Stuck Together with No Where to Go

Ashley and Billy were supposed to meet their parents at for Vacation but now they are stuck in the house for weeks. The internet and TV aren’t working and they are bored senseless. Conversation moves to how long it’s been since either of them have had sex and they don’t even have something to masturbate too. Ashley is the first to suggest that they could get off to each other, she says she’ll just stare at his dick so it isn’t weird. They give it a try but the sight of a hard dick after so long gets Ashley to forget it’s her step-brother and she she has pure desire on her face when reaches out to feel it in her hand while she rubs her clit…

Ashley was every bit as desperate for dick as the looked and Billy makes her cum over and over squirting and eyes rolling up in her head as he fucks her almost senseless

The heat in the little vacation house isn’t working and it gets really cold at night. Ashley comes into rest with Billy for warmth. They’ve gotten closer being just the two of them for the past weeks and she isn’t shy about getting naked to get into bed. As they cuddle she fill Billy’s rock hard cock against her and she is immediately wet enough for him to slide right into her under the covers. Soon it is too hot for covers and Billy gives her the hard satisfying fuck she needs

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:48:35
Size: 2160 Mb


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