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I Will Not Look At My Stepmoms Tits

Rion King is already in trouble for looking at his stepmom, Lexi Luna’s, tits. Lexi’s friend, Aila Donovan, comes over to go shopping with Lexi and happens to glance down to see what Rion is up to. When she realizes what Rion is writing out, she also sees that Rion is looking down her shirt. Aila is ticked, but she and Lexi duck out to get groceries. When they return, they ask Rion to come help put everything away. Things are going okay until a bag of oranges spills. Seeing his stepmom and her BFF on their knees sends Rion into a sexual fantasy where Lexi and Aila are on their knees in lingerie, nice and eager to suck him off…

The girls snap Rion out of his fantasizing, but Aila isn’t about to let him get away with his creeper thoughts or the resulting boner. She convinces Lexi to turn Rion around and pull his pants down for a spanking. Instead of feeling repentant, Rion finds himself getting turned on. Aila realizes Rion is still really hard. She tells Lexi that they need to embarrass him so he stops fantasizing like this. The ladies pull their boobs out, but that just makes Rion even hornier. Aila’s next solution is that they start sucking Rion off so he feels the shame of having his stepmom’s lips on his dick.

Aila and Lexi taking turns sucking him off just makes Rion’s erection even worse. Lexi tries popping her big naturals out and delivering a titty fuck, but that doesn’t make it go down. Eventually, they relocate to the living room so the girls can tag team Rion to chastise him properly. Lexi rides him first in reverse cowgirl, but then tanned toned Aila goes for a stiffie ride in cowgirl. Rion’s boner remains, so Lexi lays down and lets Rion bang her as Aila takes the opportunity to ride her friend’s mouth. The girls swap spots so that Aila is on her hands and knees with Rion doing her in doggy while she leans forward to lap at Lexi’s cream filled fuck hole. When Rion pulls out and cums all over Aila’s ass, the girls hope they have cured him of his inappropriate obsession with them and their boobs.

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Special Video For Stepbrother

Gizelle had been dropping hints about having a crush on her stepbro for weeks. Donnie just didn’t get the hint until his stepsis started shaking her ass in his face. To finally let him know exactly how she feels, Gizelle recorded a special video for him. It’s a keepsake that he’ll cherish forever and a life event going to be hard to forget.

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Stepbrothers Little Dicky

Alicia Williams and her stepbrother, Anthony Pierce, get into it over the last cupcake. Alicia grabs it first, then taunts Anthony by telling him she saw his little dicky in the shower the other day. When Anthony tries to argue back, Alicia smears the cupcake’s frosting on her nipple and orders him to lick it off. The stepsiblings are interrupted in their bickering when Alicia’s mom comes home, but Alicia isn’t done with Anthony. She waits until he’s in his room and then goes back to taunting him. This time, Anthony pulls her pants down and tries to call for Alicia’s mom to tell on her for showing off her pussy again…

Pissed now, Alicia closes the door and asks Anthony what his problem is. He tells her to suck his dick and she agrees because she thinks it’s so small she can fit it all in her mouth. When she lays eyes on Anthony’s hardon, however, Alicia is mesmerized. It’s much bigger than the last time she saw it, and she just can’t help but get on the bed and start slurping away at that nice cock. It’s not a hard sell from there to get Alicia to fuck her stepbrother. She’s already nice and wet as she straddles Anthony’s fuck stick and slides down to fill up her tight little pussy.

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Bad mother in law

It’s the night of my daughter’s prom. I’m very happy to be hosting you guys before you go out. I tell you to have fun but not too much. I tell you on the side to try not to let my daughter consume booze too much, she’s a lightweight. You came back early because you didn’t listen to my advice. Your girlfriend drank too much and swooned. You brought her back to her home and put her to bed. I heard you come in and checked to make sure you were ok. I can see that you’re disappointed with how the night went. You let it slip that you got a hotel room for the night. Feeling bad for you I want to try and make up for my daughter’s drunkenness. I decide to sneak into her room and take her prom dress. (Since we are almost the same size I decide to put it on and give you a prom night to remember. I come back in her dress looking amazing. I dance sexy for you showing off my body. I ask you what you were planning to do with my daughter at the hotel room. We then get going from there. Sloppy Blowjob, rough sex, ending with you cumming in my mouth and making sure not to waste a single drop of your cum, licking it all and swallowing it all.

