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After returning home from an evening out, Mom and dad couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the night together in bed, dressing up for the occasion ready to get real kinky together. They quietly checked on their son to make sure he was s leep ing as they passed his room. Soon after, Mom starts sucking on dads cock she looks up and notices their son watching from the door with his hard cock in his hand jerking off his meaty boner while watching mommy and dad playing. Mom loves the sight and lets him in on the fun.

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Mother comes home from a late night party while son helps her to her bed, she complaints about how boring and shitty the party was and that her friends all brag and go on about their husbands and what a good life they have always the same thing. She gets upset and moans about her head and that she’s incredibly d r u n k so d r u nk she has no clue what the hell is going on most of the time and p a ss es out for a few seconds and than recovers again, she keeps talking about the party and her headache, she asks her son if he can take off her high heels and party dress thats way too tight so that she can go to s lee p. But she p ass es out again on the bed and lays back exposing her neatly trimmed hairy pussy to her son. Her fleshy pink lips are showing through the hair of her milf cunt and her legs are now spread open wide, a perfect invitation for her perverted son to take advantage of his slutty mother and shove his big hard wet cock in mommies every hole. he starts by touching her breasts, groping her legs and slowly working his way up to her delicious pussy where he takes the time to stimulate with his hands and fingers till she’s nice and wet so that when he goes down on his mother he can get to taste what mothers horny pussy juice is like.

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Part 2 of 3, Rachel found her husband had been unfaithful, devastated she turned to her son for advice. Michael insisted his mother stay with him and not a hotel. Upon arrival , Rachel’s emotions had peaked she was flustered and in shock. After settling in to her sons tiny efficiency apartment and some consoling it was bed time. Michael rested on the couch so Rachel could have the bed. Rachel in her rush to leave home didnt pack any PJ’s. she tip toed out wearing black lace panties and bra. Michael appeared to be fast resting under the covers. He woke when he heard Rachel masturbating with a toy she did pack. he had never seen her in this way and became erect immediately. Michael hated his father and saw this as an opportunity to finally claim his mother for his own.

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A smoking hot mom is lying in a hotel bed and ready to get some rest. In comes her 21 year old son who is upset that he has to share a bed with his mother. She tells him they are lucky to even get a room and that they will just have to deal with only having one bed.

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Makayla’s son’s friend Ricky shows up unexpectedly and when Makayla answers the door he just walks in. Makayly is more than a little annoyed, but when Ricky confronts her that he knows she has been having an affair with the neighbor she starts to panic. Ricky doesn’t want to ruin her life though, he just wants to know what it is like to be with a MILF

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Skye Blue needs some help practicing her lines for an upcoming scene for an upcoming movie she’s got a part in. She asks her stepbrother Tony to get his friend to give her a hand. Tony’s friend bails, so Tony reluctantly offers to help. Skye is a little hesitant since the scene involves nudity, but Tony points out that they’re not related and she needs to be comfortable showing off her body. Skye eventually strips, surprising Tony with her big boobs and hot body…

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So me, my best friend, my sister, and her best friend decided to go to Mardi Gras at the last minute. Needless to say it was a total blast that I will never ever forget. So on the third night when we were in New Orleans, my sister, Skylar, and me got separated from our friends. We were all completely trashed and had been drinking Hurricane’s and Yard Sticks since early morning that day. Well once the main parade ended and we couldn’t find our friends, me and my sister decided to head back to our Airnb. We took an Uber to the house we had rented and when we were in the car my sister kept flashing her tits at everyone for more beads. Skylar even flashed our driver and let him touch them in exchange for some stupid Mardi Gras head piece he had hanging in his rear-view mirror. Normally I’m not so perverted or maybe it was the atmosphere, but my sister’s titties looked incredible. I mean she had better tits then anybody I had seen over the 3 day span we were in New Orleans. I guess Skylar could tell how much I wanted to touch them by the way I had been staring at them all night, because when we got back to the house and stumbled into the living room things got weird. Not a bad weird, but a good weird. You see my sister started to tease me and next thing you know she unzipped her shirt and popped out her humongous breasts. Skylar then commanded me to touch them and play with them. At first, I didn’t want to because I knew it was wrong. But when she grabbed my hands and placed them on her bare tits I couldn’t control myself anymore. I began to worship them and fondle them. After that it was a total blur and we proceed to fuck each others brains out. She must of cum on my cock a half a dozen times. Once I was ready Skylar made me shoot my load deep inside her tight pussy. When we were finished fucking, we promised not to tell anyone, especially our best friends. We decided to keep it our little Mardi Gras secret. Can I just tell you that I can’t freaking wait to come back again next year. Mardi Gras Rules!

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My step-mom calls me in to her bedroom and I notice that she’s dressed in some tiny lingerie! She tell me how my dad has been leaving her alone so often lately and she is really horny! She tells me that she wants to have some fun with me, as long as I promise to keep it a secret! She pulls off her bra and tells me that I can feel her natural tits if I want. She gets in to the doggy style position on the bed and she twerks her ass in my face! She tells me to grab her ass cheeks so I do as I am told. My mom notices me getting hard in my pants so she offers to help take care of that for me. She pulls my hard cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. She keeps licking my cock up and down and then she puts the whole thing in her mouth! She keeps sucking my cock until I cum in her mouth. She swallows it all for me…

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