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Heather and her Mom are having a talk about heather being a little slut. Mom says heather is punished and cannot go out any more. heather is upset and in a little while dad walks in and asks what is wrong. She tells him she is punished and Dad says he can help her. Since she cannot go out and have fun, she can have fun at home with him. They start to fuck on the bench next to the table, then Dad flips her over to fuck her from behind. He shoves his cock deep inside of her. When he is ready to cum he does not pull out, instead, he shoves it as far as he can into her soaking wet pussy, making sure every drop goes into his Daughters pussy.

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I Fuck My Son’s Huge Dick

Angie’s son is back after six months of working at an oil exploration site in Northern Alaska. The day he got back he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him and they broke up! He was faithful the whole time and came back expecting non stop fucking for days and days! After the bad news, Mom tried to cheer him up by giving him lots of hugs, back rubs and love. Unfortunately, all that did was make things worse! He got so horny and hard it was unbearable for him. Angie could not overlook his very thick, 10 inch cock growing in his pants! Words are not enough to describe the intensity of the hot sex that occurred between the desperate son and his mom! You HAVE TO SEE IT!

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Rachel had been married for 20 years to a controlling womanizer. Rachel had a son with him whom she loved with all her heart, he made her feel appreciated when her husband humiliated her. Jonathan could not stand the way his father treated his mother. The miserable old man finally died. It was a sudden heart attack. No one attended the funeral but Rachel and her son. Rachel was terrified of being alone, how would she pay for the house and all the bills with no skills. John was in college and could not work. He convinced her to take a sleeping pill and lay down. Rachel struggled with her zipper and called for John’s help. He unzipped her dress as she wept. Rachel slipped out of her dress, wearing a black lace bra, garter belt and stockings. John had never thought she looked so beautiful. Rachel apologized for exposing herself, but she was so depressed and scared she did not care. John offered to massage her back. Rachel moaned as he gently rubbed her shoulders. She began to unwind and her thoughts cleared. Rachel realized the loss of the bastard was a good thing. Her son was a wonderful gentle man who loved her with all his being. What more could she ask for? John leaned in to kiss his mother, they fell into each other’s arms and Rachel told him she wanted him to make love to her. John wanted that more than anything. They made love and explored each other’s bodies all afternoon. Rachel came several times. She told her son it was his turn to cum. Rachel wanted him to blast his love all over her face. John was so excited to be fucking his mother, as he had been masturbating to this thought for years, he blew his load prematurely into the condom. Rachel pulled his cock out to let him blow on her face only to see the condom FULL of cum. She smiled and she knew what happened. She slowly pulled the condom off to look at her son’s cum. Rachel kissed him and told him she was ready to sleep. She knew they would make love day after day and she would be his teacher. Includes condom play.

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Rachel fell into a bad depression after her husband passed away. In her grief she seemed to forget that he had been a bastard who treated her very badly. For weeks she did nothing but lay in her bed and drink until her son loving Dylan helped her get back on her feet. Then came a period where Rachel went out almost every night, drinking hard, flirting with men at clubs. On one occasion she stumbled home and found Dylan waiting up for her. When he appeared to disapprove of her behaviour, she playfully taunted him by assuming provocative poses that showed off her swelling bustline, deep cleavage and shapely butt. She then planted a more-than-mother kiss on his lips before going to bed. Little did she know how much passion her antics sparked in Dylan. He had always wanted to be a better man to his mother than his father had been. Now he wanted to be her lover as well. While she lay asleep on her bed, he entered her room to see how she was doing. Rachel’s dress had hiked all the way up to her thighs, and her aroused son could not resist touching them – all the way up to her butt. He then covered her with a blanket, kissed her cheek, and left. The next day Rachel encountered Dylan in the kitchen. She seemed bright and happy, but when she poured a drink and tried to take a pill, Dylan stopped her. He was clearly concerned that such habits were not helping his mother. As Rachel was hysterically protesting his intervention, he took her into her arms, hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing passionately. Even as Rachel hesitated with guilt, he son lifted her on to the counter, running his hands up her thighs and over her breasts. The sensation felt so good that a taboo desire for her son suddenly took over. It had been a long time she’d been truly loved by a man. Now Dylan was giving her what she needed. Her recent grief seemed to evaporate in the pleasure of the moment. Later, in her room, the forbidden fun began in earnest. Stripped down to her lingerie, Rachel lay kissing and fondling with her son in the marital bed. After the young man had played with her naked breasts and suckled the nipples, he dropped lower and licked her pussy. In her arousal, Rachel moved to straddle his face. Panting, she ground herself down on his mouth, trying to get his tongue as deep into her as possible. She then returned the favor by giving his big hard cock a deep and loving sucking. Finally, the pair fucked up a storm in the doggy and missionary positions. Possessed with ecstasy, Rachel begged her son to cum inside of her. He did, heavily. Afterwards, she held him in her arms. In just a few hours he had brought her back to life, made a new woman of her. She looked to the future now. With him as her special man, she might even start family. It was certainly possible now that he had shot so much potent cum into her fertile,
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It’s Alaina’s High School Prom Night!!! As She is waiting for her Date to pick her up…her Mom & Brother are taking pictures of her in her Beautiful Prom Dress. Alaina looks like a little Princess….a very sexy Princess!!! As her Date arrives…Alaina is off to Prom….and Mom is ready to go to bed soon. Mom asks Alaina’s Brother, Mitchell to wait up….and make sure that Alaina arrives home before her Midnight curfew. Mitchell ends up falling asleep on the sofa in the Living Room….and is woken up…the NEXT MORNING….by a tipsy Alaina…who has been out all nightlong…drinking and getting Fucked!!! As he wakes to find his Hot…. Slutty…. Tipsy…. Sister sneaking in…. Mitchell’s raging hormones get the best of him…and he threatens to tell Mom about her breaking her curfew… unless she agrees to let him have a poke at her too!!! Alaina agrees to let her Brother her….and she enjoys it!! Alaina rides her Brother’s cock as her spectacular, young Tits bounce up and down. Alaina even takes her Brother’s load in her mouth…before going off to collapse into bed….after a very eventful Prom Night!!!!

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Curvy step sister Ava Dalush has been eyeballing our cock and to be fair we have been wanting that juicy ass and huge soft like pillows, tits too. We pulled up her shirt and sucked on those juicy breasts until our cock was in her hands and she gasped for all our inches to be inside her right away. We may have had more fun pounding away with her nice ass up in the air but even Ava was so hot she ate some ass too and made us cum all over her nice heavenly tits.

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This hot sunny afternoon led our step sister Aidra Fox to gasping at our massive cock. Her mouth just opened wide and sucked hard on all the meat. We put her on the couch and fucked that tight hot pussy balls deep. Aidra says ain’t no other pole like ours and she will need the inches every week and a mouthful of hot cum too.

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