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Stepdad Gives Me The Talk

When stepdad Filthy Rich realizes that his stepdaughter Leia Rae is at the age when she should be getting the talk about the birds and the bees, he decides to teach her the perfect way to give a handjob, which would prevent her from getting pregnant. Leia is reluctant at first, but soon enough, with stepdad as her teacher, she’ll be wanting to be learning it all.

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So Johnny went home to his girlfriend’s house for the Christmas break. It was Xmas Eve and Kali’s step-dad insisted that Johnny rest on the couch instead of in Kali’s room. Johnny said good night to Kali then pulled the covers over himself and tried to rest. A few minutes later Kali’s Step-Mom, Casca walked into the room in a sexy nightgown and woke up Johnny, she then proceeded to try and seduce Johnny. At first Johnny tried to stop her, but her tits were so huge and he couldn’t resist touching them. Casca started blowing him then he went down on her and ate her box, after a few minutes Casca started to orgasm on Johnny’s face and she made some loud noises.

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A new stepsibling isn’t an easy thing to adjust to. Especially one so precocious as your new stepsister Meana. It was bad enough that her and my stepmom were sexy as hell. You’d jerked it repeatedly to the sudden presence of tits and ass around the house. But now your stepparents are fucking loudly in the other room and It was too much to bare. Meana noticed it too. Its not like this isn’t equally exciting for her. She’s a young women living with a new stepdad and stepbrother. It’s only natural for naughty things to happen in the night. She asks: “Would you fuck your new stepmom?” And you have to admit you like the idea. So she suggests the most twisted bet you’ve ever heard… fuck each your stepparents. The first stepsibling to have sex wins. But for now, you’re both so horny, you’ll settle for fucking each other first.

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After stepsister Alex Blake confronts her stepbrother about being a player with all of her friends, she’s determined to figure out why everybody wants to get in his pants. The mystery gets solved the next morning when Alex walks in on her brother playing with himself.

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Sitting On Santa’s Lap – Family Group Porn

Silvia Saige has just stepped out of the shower and is taking the time to check herself out in the mirror when her husband, Dalton Lee, comes by. He is supposed to go to work with his Santa suit, but he can’t resist his bigtit hot wife. Dropping the suit to the ground, Dalton guides Silvia to bed where he goes to town feasting on that creamy pussy. Little do Silvia and Dalton know, but their adopted daughter Nikole Nash, who has had a thing for daddy for a long time, gets an eyeful of their antics and likes what she’s seeing. Nikole takes off when she hears her stepbrother coming. Dalton’s son Kyle Mason also sees his parents doing the dirty and he uses that opportunity to sneak in and borrow the Santa suit.

Later that evening, Kyle sets himself up in the Santa suit in the living room and waits to see what will happen. He doesn’t have to wait long before Nikole sees him while she’s getting a glass of water. She sees her opportunity to seduce what she thinks is her adopted papa. Pulling Kyle’s dick out of the suit, she sucks him to her heart’s content and then climbs into his lap for a stiffie ride. Nikole figures out that it’s Kyle she’s riding right before Silvia comes on in. Nikole barely has time to hide before Silvia, thinking that Santa is really Dalton, gets naked and sits down on the D in reverse cowgirl. Nikole isn’t about to watch her mom having all the fun, so she reveals herself and points out that mommy is fucking her stepson.

The girls keep their argument up until Kyle loses patience and points out that the season is all about giving. That’s convincing enough. Silvia and Nikole decide to work together for everyone’s pleasure. They start with a blowjob that lets them take turns sucking shaft and balls. Then Silvia gets on her knees on the chair so she can lap away at Niko’s twat while Kyle fucks mama from behind. Silvia gets a chance to ride Nikole’s face as Kyle banks his sis. Then Kyle lays down and Nikole goes for a stiffie ride while Silvia rides her stepson’s mouth. Finally sated with their Christmas delight, the girls once again work together to deliver sloppy BJs until Kyle nuts in Nikole’s mouth. Kyle’s jizz trickles down his sister’s chin as his stepmom licks his dick clean.

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