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4th Of July Wiener

Selena Love and her stepmom Lolly Dames are ready to celebrate 4th of July, but Lolly wants to make sure that Selena follows her diet and keeps practicing for her dance recital. When stepbrother Johnny arrives at the party, he starts grilling some hotdogs, and sneakily gives some to Selena who starts sucking on his wiener as a way to say thank you! Once their stepmom leaves to see some fireworks with their neighbors, Selena and Johnny go to the bedroom and finish what they started… Nothing like having a wiener for 4th of July!

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After their 4th of July celebrations, Chad Alva notices that his dad has passed out leaving his busty stepmom Jamie Michelle to clean up after the party so Chad offers to give her a massage. One thing leads to another, and after Jamie confesses she’s always fantasized about her stepson, they both create their own fireworks as Chad finds the best way to celebrate Independence Day… by finally banging his super slutty stepmom!

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While Natasha Nice goes to the gym, stepdaughter Cecelia Taylor seduces her stepdad Dan Ferrari, convincing him to fuck her while Natasha is at the gym. Later that day, Natasha finds Cecelia’s used panties in her bed, so she confronts Cecelia telling her that she’s not actually mad and instead would like to teach her a few more things she could do with her husband’s throbbing cock!

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Sofie is laying on the bed, unresponsive, to her step son Rion. She is in a sheer robe that has hiked up over her ass and pussy. When she does not respond, Rion jumps on the bed and begins caressing his hot mom. Eventually, he gets so horny, that he pulls out his cock and slides it in her ass! Well, that gets Sofie’s attention and instead of being upset, she allows Rion to keep fucking her sweet ass in multiple positions, until he cums in her butt!

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I wanted to talk to you about your girlfriend. Your dad & I don’t think she’s right for you, I know you don’t want to believe it but, there’s someone better out there for you. I mean, wouldn’t you wanna find someone more like your mommy? You know deep down you’ll never be satisfied with your girlfriend, don’t you wanna find a girl with big boobs like mommy? I’ll let you have your way with mommy & I’ll even eat your ass if you promise this’ll be our little secret.

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My Mother, My Refuge

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Shut up, stop complaining. We’re horny. And you have to do what we say.. And you like it anyway… Oh stop worrying. We’re not gonna get caught this time. And so what if you get grounded again, it’s not even a big deal….

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Innocent Talk With Stepmom

I heard you with my step-daughter last night.. And I watched you… Why do think you can do things like that with her? She’s too innocent for those things.. Are you some sort of sexual deviant? I can’t allow you to use her to satisfy your twisted sexual desires…

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