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Post Lockdown Step Family Vacation

No More Masks
Dad is away on a “Business Trip” but my Hot and Horny Step Mom has his credit card and we are on a vacation of our own. I could not believe how much money she is spending on this room, who am I kidding?!?! This is my Dad’s money so I really don’t care. There are no masks anymore and Nikki is also not wearing any panties or underwear at all! She shows off the room and the amazing pool view. She then sits down on the table and hikes up her dress and pulls out her giant tits that my Dad bought! She pulls down my shorts and pulls out my already hard cock and sucks away.
She wants a quickie on the table and I slide my cock in her tight pussy and pound away. But not before smacking her clit with the head of my dick. Step Mom is a tease and I can play that game too. Nikki even said if I were driving, she would have given me Road Head the entire time!!!

Quickie in the Bathroom
The day after walking the park I walked into Step Mom getting ready. Something happened on the rollercoaster yesterday. Her big tits popped out while upside down. That was both cool and scary! Nikki mentions there is a brand new arcade at the hotel and even tells me to grab some cash out of her purse and head down and check it out. She even mentions the hotel is full of hot MILFS and maybe she could bring one back up and wait after I spend some time in the arcade.
Step Mom is fully into this, she is rubbing her pussy while explaining what she wants to do…She really wants a hot threesome with another milf! This turns me on so much, she sees my boner. She pulls the tip out and sucks away and talks about how she will possibly bring up a milf for me to share.
Step Mom reminds me to keep the sex quiet if my Dad asks what we were doing the entire time…My mind is still blown that she wants a threesome with another milf. I dump my load into her tight pussy and head down to the arcade for a warm up to the threesome!
Setting up a Hot MILF Threesome
Wearing the tiniest legal bikini for this hotel, Step Mom is looking out the window, hunting hot milfs. She finds a lonely Blonde sitting by the pool. Nikki pulls her bikini bottom to the side and starts rubbing her pussy while thinking out loud what she is going to do with this milf. Step Mom has an explosive orgasm and builds up the courage to go down and bring her back up to the hotel room.
Ten minutes later they both return, horny, hot and ready to fuck! Milf Cory asks where Nikki’s husband was…Nikki said she is there with only her Step Son. Before they could get too involved with conversation, Nikki begins kissing and touching Cory, warming her up for the threesome later! Nikki asked if Cory’s husband would be looking for her…Cory’s husband was also on a business trip. The Girl Girl lesbian experience begins! All the naughty parts are kissed and licked while the clothing comes off!
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I come back to the room thinking Nikki would be there waiting for me. The room is empty but there are glasses on the nightstand that are not mine or Nikki’s…I decide to take a nap and wait for Nikki to return. After closing my eyes, I wake up to see 2 hot MILF’s in bikini’s that are definetly DTF! They strip out of their bikinis and pull my hog out and suck it as if it owes them money. Step Mom is first while Cory finishes taking off her bikini. Cory is not long and sucks while Nikki eats her out from behind. Then they both work my dick and blow my mind again!
Cory brings up how I left some of my nut inside my step mom, but she was totally cool with it. Cory cleaned every drop out and wanted some more.
Cory sat on my cock first as Nikki held it up straight for Cory. Looking up seeing both these milfs on top of me was the best! Nikki even rubbed Cory’s clit while Cory rode up and down on my D!
I wanted to fuck my Mom and asked Nikki to trade places! I take turns on both these milf and slap their clits before sliding inside. Step Mom bends over doggie style and I pound away…Cory is down there ready to clean off my cock when I pull it out of my Mom’s delicious cunt. Nikki tells me to keep pounding until she cums and Cory is there to clean me off again.
Now it’s time for me to finish in my Mom’s mouth. She wants to share my load with her new friend! Nikki goes on her back, reminds me how she loves when I fuck her after she cums and how this will be the first time she shares my load with another milf! I pull out and blast my step mom in the mouth with all my baby batter! Nikki shares with her new friend and they both swallow. That was soooo fucking hot! Now time to head to the park for some more rides and maybe another milf to pick up?

