Taboo Diaries – Incest Compilation

Dear Diary,

A few weeks after step-mom passed away I went to a party with some of my friends. Losing my step-mom at barely 18 hit me pretty hard so I had a few drinks. When I got home my stepdad was in the guest room so I decided to keep him company.
I snuggled up against him and he put his arm over me holding me tight. As he drifted off again his hand began to rub my breast. I didn’t want to disturb him and as weird as it sounds it kind of felt good. Next thing I knew daddys other hand was rubbing my pussy and I really got turned on. Step-Daddy mumbled something like he was dreaming and I took that as my cue to suck his cock.
Daddy pulled my panties off and guided me to his face. He must have thought I was step-mommy or something because he wen’t down on my pussy while calling me baby. Daddys tongue got me so hot I needed his cock inside me. When I straddled him he realized it was me. Even though it shocked him Step-Daddy didn’t miss a beat. He fucked me all over the bed then he came inside me a whole lot and I’m not on the pill. This could be bad.
Xo Sierra

Dear Diary,
I was late with my period so I went and got a pregnancy test at the drugstore. I took it in the bathroom and was so nervous I almost peed on myself taking it. Sure enough it was positive so I don’t know what I’m going to do now. Wish me luck talking to step-daddy.

Step-Daddy You Got Me Pregnant HD

I’m Having Your Baby

Dear Diary,

After getting over the shock of being pregnant I knew I had to tell Step-Daddy. I took the test with me and went into the living room. When I told Step-Daddy he was pretty shocked but excited at the same time. He pulled me close and hugged me then suggested we celebrate.
I was so relieved at his reaction I started sucking his cock while he began undressing me. Step-Daddy was a bit more gentle than usual but with some encouragement he wound up giving me an earth shaking orgasm before he exploded in me. Something about being pregnant really gets me off hard.
Xo Sierra

Sierra Needs Her Step-Daddy

More And More Each Day

Dear Diary,
I’m 5 months pregnant now and my hormones have made so many changes in my body as well as my sex drive. Step-Daddy doesn’t seem to mind taking care of my needs though, I think he enjoys having a pregnant 19 yr old girl around. No matter where we are I know just how to get his cock hard and have him satisfy me. I hope he can take it if my sex drive increases though.
Xo Sierra

I’m Taking Mommies Place

Even In Daddys Bed

Dear Diary,Not long after I started showing Step-Daddy was in bed and I was really horny. I came in and laid next to him teasing his cock in the process. I took him in my mouth getting him nice and wet then I straddled him. I rode Daddys cock til I had a wicked orgasm then he bent me over on the bed. Step-Daddy fucked my pregnant pussy til he exploded all over my ass then we cuddled up for bed. I’m really taking Mommies place now.
Xo Sierra

I Cant Believe We’re Cousins!


Dear Diary,

Last night was ladies night at a local club so I went out with a few girlfriend’s of mine as the DD. Well diary I ended up dancing with this really handsome boy who really likes pregnant girls! We ended up going back to my house once the club closed and fooling around a bit. Of course my hormones were raging from being pregnant so we started having sex. OH MY GOD it was probably the best sex I ever had! Good thing I cant get pregnant while being pregnant because he loved fucking me so much he came deep inside me!

Everything was awesome until he looked up on the wall and noticed a family photo of my step-dad and I. He asked how I knew the man with his arm around me and when I told him thats my step-dad he freaked out saying that was his uncle!

Diary I seriously cant believe that I fucked my cousin! Is it wrong it wrong I really want to do again?

XOXO, Sierra

Step-Daddy Loves Me Pregnant

More And More Each Day

Dear Diary,
These past months have been a blur and soon I’ll be having daddys baby. It seems like the bigger I get the more Step-Daddy wants sex too. Just yesterday I was getting breakfast and Step-Daddy slipped up behind me. He pulled off my dress and fucked me right there bent over the counter then took me in the living room. We made love on the couch and floor til Step-Daddy exploded all over my butt. I think he likes me barefoot and pregnant.
Xo Sierra

Cum On My Belly Step-Daddy

I Really Need To Moisturize It

Step-Daddy you’ve been so patient during my pregnancy and I know it’s been hard on you lately. I thought I could do something special for us both and make you cum all over my pregnant belly. You know you cant resist when I suck your cock and with as long as it’s been I can tell you’re ready to explode. There you go Step-Daddy cum all over my belly. Thank You

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