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Sister Taking Things Too Far

Maya Bijou has a real love/hate relationship with her brother Lucas Frost. When Maya discovers that Lucas is adopted, she can’t wait to tell him. Lucas thinks it’s a prank, but his mom, Dava Foxx, winds up confirming it even though she’s distracted by the phone. That gives Lucas an idea. He’s had a crush on Maya for ages and thinks she’s super hot. Now he has the ability to act on his fantasies.

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Mom comes first

Mom comes back from a vigorous workout and asks her son for a massage. He tells her that he doesn’t really know how to give a good massage.. Mom assures her son that she will show him exactly what she needs him to do…

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After Church With My Step-Daughter

Scene One: Staying Late With Father

My wife and my daughter just got home over an hour late from being at church! Cory is wearing a blue blouse with a black skirt and Skylar is wearing a white blouse with a black skirt. “Why were you both so late?” I ask them. “We had to help the Priest clean up,” they tell me. I am a little skeptical of their story, since I just noticed that neither one of them is wearing any underwear! “It’s very strange that you just got home from church and neither one of you has any underwear on!” I exclaim. My daughter confesses to me that the priest was looking up their skirts the entire time! “He also has us unbutton our tops… and we aren’t allowed to wear bra’s to church either!”my wife admits. I am really confused as to what kind of church these two went to this morning! They both unbutton their shirts in front of me, exposing their big tits. My wife sits down on the chair and she spreads her legs while my daughter starts to lick my wife’s pussy. “This is what the priest tells us to do in front of him!” they tell me. I am truly shocked to find this out…

Scene Two: Best Way Up Is Down On Your Knees

Skylar gets down on her knees and she goes back and forth between licking her mom’s pussy and sucking my cock. “Let’s take Skylar’s shirt off!” I tell my wife. Skylar takes my cock and she puts it in between her big, natural tits. She titty fuck’s my cock while her mother gets down on her knees next to her. Skylar starts to suck my cock in the doggy style position while her mother eats her pussy out from behind. I tell my wife to take her shirt off as well, and then she goes back to eating out Skylar’s pussy and ass. “You two are certainly doing the Lord’s work!” I tell them both. “So, what else does the Priest do with you two?” I ask them. “He also sticks his hard cock inside of your daughter’s pussy!” Cory exclaims. I want to try that out next…

Scene Three: The Peter In Me

I bend my daughter over the table in the doggy style position, and my wife shoves my cock inside of Skylar’s pussy. She looks back at me while she moans. My wife stays down on her knees and she rubs her pussy while she watches me fuck my daughter. I tell Skylar to turn around and face me, so I can watch her big tits bounce up and down. I reach down and grab my daughter’s big tits while I fuck her. My wife gets up and she starts to suck on Skylar’s nipples while I continue to fuck Skylar’s pussy. I tell them to move over to the couch, where we can get more comfortable. Skylar sits down on the couch in the missionary position while I fuck her. Cory goes back to licking Skylar’s nipples while she rubs her own clit. Skylar flips over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. “We are doing the Lord’s work!” Skylar moans. “Are you two ready for my cum?” I ask them. “We are SO ready!” they exclaim. My wife and daughter move their faces next to each other and I jerk my cock off all over both of their faces and in to their mouths.

Scene Four: Alone With Daddy

Skylar calls me in to her bedroom to show me her new outfit. She is wearing a very revealing grey tank top with a tiny pink skirt and thigh high socks. “Mom is busy over at the church today! Do you want to play a game with me? The same game that I play with the Priest…” she asks me. I ask her how to play the game. She tells me that she will try to suck my cock and see how long I can last without cumming. I pull her tank top down, exposing her big tits. “This game will help wash away all of your sins!” she tells me. She bends down and she starts to suck my cock. She tells me that I need to hold all of my cum inside for as long as possible. “I will try! It might not be that easy!” I tell her. She wraps her lips around my cock and she starts to give me a blowjob. After a few minutes, she hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock with her pussy. She lies down in the missionary position and I grab her big tits while I fuck her pussy. I tell her to get in to the doggy style position next. “I can feel you becoming more pure!” she tells me. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get down on her knees and open her mouth. I jerk my cock off all over her face and in her mouth. “I am definitely getting in to Heaven now!” I exclaim.

