Step-Mom Caught Me Spying Then she Fucked Me

So last Thursday I came home from my first day back in school and my step-mom’s car was in the
driveway. She normally works until 6:00 but not that day for some reason. I walked in the house like
normal then I closed the door and headed to my room with my backpack on my shoulders. I got about
halfway there when I saw my Step-Mother half naked combing her hair while she caressed
her boobs and looked at herself in a little mirror. She was wearing just a silk robe and a little pair of panties and she looked hot as fuck. For some reason I took out my phone and started filming her. Then I got bolder and pulled out my cock and started stroking it. A minute later my dumb ass best friend Alex called my phone and it rang. Well needless to say my step-mother busted me dick in hand. She started screaming at me and told me she was going to call my step-father and that I would be grounded for the next 6 months. But then something odd happened, she looked down at my hard cock and started laughing. She then grabbed it and started stroking it while she teased me. She asked me if I fantasized about fucking her and I told her that I did. She then started talking dirty to me and she insisted that I fuck her right then and there. I was so turned on that I would have done anything she wanted. She made me suck on her toes, eat her pussy and asshole then she swallowed my cock down her throat and used me as a fuck stick. She’s such a dirty birdy that she made me shoot my load deep down her throat. Then she went out to dinner with my step-dad for sushi. What a woman.

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