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Daughter use Daddy`s Cock when he sleeping

Lila is a shy, young 18 Year Old, who has developed a crush on her own Dad!!! Day after day…..Lila spies on her Daddy, trying to catch a glimpse of him naked. We see Lila spying on her Dad in the shower…..we see her spying on him while he is masturbating……and Lila’s only “confidant” is her Diary. Lila makes entry after entry in her Diary about her growing feelings of sexual lust for her Dad. After seeing her Dad’s cock fully erect after watching him masturbating…..Lila can’t stand it anymore….she decides to molllest her Dad while he is asleep!! “Dear Diary….today I saw my Daddy masturbating….his cock is so big…and I want it so bad….I am going to go to his bedroom tonight and have sex with him. Daddy is a very sound sleeper, and I don’t think he will wake up. I know what I am doing is wrong….but I can’t control my feelings any longer. Please keep my secret safe, Dear Diary”. That night, Lila quietly enters her Daddy’s bedroom…..carefully peels back the covers…..and for the first time….sees her Daddy’s’ cock up close. Lila gently strokes her Daddy’s cock….and then, making sure not to wake him….she puts it inside her mouth and begins to suck on it. When her Daddy’s cock is huge and throbbing….Lila climbs on top of it and rides him!!! Lila moans in ecstasy as her firm young body rides the big, hard cock. Lila rides her Daddy so good…that he produces a “nocturnal emission”….cumming in his sleep….filling Lila’s pussy!!! Lila climbs off and scampers back to her own room before he wakes up. The secret remains with Lila….and her Diary.

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Dad Cuts Daughter Off Unless She Sucks

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Daddy’s Favorite Daughter

It’s not easy being the favorite. Yes, the love and affection that comes with it is great, but that attention brings a degree of scrutiny that can be uncomfortable. When Max sees what his darling, baby girl is wearing, he nearly loses his mind. Now that she is blossoming into a beautiful, young woman, it’s getting harder for Max to ignore her hot body when she dresses in tight, revealing clothing.
Once she lifts her short skirt to show off her sheer panties, however, all thoughts of being someone’s d4ddy go out the window. Thrusting his face between her legs, he licks her sweet, juicy pussy until she is a moaning, wet mess that needs some thick, d4ddy dick. She gets to feel her p4p4’s love in places she never has before and makes him explode all over her. Bonus: Outtakes and bloopers from this shoot are included at the end. Sexy and funny! What more could you ask?

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Daughter play, Daddy talk – Begs For Rent Money

Jessa is showing daddy her new appt but explains to him that she is having trouble pay in the bill and needs his help. Daddy being the perv that he is starts folding his step daughter. Jessa is very reluctant be needs his help so decides to do what she has to do, you guys know how good jessa is so you won’t be disappointed.

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Daughter Really Wants A Car

Big tits tattooed babe Karma Rx is cleaning up while her Mother is out of the house. Her step daddy likes her sexy outfits. Karma Rx has been growing up in front of him. Her big tits and slutty shaved pussy get pranced around the house all day. Her step father can’t take it anymore. He listens to her at night fucking her pussy and ass as a cam girl or taking her boyfriends dick. Today it is his turn. Karma Rx tells him to leave her alone but he reminds her who pays the bills. She quickly shuts her mouth and allows her step father to continue perving on her sexy body. When he pulls out his cock Karma Rx knows what she is supposed to do. She can’t stop herself but knows how to tease. When the man she calls Daddy offers to pay for her new car, Karma Rx has no choice other than allowing him to have his way with her tight pussy and wet mouth until he is ready to shower her in cum.

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Submissive Daughter!

Scene One: Montage

Ashly is in the kitchen drinking a cup of Orange Juice before School. Daddy is looking at her from the door way. He walks up behind her and begins to rub her shoulders and moves down to her hips. Ashly smiles and looks back but then dad opens her top and pulls her breasts out. He eases down her shorts and panties and slides his cock into her…The next Morning, Ashly is sleeping in bed and Dad walks in. He tests to see if she is sleeping, lifts up her arms and legs. After no response he pulls down her shorts, lifts up her top and helps himself to his hot daughter.
Ashly comes home from school, she only wants to do her homework. Before she can turn the corner, Daddy stops her, give Ashly a big kiss and fucks her in the hallway. Ashly is now on her way to becoming a Submissive Daughter…

Scene Two: Forceful Kissing

Father and Daughter on the couch. They are struggling and the Father pins the Daughter down with hands over head with one hand and holds her face with the other hand while forcible kissing. Ashly Strongly struggles during this especially throwing her face side to side to avoid his kissing. He lets go of her face and grabs her between the legs and squeezes/fondles her pussy Trump style. She (speaking for the first time) says, “Daddy please.” He lets go her to yank her shorts down. She takes advantage of this and tries to get away. He grabs her BY THE HAIR and throws her back down on the couch. He holds her down by the throat and unzips his pants. He gets on top of her and slams into her. She lets out a HOWL and eyes eyes bug out. He grabs her by the throat with both hands, she tries to pull his hands away with both of her hands while he screws her. He pants heavily during the time he is actually fucking her. Her eyes continue to bulge like he’s her. He cums and pulls out and says, “…that was so good.” While she curls up in a ball and makes sounds like she’s trying to catch her breath and sob at the same time.

Scene Three: No More Daddy

Ashly is standing quietly in the kitchen wearing her white one piece outfit, crying. Daddy gently tells her to undress. She says, “please daddy…” He repeats this several times until she relents and strips. She stands there for a moment nude when Dad approaches and rubs his hard cock into her…He tells her to spread her legs, when she hesitates, he shout, “SPREAD YOUR LEGS!” He drops his shorts and screws her from the front and from behind. She cries and begs…He takes her to the couch and fucks her dogie style where he finishes on her tongue and she swallows every drop of Daddy’s love!

