push her up against the car

You said you’ll do anything, now I want you to be a good girl and take daddy’s cock

I don’t want to get in trouble.. I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t tell mom!

If my daughter wants me to keep quiet about this, she’s going to have to work for it. Listening to her beg only turned me on more, I bend her over and fill up her 18 year old pussy with daddy’s cock!

Anyone could walk by and see, but after months of no sex, I could care less. My daughter knows what she did was wrong, and now she’s going to pay by taking my huge load on her face right in the middle of a car repair shop!!

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Daddy’s Girl, Daddy’s Good Girl

Oh yes Daddy’s good girl and she’s been filmed for 28 mins of intimate ‘Daddy Role Play’, exquisite as she is being licked out, fingered, rimmed, sucking your old cock and then fucked pov style so you really get the full experience, before shes allowed to masturbate as you watch your cum run down her petite little breast, just like your perfect ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

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The Good Brother

I’m ok… Just a little sad I guess… It’s alright, you were acting kind of strange the other day though… What do you mean you think you can help me? How? That would be weird… You’re my brother. You can’t pretend to be my boyfriend… Why are you even thinking about stuff like that? Yes, I’ve thought about you too… But it’s crazy. We shouldn’t even be talking about this. We could never actually do it….

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Am I Good Enough For You?

Oh nothing, just thought we could talk for a minute… We don’t ever really hangout… Not like you did with Meagan… You know I saw her the other day. She told me a few things… No, I’m pretty sure she was serious. Why haven’t we ever done that? Am I not pretty enough for you?.. I just want to get to know my big brother better….

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Giving Her Stepson Proper Motivation

Sarah Jessie is really upset her Stepson is not doing anything with his law degree. He really should go work for his Dad in his successful firm. She tells him to really reconsider and Van tells her he will on one condition; if she fucks him. Well normally she would NEVER but she really wants to see her Stepson succeed in life so gets down on her knees and finds that he already is successful with that large cock of his! She gladly deepthroats that throbbing cock and soon is fucking him hard loving how in control he is! If he has this kind of confidence with her she could only imagine seeing him in action in the courtroom.

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“Dad…Now is NOT a Good Time”

Dad…what are you doing? I’m taking a shower, this isn’t a good time.
Hunny, your mother isn’t home right now, this is the perfect time. Don’t you remember our agreement? What… Now that I saved you from being grounded, you don’t need me anymore…our agreement is over?
Dad…it’s not like that, but I just don’t want that right now.
(Later that night…)
Dad…is that you?
Hunny….let me get in bed with you.
But dad…mom is home!
Hunny…I tried earlier when mom wasn’t home, but you weren’t being very corporative. Besides, she is busy watching all her TV shows right now…she isn’t paying any attention to us. Just lay there and be quite, you don’t have to do anything. Don’t you want to make your father feel good, after everything I have done for you?
Ok dad, but please hurry up before mom comes looking for us…
Hunny I love how you feel. Your young pussy is so tight around daddy’s dick! Keep your legs spread wide open, I want to cum inside of you…
Dad…I don’t think that is a good idea, I’m not on birth control!
Ahhhh….can you feel that? Can you feel my warm load inside of you? Don’t worry, we will take care of it…if anything happens. Go back to bed sweetie, dad is tired now.
Gif Moments: Try to get 15 sec’s in. Start in shower, then creeping on her when asleep, after she is awake get good moment of me exposing her boob, putting my hand over her mouth, then some sex (pov and third person if possible), and some of the creampie.

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