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Stepmommy’s Punishment

Sybil Stallone is livid her kitchen is dirty. Johnny was supposed to clean it up, but He was too busy being a beta male. Sybil takes him and punishes him by rubbing her pussy all over his face. Johnny The Kid looks a little concussed from the booty smacking him on the front. She picks him up and starts suffocating him with her giant breasts. They move to the living room, where she rips off his pants to reveal a massive hard boner. She loves his cock and starts tit fucking her stepson. Then She blows him. He so hard he enters his stepmom’s pussy! He fucks her pussy like the man he wished he was. He cums all over her face. She makes him clean the kitchen.

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Mom Knows Best

Part One- Mom Knows Best – I like to sneak into the bathroom while my mom showers. She has a smoking hot body and rubs herself down really slow. It’s almost like she does it knowing I’m watching her. I go in my room to jerk off thinking about her when she walks in on me. What happened next surprised me. She started saying she does know I watch her in the shower and takes longer ones now because of it. She starts slowing stripping off her towel to show off all over her body to me, saying she knows I like her big tits and that they make my cock hard. She asks me to show it to her and she’s shocked to find how much I’ve “grown”. She says mommy wants to help me, and she’s about to show me how she knows best.

Part Two – Mom Knows Best – I come home late and my mom is made. She was waiting up for me all night and she starts yelling at me. She starts demanding I come over to her and then says I better not have been out with some bitch. She says since she’s in a good mood, she wants to put her mouth on my cock and see how much of a load I give her. If I don’t give her a huge load like I did the other night, she’s going to know I was lying. I can’t help but get so hard as soon as she pulls my cock out of my pants! Then she tells me she wants me to fuck her, she lays back and spreads her legs wide open, but then she says first, she wants to show me how to be a grown man..

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Mom Lends A Helping Hand

Chris has been in the hospital from a bad accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. Because of his circumstances and it being so soon after the accident, the only way he can be discharged from the hospital is he has to have someone stay with him so he agrees to stay at his mother’s home. Ever since the accident Chris has had constant erections but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot ejaculate.Synopsis Chris is laying in bed at his mother’s (Carol) house when she comes in to tell him goodnight and leaves and shuts his bedroom door. A short time later she walks by his bedroom door only to hear him yelling something like this. “fuck me, why can’t I cum?! Fuck it hurts and won’t go down!”Not suspecting Chris is talking about his cock, his mother Carol rapidly knocks on the door and walks in only to get the shock of her life when she sees is large erection. He stammers and stutters until she asks him what’s wrong? After he finally explains the problem he is having, she’s extremely nervous and hesitant and explains while it is extremely wrong, she will give him a hand job but that’s as far as she can go. She’s extremely hesitant but finally start stroking his cock but when he still can’t cum, she decides to give him a blowjob but once again explains that’s as far as she can go. As she began sucking his cock, she begins to get highly excited and opened herself up to the possibility she might have to go farther than she expected.When he still doesn’t cum, she starts to disrobe and makes him promise he can never tell a soul what she’s about to do. She then climbs on top of him and begins riding his cock with her back towards him and when he still doesn’t cum, she turns around to face him and rides his cock vigorously all the time moaning about what a fantastic cock he’s wielding whereupon he begins to play with her breasts. She might even say things like. “Oh Jesus me Chris, your cock is so much bigger than your father’s. Oh my, mommy can’t get enough of your big cock! Oh Chris, it’s like your cock was made for mommy’s pussy!”His mother gets so lost in the moment, she starts to orgasm and without warning he starts cumming inside of her. Chris begins to panic but she quickly calms him by saying something like. “Don’t worry, I think it would be fantastic to have your baby. Don’t you think it would be wonderful for mommy to have your baby? Don’t worry Chris, if you didn’t get me pregnant this time, we can keep practicing until you do.”

