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Horny Big Step-Sister Playtime

Sometimes I just wanna relax. Kick back and just chill. Maybe look at my phone, maybe read a book, maybe just do nothing… But it’s hard to do that having two big step-sisters. They’re always making me do stuff with them. Which is pretty cool tbh. And don’t get me wrong I love them a lot.. But they’re so horny all the time, sometimes it’s just too much for one guy to handle….

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Sibling Sex Sessions Therapy Gone Wrong

Tired of the sibling rivalry that’s developed between the two, Raquel & Russell’s parents have enrolled them into a family therapy program meant to tackle the trials & challenges that can come in the relationship between a step-brother and step-sister. Before the appointment, the two were handed a pill each to take; being told that it was to put the pair in the relaxed mindsets needed to open up and expose their true feelings for one another. A bit confused, but trusting, they swallow the pills and enter the therapist’s office; reclining on the sofa and awaiting her arrival. Minutes tick on and Raquel & Russell grow impatient, feeling as though they’ve been waiting quite sometime. Where’s the therapist? When will the session finally begin? Getting impatient the two start bickering with each other before a warm sensation begins to flow through each of them. Raquel starts feeling up her breasts, and her step-brother Russell begins groping at his crotch, the two being unable to resist the sexual tension developing between them. What were they given, what was happening, and why couldn’t they stop it!? This appointment takes an incestual turn as the effects of the mystery pills cause the two siblings to be unable to resist sucking & fucking each other senseless! What medical practice did their parents sign them up for? Will these strange side effects of the medicine wear off? Will they ever stop fucking? Tune into part two of this taboo tale in hope of answers!

In this continuation of a taboo tale, Raquel & Russell are finally able to untwine their bodies from each other, get dressed, and rush out of their therapy appointment to return home and never speak of the actions that happened in the office again! An uncomfortable silence settles between the two on the drive home before the step-brother and step-sister part ways once they arrive. Raquel rushes to the kitchen to rid her mouth of the taste of her step-brother’s cock; and Russell searches about the house to look for Step-Mom or Step-Dad to relay the information that he doesn’t believe this is the right method to go about fixing the issues between the siblings! Though he discovers that they are no where to be found, and that the same warm, encroaching feeling from before is slowly working its way in between his legs again. Like a magnet, he is drawn to his step-sister in the kitchen; questioning her to see if she too is still feeling the effects. In a flash, he receives his answer as his step-sister is unable to keep herself from prying at his pants. It seems that this mysterious medication only grows stronger with time, this incestual exchange between the two, rougher, louder, and harder than before! Russell fucks his step-sister senseless on every surface of the family kitchen before Raquel milks her step-brother’s cock empty. Despite rushing once more to clothes themselves in shame after the fact, one thing is for certain; no matter if the medication wears off or not this pair of siblings will never be the same!

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Sofie Marie – Meeting My Stepson

Sofie recently married an older man with grown offspring, and Sofie has taken it on herself to get to know her adult stepson, Tommy. Sofie is really attracted to Tommy since he looks like a younger version of her old man hubby! After a short talk, Sofie and Tommy give into the strong attraction between then, and the clothes fly off as they get to REALLY know each other, in the biblical sense!

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Nadya Nabakova Hypnotized by Step Daddy

Nadya is waiting for her mom to get back home, and all she has to keep her company is her weird step dad. When Nadya tells him how bored she is, he offers to entertain her with some harmless hypnosis. She doesn’t believe she can be hypnotized, but she goes under deeply none the less. Nadya’s step dad turns her into his little hypnotized bimbo slut, and she has no choice but to obey.

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I can not believe my step-sister, Bailey, would fuck my best friend but she did. She thinks she can just fuck anyone, well now she is gonna have to fuck me.

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So Vinny and me were sitting at the office bored again. Luckily our asshole boss had his step-daughter, Gabbie Carter, come in to Intern for the semester while she takes online classes for college. Did I mention she has the nicest tits I’ve ever seen on a teen. She’s a total Bitch and would never give me the time of day though. Trust me, I know Because I’ve asked her out like thirty times. But yesterday was different. That’s because Vinnie had a special micro chip that turns people into robots. Watch as Vinny and Me turn Gabbie in a mindless robot. That’s when the fun begins and I get to finally have my way with her. Vinny & I mesmerize her and take control of her mind. I have her pull out her tits, then play with them. After that I motorboat her and worship those titties. She titty fucked me and jerked me off with her feet. I ate her pussy and her ass. After that I fucked her and had her suck me off again. Once I was ready to bust I shot my load deep down her throat and made her swallow my load. A minute later I had her get dressed and I told her that when she came to she was going to have a massive crush on me and actually ask me on a date. Then Vinny turned off the micro chip. Gabbie had no idea what happened, then she asked me on a date. This micro chip rocks.

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He spied on my stepsister in her room

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Is My Bed Big Enough For Us

Step Daughter Gabby called me into her room to ask a question. Funny thing, she asked me to close the door first. I agreed and asked if this was okay and she said “Yes!” She then asked if her bed was too small to fuck her boyfriend. This was not a question to ask me, this was more for Cory. Gabby did not want to hear this as she opens her robe and asks for help testing if her bed is strong enough.

She sees my boner and pulls it out of my boxers, who knew she had such strong sucking skills. Then the boobs, the biggest I have seen in a long time. So big, she could suck on them while I fucked her. Watching them bounce up and down while she rides my cock is mind blowing, almost forgot what she originally asked, oh yes, is her bed strong enough to fuck her boyfriend on it. Who cares, I am balls deep into my Big Tit Step Daughter! As an added treat, she sucks her own nipples while Step Daddy pounds her shaved pussy. I hope she is taking her birth control because pulling out is for losers! Right after she wants to try out her Step Brother’s room, good thing I had 3 shots of coffee this morning, I am ready!

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Real Family Porn – Taking Care Of My Grandpa

This sweet little girl comes to take care of her grandpa. He has other ideas for her. She is homeless no job, no car. Just right for what he has in mind for her.

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