Sister Sperm Diet

Diet crazes seem to come and go…..but this one is really taking young girls by storm!!! There is a new Diet that all the young girls are on, called the “Sperm Diet”. As it turns out….Sperm is very high in protein…and low in carbohydrates……and if you eat/drink a Diet of Sperm exclusively for several weeks….you will lose weight…and feel great!!! A sort of “cleansing”. Blaire has been on the Sperm Diet for a week or so….and she is feeling great, and she has already lost 3 pounds.

The problem with the Sperm diet is….trying to find sources!! Blaire sucked off her boyfriend so many times during the first few days of the Diet…that he is currently in the hospital suffering from dehydration. Desperate….she asks her older Brother Chuck if he would do her a “solid”….and give her some Sperm.

Chuck is baffled by the odd request…..and is reluctant……but Blaire offers to let him lick her Cunt for a while first….and fuck her……if he’ll promise to give her the “nectar” she so desperately needs. Chuck gives in….and after Blaire face sits him….and lets him have a poke at her…..she gets what she wants…. a mouthful of fresh Sperm. “Thanks for my Dinner” Blaire declares as she swallows it all down. What kind of crazy Diet will they cum up with next???!!!

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