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My wife and I have been having an issue with her step-daughter, we found some pictures on her phone that no 18-year-old girl should have. I sat Rachel down to talk to her about what was on her phone, in a cute way my step-daughter explains to me that she has a thing for “older” guys. I kinda could tell she was into older guys, whenever my friends would come over to watch football she would dress really inappropriately in front of them, her Step-Mom yelled at her a few times for this. Rachel then confuses she has always been attracted to me, I can not believe my step-daughter is coming on to me. I am gonna not gonna miss out on this chance to fuck my hot step-daughter, she is just so cute with her braces when she smiles, and she has the tightest pussy…

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My cousin Holli has zero impulse control and an addictiver personality. Every single time I see her, she wants something. She texted me FRANTIC needing a nicotine fix. She came all the way down the street just to HIT my juul. I know she’s a huge fucking slut so I wondered if I could have some fun with her. She must’ve wanted some nicotine bad, or she’s just a tremendous uninhibited slut, cuz when I told her she couldn’t hit the juul without showing me her titties, she took them out. When I told her for another hit, she needs to pull up her skirt, she was cool with it. And this went on until her legs and pussy were spread and I was feeling it up while she was taking hits of that juul. What a whore. Holli Wood, striptease and groping

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Kyla Keys – A Little Persuasion

You can’t keep doing this.. It’s getting ridiculous. I’m your step-mom. You can’t think about me like this. It’s not normal… It doesn’t matter if I’m not being satisfied.. It’s not your job to worry about those things…

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Alex is caught in a compromising position with his new girlfriend’s horny teen step-daughter and is very surprised with….

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