Scene Four: Pulled to the Bed

Frustrated with the progress of Ashly, Daddy pulls her to the bed by her hair. She is tossed onto the bed and stripped. Daddy slides his cock into her tight bald pussy and eases in. Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy places his hand on her throat, tells her, “shhhh and how much he loves her…” As he fucks her, he commands her what to say. Ashly begs Daddy to fuck her harder and harder. He flips her over and bangs her doggie style. Again Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy slams into her from behind. He pulls her head back by her hair and she wants Daddy to finish in her mouth. Dad flips her over one more time and unloads into her mouth. Ashly swallows every drop and promises to be Daddy’s Submissive Slut for now on.

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Little Schoolgirl Daughter Fuck Revenge

I see the girl you’ve been dating doesn’t treat you all that well… what’s up with that? Don’t make me fuck up your relationship – I’m your Daughter, it’s not that bad… let me suck your cock…

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Daughter make footjob and blowjob for Father

Father Chad has come for his regular, weekly visit with young, Catholic School Girl, Alice. Usually, Father Chad hears Confession from Alice….but this week, in an ironic twist…..Father Chad tells young Alice that he has a Confession for her!! The young girl is all ears as she asks the Priest what his Confession is!! Father Chad confides to Alice that…..lately….he has been getting very aroused by young girls’ feet!!! Father Chad tells her that his new interest…..a “fetish” he believes it is called….is somewhat awkward to discuss with Alice….particularly since…..her feet are….in his words….”not covered up”! Alice is very sympathetic with Father Chad…..and she is also somewhat flattered that her feet may, in fact, be stimulating to him. Alice tells Father Chad that a “foot fetish” is completely normal…that she knows boys who have one….and she asks Father Chad if he would like to kiss her feet. The embarrassed Priest admits that yes…..he would VERY much like to kiss her feet. Father Chad begins to kiss Alice’s feet….and it is apparent to her that he REALLY likes girl feet….as he devours her precious feet….sucking each toe carefully. “Wow!!!!….you really DO like feet Father Chad” she says. Alice asks Father Chad if he would like her to use her feet on him to induce an orgasm….and at first, Father Chad is reluctant to give in to “sins of the flesh”…but young Alice reminds him, that as long as they do not engage in “vaginal intercourse”…he will not have broken his “Vow of Chastity”. Father Chad agrees….and Alice begins to give the Father a Footjob!!! Father Chad loves the way Alice’s soft, young feet feel, as they stroke his cock. Wanting to please Father Chad….Alice holds the base of his cock with her feet…and Sucks him Off!!! Father Chad unloads a MASSIVE CUMBLAST inside Alice’s young mouth!!!

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A Daughter Belongs to her Daddy

Scene One: The First Time

Sloan enters her bedroom; trying to be quiet, dressed in a really nice outfit that someone like her would wear to a party. Daddy is in the closet watching her get undressed. She gets into bed in only her panties and bra. Dad bursts out of the bedroom closet. he pulls off his belt and says angrily, “You little tramp! You think I wasn’t going to notice when you got home?” Dad then pulls off his belt and punishes Sloan for being so late. After Daddy is finished, Sloan curls up into a ball crying.

Scene Two: Montage

Sloan is sitting in her Therapists office, dressed neatly. She appears tense, looking like she has just been crying. Her Female Therapist says, “So this was the first time your Father had sex with you?” She nods very slowly. The voice says, “Why don’t you tell me what happened next?” The Daughter opens her mouth to speak.
– Dad screwing Sloan up against the wall.
– Christmas Morning Sex on the Floor next to the Tree.
– Sloan crying and humiliated while stripping slowly in the living room.
– Blowjob in the driveway after Sloan was found to have drugs in her backpack at school. She was attempting to self medicate herself.

Scene Three: Christmas Morning

Before the presents are opened, Daddy pulls Sloan to the couch still wearing her backpack. Her clothes are removed and Daddy begins to kiss her. He attempts to pull off his shorts and Sloan tries to run off. Daddy grabs her and continues to kiss her. He tells her to rub her pussy and get it good and wet. Sloan is forced to look under the tree at her Santa gifts while Daddy fucks her. Sloan begs for her Daddy to cum in her mouth as her pussy is sore and worn out. Daddy unloads into her mouth and tells her to clean up and get ready to open her gifts…

Scene Four: Seeking Therapy

Sloan is sitting in the office. Her Therapist, Melanie Hicks asks, “This has obviously been very traumatic and I’m going to do everything I can to help you deal with this.” Sloan shakes her head vigorously and says, “No, that’s why I’m here at all.” The voice asks, “Then why are you here?” Sloan looks directly at her Therapist and asks, “Do you have any ideas on what I can do to please my Father even more?” Fast forward to Sloan thrown to her Father’s bed and fucked till she loves his cock and begs for his cum in her mouth…

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Vacation with Daddy – Nympho 19old Daughter

Anastasia just wanted to have a little fun while on vacation with her daddy, but he was being such a drag. She went to lay outside and soak some sun rays on her tight 19 year old ass, when her dad told her to go inside and change. But daddy? She whined as she went down stairs. She poured herself a drink and of course dad busted her and spanked her tight ass until it was red. Anastasia loves to be spanked though and it started to turn her on. She was just like her mother daddy thought, and decided to give Anastasia some cock instead. Her wet cunt begged for her daddy’s cock. No one can make her cum as much as daddy can!

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