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I had to explain to her that the only reason mom and I messed around was because of how turned on she got from watching us!

Is that true, mom?

Yes sweetie, something about watching the two of you fuck each other and seeing how much you enjoyed taking your own brother’s cock deep inside your pussy… made me so horny and moist inside!

-Kelsey looks to me for validation as mom begins to slowly undress her, rubbing her hands up sis’s gorgeous petite body-

Don’t be shy now sis, Mom wants to watch us play some more again…. and then maybe join in too.

Hunny… doesn’t your brother have suck a nice cock? I’d love to see you put it in your mouth…

Yes… he does have a nice one, but what about Dad… wouldn’t he be upset if he knew we were all doing this?

Sweetie… let’s not worry about your father right now. I want you to concentrate on making your brother feel good, so mommy can taste his warm cum…

Watch my mom and sister take turns using my hard cock for their own pleasure! It was nearly impossible to fuck them both without cumming to quick, especially seeing how much my mom really enjoyed being dirty with us! After I made sis cum all over my cock, it was my mom’s turn to finish! She really was turned on by sis and I screwing, that once she slid my cock into her…. she immediately started to pulsate and cum on me. She was loving every second in our family threesome!

Finally it was my turn to cum. I could tell Mom was craving to taste my cum, and my balls were aching to release all the swelled up tension that was building up, so I sprayed my load all over Kelsey’s pink pussy and then made mom lick up every drop of my salty warm thick load!

Mom will never tell Dad about this, but she now knows that I am the true man of the house now!

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A Healing Stepmom Handjob

When MILF Vera Kings stepson gets in a fight at school while defending her honor, the concerned matriarch wants to make sure he is okay. She inspects his cock to make sure it is not injured before stroking it with her nurturing hand. Later, Vera catches her nasty stepson jerking his cock with her panties in hand. She offers to ride his cock if he promises to be a good boy! A couple days later, Vera is heartbroken when she finds out her husband is leaving her. To console her, her stepson massages her and shoves his cock inside her sensitive MILF slit!

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When your dad runs off to Vegas and elopes with a frigid bitch, what do you do? Give her a friendly oily massage of course! Becky Bandini is a hot MILF who also happens to be Tyler Nixon’s new step mom. And she’s rather tense after the rushed marriage. Tyler offers to rub her down and accidentally gets oil all over Becky big beautiful tits. Whoops! Might as well take off the bra and get more comfortable! Tyler lubes us Becky’s tits and uses his hard cock to massage her back and soon enough, Becky warms up to him and gives him a sloppy titty fuck. Tyler can’t resist tearing her nylons, fucking her hard and cumming all over her face. Guess Becky isn’t a frigid bitch after all!

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Relationship between stepson and stepmom has changed, now they are husband and wife, and they have to fuck like a just married couple.

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This is the full and complete series of Blackmailing My Girlfriends Hot Mom, this series stars Clover Baltimore.

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Gemma has been dying to go to the club with her friends and act like a whore. just one problem they have no way getting there! Gemma tells her brother she needs a ride but he wants to know what is in it for him! Doug tells his sister that she is gonna have to make him cum if she wants a ride to the club! At first Kimber refuses but she quickly realizes if she wants a ride she is gonna have to make him cum, Kimber finds it fun at first getting him close to orgasm then stopping! Gemma slaps and flicks his cock every time he gets close! She then realizes it is getting late and starts to ask her brother for his cum! Doug makes her wait a few more minutes before exploding for his sister!

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Daddy Cares For Me

I know I am supposed to be in school, but I felt like hanging out at the pool and getting an even tan while my stepdad was at work. Then, he had to come home early and ruin it all! Maybe seeing my tits will get him in the mood to let me stay home with him a little longer… Love, Avi Love.

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Tony has moved into his own place and it’s great! When his stepsister Avery Cristy comes to visit, she makes it clear that she wants to stay with him. Having Avery in his new home without their parents around is a little weird for Tony, but it’s about to reach a whole new level of strange. It turns out that Avery finds his couch uncomfortable and insists on sharing a bed with him. Dressed in a sheer shirt and skimpy shorts, Avery is too much for Tony to resist even if she is his stepsis.

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Slutty stepsister satisfies herself and cum with stepbrother at same time

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