Rachel Steele Taboo – Father’s Weakness

Rachel was becoming increasingly frustrated with her step-daughter Misty. The young woman was lazy and disrespectful. Instead of tidying her room and raking the yard like her step-mother had asked, she had simply upped and gone out shopping. Now Rachel was having to do the jobs herself. While out in the yard, she was surprised to see Misty pull up in a brand new car. Rachel confronted her, asking how she has come into possession of it. Misty replied that it was a present from her step-father – for her passing an important exam. Rachel was not pleased. She felt her husband had gone too far. At no time had he mentioned his intentions to her. Rachel’s mood worsened further when she found out that Misty had only passed the exam with a D grade. However, she got nowhere when she tried to take the matter up with her step-daughter. Misty just rolled her eyes and wandered off. Her attention was more on the screen of her iphone than on her step-mother. That, too, was another expensive gift from her soft-touch step-father. Later, Rachel was finishing up washing dishes in the kitchen sink (another of Misty’s supposed jobs) when her husband Jack arrived home. She did not hesitate to tell him how annoyed she was at his actions – and the general situation regarding Misty. It turned out that Jack had given his step-daughter the car without knowing her exact grade. Yet he did not seem particularly concerned about it. Instead he hugged his wife and changed the subject by telling her that he was feeling horny. In spite of her mood, Rachel was open to a hot fuck. And that’s exactly what she and her husband did up in their bedroom. Afterwards, the pleasure they’d had was clearly evident. The snoozing couple wore smiles of contentment. Torn off clothes and a couple of dildos lay scattered about the floor. Within moments, however, Jack opened his eyes and cautiously eased away from his wife – taking great pains not to wake her. When he was up, he sneaked out the room and down the hall to Misty’s room. His step-daughter was dressed in a nightie, waiting for him. Both she and her step-father greeted each other excitedly and eagerly. Seconds later the pair were in bed together, locked in a devious taboo embrace, kissing and caressing one another. After her step-father had slipped his hands into her panties and mischievously rubbed her tight little pussy, Misty laid him down, pulled his boxers off, and began stroking his big cock. Half-way through the fun, she coyly enquired if he had any new presents for her. Jack did indeed. Quickly he got up fetched a small box, then opened it up and revealed a beautiful necklace to his step-daughter. Misty was thrilled with it. As soon as her step-father had clipped it round her neck, she thanked him in the best way she knew: by giving his cock a long, deep and loving sucking. Such sexual treats as this were the real cause of Jack’s generosity to his step-daughter. Misty herself used his lust for her to the maximum. Being a material girl at heart, she wanted the best of everything to show off to her peers. The surest person to give her them was her own step-father. As long as he continued to reward her with expensive presents, she would please him in whatever forbidden way he wished. This time around that meant using her hands and mouth on his cock until he unleashed a heavy load of cum that fell back on his belly. In the aftermath, Jack was very grateful to his step-daughter and eager to move on to other fun and games with her. But Misty refused. She wiped her step-father’s cum off her hands and made the excuse that she was expecting a call from her boyfriend. By acting hard to get with her step-father, she would eventually got more out of him.

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