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I’m Gonna Have Daddy’s Baby

Dear Diary,
I decided to take things to the extreme and get as many creampies in me as possible. Daddy was napping so I snuck in and tied him to the bed. He woke up to my mouth on his cock and began to protest so I sat on his face to shut him up while I explained the situation. Daddy tried to resist my charms but his cock sprang to life so quickly I knew it turned him on. I force fucked Daddy making him suck my tits and lick my pussy til I came a bunch of times. Once I was satisfied my pussy milked his cock til e shot a huge load in my pussy. I’m going to get pregnant for sure.

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Carter Cruise – Daddy’s Favorite

A father’s love is warm, sweet, and oh so deep! Watch Carter Cruise give her stepdad a taste of her little girlie bits. We hope you’re ready for this, because she’s about to show you why she’s daddy’s favorite!

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Having Daddy’s Baby

So I guess you are wondering how an innocent young girl like me got pregnant right? Well about 8 months ago I started having some interesting fantasies and the next thing you know I made them cum true. My diary will tell the whole tale I’m sure.

Dear Diary,

The other day after Daddy left for work I was sitting in his office and this strange urge came over me. I started thinking about Daddy and got really horny. I found myself pulling my panties to the side and playing with my tight little pussy. My fingers teasing my clit sent spasms of pleasure through my body and soon I was imagining Daddy being there too.

I started fantasizing about licking his cock from the head to his balls and suddenly my pussy got super wet. I imagined taking it in my mouth and sucking it while playing with my pussy and I came hard again. I could almost feel the drool running down my chin as I imagined my lips sliding faster and faster down the length of his shaft. Mmm my lips even tasted like his semen all salty and sweet at the same time.

My mind was really getting carried away and soon I was dreaming of daddys cock in my tight little pussy. I could see him laying me down on his desk and fucking me soo hard. Just the thought of his hard cock in my pussy had me coming again in no time. As I continued to finger my pussy I imagined him bending me over and fucking me hard from behind until he fills me with his seed. My daydream was soo intense I made a mess in Daddys chair before nodding off with a smile on my face. I really need to get Daddys cock soon.

Dear Diary,

So the other night mom was away and daddy had some buddies over for a party. Him and his buddies were smoking and partying til the wee hours of the night. I thought they’d never leave but when they finally did Daddy crashed hard. So hard he didn’t even notice me sneaking in his room to fulfill my fantasy.

I gently climbed up on the bed and slowly unbuttoned Daddys pants. I guess my little hand had some effect since his cock sprang to life immediately. I smiled at the sight of it and gently licked the tip. Daddy didn’t move so I assumed he was out of it. His cock twitched against my tongue as if granting permission so I took his whole cock in my mouth. It was so amazing, cock had never tasted so good. I sucked his cock hard and fast but daddy never moved so I decided to go even further.

I pulled off my panties and climbed on top of daddy straddling his throbbing cock. I was soooo turned on it slid right in my tight pussy and filled me up. I rode his hard cock that way until I came loudly but daddy didn’t hear me, I think. His cock felt so good I bent backwards and rode it awhile longer before spinning around so I could get every inch of him inside me. Knowing how crunk daddy was I rode him hard and fast hoping he would fill me with a hot load and sure enough he did. He shot such a big load in me some of it dripped out and I rubbed it back in with my fingers hoping my fantasy would cum true. I’m not sure but after he came I thought I saw a glimpse of a smile on Daddys face.

Dear Diary,

The next weekend mom was gone again so I went out for a bit of partying. Aparently I was pretty crunk by the time I got home cuz I just fell on the couch. Daddy discovered my condition and in my crunk haze I thought I felt him fondling me so I let out a moan. Next thing I knew daddys cock was in my mouth and he was fingering my wet pussy. One thing led to another and soon I was riding daddys cock to multiple orgasms. Daddy was pretty excited too because it didn’t take long for him to cum all over my face.

A few weeks later, after mom ran off with a salesman, I discovered I was pregnant. I was soo overjoyed I told daddy right away. I can’t wait til the baby is born so daddy can knock me up again.

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Cum on my face daddy

When you’re a young woman and your mother finds a new husband you pray he’s good looking and a great provider. Even better has a big cock he’s willing to share with you. Welcome to Daddy’s Home 2 where four hot little step daughters get to ride daddy’s cock in enchanting tales of taboo lust and sexual indiscretion. These girls better hope mama doesn’t get home early.

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On Daddy’s Desk

Dear Diary,
I went to the Dr the other day because I’m about a week late, sure enough I’m pregnant. I went by the office to tell Daddy the good news but we were so hot for each other I never had the chance. He fucked me all over his desk and when we were done he remembered to pull out and aim all over my tummy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him then but I have to soon, He’s gotta divorce mommie so we can raise our family. The courts may think its a bit weird but at least we don’t share the same DNA.

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Daddy’s Prison Bitch

It’s been a few days since Dillion has been released from prison. She does not seem like daddy’s little girl anymore. She snaps at everything and always gets her own way. Dad sits down with her and tells her that it’s time she looked for a job. Dillon replies that she has a job.
Pulling off her dads shorts she jerks his cock. He tries to push her away but she grabs him by the neck and tells him that he is now her bitch and that she owns his cock. He is going to cum for her and there is nothing he can do about it.
She sucks his cock holding on to him tightly until he cums in her mouth. With a swallow she leaves the room. Her dad is terrified.

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Daddy’s Hard At Work And At Home Too

Dear Diary,
Ever since I can remember I would spend my Saturdays going with Daddy to the construction jobs he supervised. Last Saturday was no different until Daddy was under a sink and a very strange feeling came over me. As I handed him a tool my hand daringly touched his cock as if it had a mind of its own. Daddy must have thought it was an accident because he kept on working. I noticed his jeans did begin to bulge and that was all the encouragement I needed. Knowing Daddy wouldn’t be able to resist I began to live out my darkest fantasy. I ripped open his pants and before he could protest I started sucking his cock. Shocked and bewildered Daddy feebly asked me to stop but it was too late, my hormones were in complete control now. After I got him nice and hard I rode him til I came then begged him to really fuck me. Daddy pounded my pussy all over the sink then exploded deep in my womb. I was soo shocked I almost forgot I wasn’t on the pill.

Wish Me Luck,

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I kept our secret well and soon we were stealing moments daringly. One afternoon while mom ran to the store I was really in a wild mood. I started riding Daddy on the couch after a nice long blowjob and a sudden urge came over me. I had been playing with anal toys and finally wanted Daddy to take my rosebud. He asked if I was sure and I practically begged him to finger fuck my little hole while I rode him. After he loosened me up he eased his cock into my virgin ass and played with my pussy making me cum hard. Once his cock was snug in my ass Daddy fucked me gently until finally I begged him to “Hammer My Ass” and he did. It felt so good I came several times before Daddy finally did. At least you can’t get pregnant from anal.

More Later,

P.S. Just as I suspected all the time I’m spending with Daddy caught up to me. The doctor just told me I’m pregnant and I’m not sure what to do. Since it’s my stepdads baby maybe he’ll get a divorce and stay with me. I’ll just have to make sure he does.

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