Step Daughter Wants Play Just The Tip

My daughter just came home from college, but I wasn’t expecting her home so soon! She is sitting on the couch and she tells me how bored she is at home! “Read a book,” I suggest. “No, dad! I want to play a game with you!” she exclaims. I ask her what type of game this is, and she tells me that the game is called “Just The Tip.” I have never heard of this game before, but she starts to explain the rules to me. “You have to stick just the tip inside of me, and if you can only keep the tip in but not the rest of it, then you win! But if you stick the whole thing in, then you lose!” she tells me. “Wait… the tip of WHAT?!” I cry out. She points to what she is talking about and then she pulls her shorts off, so her pussy is fully exposed. I stick the tip of my cock inside of her but it only takes a minute before I stick the rest of my cock inside of her. “You lost already!” she giggles. “Yes, I lost! Damn it,” I exclaim. I keep fucking her with my entire cock, because I can’t help it! “Your cock feels so good! Aren’t you happy that I’m home from school?!” she asks me. “I do like this game!” I tell her. She lifts her shirt up so I can grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. I accidentally cum in her, because her pussy is so tight! “Don’t tell your mother!” I tell her, as I run to take a shower…

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