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Please fuck Mommy’s ass, baby!

Scene 1: Wenona is in her bedroom, admiring herself in the mirror. She?s in shape, she looks hot, and she knows it. We?re looking at her through a crack in the door. She notices movement at the doorway and glances over, and we pull back. She walks out of her room, down the hall to her son?s room, where he?s sprawled out on his bed. ?What the fuck?? she says. Her son expresses surprise. ?You know what you were doing. You were spying on me, again, you little fucking pervert!? He tries to deny it, but she says, ?look, I heard you, and here you are with that fucking hard-on.? Her nipples are hard, and there is a moment of silence as she takes in his cock in his shorts.

?What are you doing, Mom?? her son asks. ?What, you don?t like it now that the shoe is on the other foot? Well, let me see it. Take off your shorts. Mommy wants to see your cock.? He continues to resist, but Wenona merely grabs his legs and pulls them to the side of the bed. She then crawls onto her son?s legs, and undoes his shorts. Then gets off of him, sticks her tits in his face, and slides her hand under the waistband of his shorts, grabbing his cock. ?Jeezus? Did Mom do this to you? You know you?re going to have to be punished.? And she then straddles his face, forcing her crotch onto his mouth. She rubs her pussy and ass in his face, and pulls off his shorts. ?Clean Mom?s pussy and ass, Luke and I?ll suck this hard cock for you.? She makes herself cum on his face, and blows him until he cums.

Scene 2: The door opens and junior comes in. We hear Wenona call to him, and he walks into her room with a bottle of massage oil next to her. She says, ?Mom had a tough workout at the gym today, darling, and while I could have gotten a massage while I was there, I figured, why should I pay for it when I have you here to do it for me!? Her son balks, saying, ?I don?t think we should.? And she commands, ?get your ass over here to the bed and give mommy a massage, dammit!? He comes over, and starts giving her a half-hearted back rub. ?The more half-assed you do this, son, the longer I?m going to make you do it.?

He starts doing it in earnest, rubbing her legs, her back, her shoulders, sliding his hands up and down the inside of her legs and ass. She says, ?Get out of your clothes, I want you to use the full weight of your body against me.? He strips down and covers himself in oil, rubbing himself against her ? and he can?t help but start humping her from behind. She starts moaning, ?that?s it! That?s what Mom wants.? And she grabs his cock and guides it into her. Junior starts pumping Wenona, pulling himself into her hips. He stops, and starts massaging her ass cheeks, dipping his fingers between them, and full of massage oil and pussy wetness, starts fingering her ass. Wenona starts hunching back against his fingers, loving it? ?You wanna fuck this ass, Baby? You wanna fuck Mom?s ass? Then be a man and do it!? He slips his cock into her ass and starts fucking her, finally feeling powerful? He cums deep inside her.

Scene 3: Junior is on the computer when Wenona comes in. She leans against the doorway, and thinking of her son?s thick cock, starts playing with herself. She says to him, sweetly, ?Mother needs you, baby.? But Junior ignores her, since he?s now in charge, she needs him. ?Please baby!? He turns towards her, and pulls down his shorts, motioning for her to come over and start sucking. As she kneels down in front of him, he starts talking dirty to her, ?You love sucking your Son?s cock, don?t you Mom? You just can?t get enough of it!? She murmurs yes, and he pulls her off his cock, turning her onto her hands and knees, pressing her head towards the floor. He starts fucking her from behind, and she?s loving it, telling him how much she loves being her son?s fuckslut. He pulls out of her pussy and starts teasing her ass, telling her that she needs to beg him to fuck it. ?Please fuck Mom?s ass, baby!?. And he does, softly, teasingly at first, but then roughly, just the way she wants it. He finishes by painting her tongue with his cum.

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A son’s progress – Mommy’s little helper

Baby, don’t just stare at me, come help me stretch. I don’t care if you think yoga is stupid… You better watch your tone mister, I’m still your Mother… All you ever want to do is have sex and Mommy’s pussy is sore right now. Stop whining, I don’t want to have sex, I want you to work out with me… Son, stop pulling down Mommy’s pants.

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