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BI Agents Lesbian Sister Blows The Case

Agent Bunny Colby is a gorgeous blond barbie doll, with huge tits, creamy skin, and a beautiful face. She’s been recruited to her sadistic step-brother’s department in the FBI, spending most of her days avoiding Seth’s bullying and pushing paper. Bunny’s recent surveillance job of a hot hacker babe has her hot and bothered, and if she wants to advance her career and save this beautiful woman from her brother she will have to go out in the field and bring Charlotte in herself…

Stealing her brother’s gun and ID is one thing, but apprehending an outlaw is another. Charlotte is ready for visitors from the FBI, and greets Bunny with a gun and a huge strap on. Once she has Bunny undressed and handcuffed for questioning, Charlotte uses her favorite tools for information extraction, a cane, a paddle, and 14 inches of a big strap on cock in combination with an electric zapper. Bunny cries and begs, claiming she has no information, but Charlotte is having too much fun and beats Bunny’s ass red, humiliating her with a face fucking, and then finishing the interrogation with an electro fucking. To make matters worse for Bunny, the hidden FBI cams are still on and her brother sees her stripped naked and fucked like a whore. By the time Charlotte is ready to take a break, Agent Seth Gamble is waiting to ambush her outside of her warehouse. He immediately begins questioning, but Charlotte just teases him about how great a fuck his little sister is. Seth doesn’t like to be embarrassed, and immediately tears her clothes off and starts slapping her around and shoving his cock in her mouth. Charlotte glares up at him with her gorgeous eyes and refuses any information on her client list, driving Seth to bring her inside for further questioning with his sister. Bunny is completely naked, tied uptight, and relieved to see her brother until she realizes he is angry at her for blowing his case and is about to teach her lesson. He handcuffs Charlotte and shoves her face into Bunny’s pussy, proceeding to cane, electro zap, and fuck her ass in order to get some answers. When Bunny’s protests grow to insistent, he grows even more fed up and comes around to shut her up with some fingers in her nagging cunt, then circles back around to enjoy some more brutal anal with Charlotte while enjoying his sister’s shocked face. He enjoys that pussy and shocked face so much, he hangs Charlotte upside down for questioning with electric pads and ties his hot sister up doggy style so he can fuck her pretty pussy while he questions the hacker with nipple clamps, a vibrator, and heavy electro insertables in her stubborn ass. Fed up with a lack of information and cooperation, he tells both ladies the only way one of them will survive is to impress him with some serious sexual service. Whoever makes him cum first will be kept safe, the other turned in. The resulting anal fisting, ATM, and sexual threesome for survival are truly desperate and hot.

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When super horny teen Natalie Porkman gets home from a party, she is horny and looking for cock. While her stepbrother uses the bathroom, she rubs her cunt on a pillow in his bedroom and gets her rocks off! Later, her brother reveals that he filmed her masturbating. He wants to have some sensual fun with her, so he plunges his cock into her tight slit. A couple days later, Natalie is bent over on the floor when her stepbrother comes in and squeezes her ass. Her pussy gets soaking wet, so she lets him fuck her doggystyle and cover her face in semen.

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My StepDaughter Loves To Tease And Please

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Lovely MILF Edyn Blair gets lonely when her man works nights, so its not a surprise when her stepson catches her rubbing her clit up against a pillow. To satisfy her need for companionship, she wraps her lips around his dick and swallows his man goo. Later, Edyn makes breakfast for her man while he is off fucking his assistant! She gets super jealous, so she spreads her legs for her stepson in the kitchen. He gives her a sticky creampie to top off the action! A couple days later, Edyn Blair seduces her boy in sexy workout clothes. He drills her MILF cunt one more time and fills her up with sperm.

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Beach Changing Room With My StepMom

Today when me and my stepmom Cory got into the beach changing room we followed our routine. the beach was packed as usual so we just decided to change together. i pretended to cover my eyes while cory got changed and of course i watched the whole thing, her body is so perfect. she told me she was all changed, she turned around and told me to get my trunks on. like normal u made sure my dick was hard and told her i was having the same problem as before. i asked her if she had the lotion and if she could help me like she did last week. she said she would but she left the lotion at home, i acted panicked and asked what i was suppose to do. i couldn’t fit my hard dick in my shorts and could jerk off without lube without hurting myself. we heard people yelling from outside the changing room telling us to hurry. Cory looked thoughtful for a second then once again swore me to silence, after that she told med she would use her mouth if i wanted. i agreed then she dropped to her knees and started giving me the best head id ever had. after a couple minutes i was still holding back from cumming because i wanted to have just a little more fun. i told cory i was trying to finish really hard and asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking her top off to help, she agreed and i got to cum in my hot topless stepmoms mouth at a public beach.

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Christie Stevens is lonely and horny. Her husband is away on business so she decides to rub one out on video chat for him, but her stepson accidentally walks in! They’re both shocked at first but he accidentally reveals he think she’s a hottie and she’s so turned on from her video chat that she can’t help it, she pulls out his fat cock and starts sucking! She hasn’t had a big young cock in ages and she enjoys every wild taboo moment of it. Hopefully dad never finds out!

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