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Make Me Cum, Bro!

Not much description needed here! This is a very sexual (and taboo!) clip featuring the continued adventures of Miss Lydia and her perverted brother. Bro has already been blackmailed into being her slave, and despite all his best efforts, all Lydia can do is think about her boyfriend’s big black dick. But she is going to have to pleasure herself by proxy, and who can help best but brother dearest! She makes him strap a large dildo to his head, then orders him to pleasure her. Long, deep strokes just like the BF would deliver. Bro turns out to be quite adept at this humiliating task, and Lydia rapidly works towards an orgasm. She ends up cumming while riding him on top. Naturally, the second she has her much-awaited release, she kicks bro out and gives him some sissy task to perform instead.

File size: 350MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:05:13
File type: MP4

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Do not cum inside me……Please, son!

This is part two of a two part video. After Rachel had been discovered on a MILF porn site by her son, she was blackmailed by him into giving him a blowjob. She was upset and felt guilty, she ran into her bedroom. He soon followed her in. She sat up and asked him what he wanted, he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum in his mother. She begged him to please leave her alone. He said no. She had no choice. Rachel took off her clothes and her son pushed her down spreading her legs he mounted her and forced his cock deep inside her tight pussy. Rachel screamed when she felt him inside her, he was so much bigger and harder than her husband but she knew this was so wrong. He fucked her hard while she whimpered. She jumped off him and said she would just suck his cock again, she grabbed his cock and sucked it but he wanted to fuck so he pulled her on top of him, she was wet so he slid right in, he held her tight so she could not get away. Then he came in her, she got off and said, we are done!. He was not done. He forced her on her knees and fucked her doggystyle. She begged him to hurry up and whatever he did, she pleaded with him not to come in her. He talked nasty to her, telling her how good it felt to fuck his mom. Rachel felt him ready to explode, she yelled at him to cum on her ass not in her. He pulled out and jerked off to his sweet mom’s ass then when he was ready to cum he shoved his cock back inside her and let it all go. Rachel screamed out in a mix of anger and pleasure. She had never been fucked like that before but the guilt was overwhelming. She pulled away and spread her pussy open to see a cream pie, her son had filled her with cum and it was dripping out of her. She was very upset and did not know what to do. She lay back in his arms and looked him in the eyes. Please do not tell, she said. He held her tight and promised he would never tell of the passion they shared that day.

File size; 121MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration; 00:11:18
File type: AVI

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Taboo Cum Swallow

File size: 244MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:06:47
File type: WMV

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Eeewww!! Why is brother CUM on me?!

Katie walks in to the living room and drops off a package that was delivered for her brother. That SHE had to sign for, because he’s too damned lazy to do anything! She starts to nag him about not doing his chores, but he has a smile on his face – because in the box is his BRAND NEW MIND CONTROLLING REMOTE! He quickly puts it to use – freezing his bitchy sister mid sentence – and then he takes it a little further. A LOT FURTHER, actually…. He makes her strip, bark like a , touch herself, and give him a blowjob! And then he figures he can get a little more, so he walks her into the bedroom…. He didn’t get a little more – he got a LOT MORE – and after he blows a load on Katie’s stomach, he puts her on a 5 second delay – just enough time for him to disappear out of the room, before she realizes that she’s naked…. with a load of cum on her belly…. and no idea how it got there!

File size: 759MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:26:15
File type: MP4

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Forced to cum inside his little sister

Kayla wants to see if she can overpower her brother during sex. He struggles hard against her tiny frame….how long can she hold him down?

File size: 221MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:07:27
File type: MP4

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Cum On Mommy’s Feet

When Billy came into the living room I was putting on my stockings and getting ready to play with myself. I really like to wear sexy lingerie and stockings to put me in the mood to play. Billy asks me what I’m doing and as I’m talking to him I notice his boner is poking out his pants. I ask him if he wants to watch me play with myself but he seems shy and resistant but I tell him that I know he wants to because his hard on is getting bigger and its leaking through his shorts. He’s embarrassed now but decides he does want to stay and watch me. I tell him to sit down and pull his dick out for me while I strip and tease him. He doesnt hesitate and is stroking his meat for me. It’s really getting me excited so I’m undressing, showing him my breasts and rubbing my hairy pussy while I see his cock get bigger and bigger. I take out my big kong dong and start sucking on it, getting it real wet so I can fit it in my pussy. I tease him even more by getting on my back with my legs spread open, I slide the big kong dong inside me. Taking it in as far as it will go and pulling it out again to show my pink pussy hole. After I cum I lick all the cum off the dong and I tell Billy to come closer to me so I can stroke his big cock. I then begin sucking on his cock talking it all in my mouth. I keep sucking on him until he gets ready to cum and then I tell him to cum on my pink toes and feet. He lets out a huge load all over my feet. They are all covered in cum!

File size: 282MB
Resolution: 1280x720Duration: 00:24:17
File type: MP4

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Mommy make me cum!

File size: 407MB
Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 00:15:31
File type: AVI

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Daddy Please Cum

Give Your Little Girl Some Protein Daddy I’ve been waiting all day for this and I can’t wait to get your big cock in my mouth. Daddy you like when I lick from your balls to the tip like that? Mmmm I feel you twitching in my mouth and hands getting soo hard. Come on Daddy cum hard for me all over my hands and let me suck you clean like a good daughter should.

File size: 396MB
Resolution; 1280×720
Duration: 00:10:16
File type: WMV

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Mommy’s new jeans make you cum inside her!!!

Your father left..finally…for his business trip…so…you are home alone with your mom! You come from the school and you see your mommy to trying on some new jeans!!! She looks amazing!!! Those tight jeans on her butt…mmm….and she know how you feel about it!!! How much you love the jeans and specially on the woman like her!!! She start to posing for you….and …make you completely…..hard in your pants! That bitch! She knows how to turns you on! But your mommy love you and your cock so much…she can’t never let you like this…unsatisfied! She come like a cat….close to you! Pull down your pants and start to blow your swollen cock! She is so good…..ohhh….you are completely hers! And your mommy knows what is best for you! Then….she pull down her jeans…just to her knees….lei down…..and….you know that look! Mommy wants you!!!…Mommy wants to feel her son huge cock inside…deep…inside her pussy! ,, Come my boy…..fuck your mommy good!” You start to rubbing your cock against her pussy and then…you get in! She screams by pleasure…..pleasure only her son can give her!!! She cums a big one…..that make you feel like….like hero! But she doesn’t have enough!!! She sits on top of you….you can still see her new jeans pull down to her knees….and she ride your hard cock! She move her big butt against your cock…..you see the pleasure on her face…and then….she wants you inside…all your semen…her son’s sperm to feel that explosion deep in her!!! She has to taste that delicious juice of her son! So she put the fingers in her pussy and then…lick them to dry!!!

File size: 962MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:20:02
File type: AVI

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Cum In Me Again Daddy

Dear Diary
Since Daddy and I had those amazing nights I’ve been taking advantage of every moment we get. Even if it’s only a quickie when mommy runs to the store thats enough. Since we’ve had so many encounters it’s even gotten to the point where I want Daddy to cum in me. Something about the possibility of Daddy getting me pregnant is really turning me on.
Love Kate


File size: 395MB
Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 00:18:48
File type: MP4

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