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Ok” Anabelle says hanging up the phone. Her boyfriend just told her that he’s been seeing another girl. Anabelle is crushed and calls her dad to her. Her father is a famous More »

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Nasty Taboo Comic

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Family Therapy Adalind Gray

I’m Bored! Let’s do something. I keep trying to get you to workout with me or do activities and you just keep acting like a lazy bum. You’re my big step-brother you’re supposed to be teaching me things and hanging out with me… Actually I have an idea. Let’s wrestle. Yeah, right now….

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Moving in With My Stepmom

1. Good Morning Sex
“Are you awake?” my step-mom, Nikki, asks me as she opens my bedroom door. She is wearing a white, tight dress and she asks me if I have time to have some fun with her before I leave for class today. “How about we play a game called ‘I show you mine and you show me yours?’” she asks me. She lifts her dress up and she starts to play with her pussy in front of me. I pull my cock out and I start to jerk my cock off while I watch her touch herself. She pulls a huge stack of cash out from inside of her dress and she starts to count it on my bed. She drops the money all over her body while I am still jerking my cock off. She crawls over to me and she starts to suck my cock for me. She pulls her big tits out from under her dress and then she hops on top of me. She slips my cock inside of her pussy and she starts to bounce up and down on my cock in the cowgirl position. She cums on my cock and then I cum deep inside of her pussy right after.

2. Stuck In New Chair
“This is amazing!” Nikki says, as she stares at our new chair. It’s white and modern and she’s not entirely sure of how she’s supposed to sit in it. She moves her body around in the chair and she ends up getting stuck inside of the new chair! I walk in to the room at the perfect time and I walk over to try and help pull her out. I end up pulling her clothes off of her instead! I can feel my cock getting hard, so I pull my cock out and I shove my cock inside of Nikki’s pussy in the doggy style position. I keep fucking her pussy and she seems to be enoying it! I’m trying to fuck her so hard that she gets unstuck from the chair! Her moans get louder and she tells me that I’m doing a really good job. “A little harder and deeper now, honey!” she tells me. I keep fucking my step-mom’s pussy until I get close to cumming. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I put it in her mouth. She sucks my cock until I cum in her mouth. She swallows every drop of my cum! Afterwards, she slides herself out of the chair…

3. Stuck in the Couch

4. Bikini Threesome

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Wild Niece want to fuck you

After running away from her strict parents, Alita Lee decides to stay with her step aunt and step uncle Skylar Snow and Tommy Gunn. When Alita realizes that they won’t let her see her boyfriend either, she looks to satisfy her urges with uncle Tommy. Aunt Skylar catches them, and a big punishment session ensues.

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Special Trip With Stepmom

Sam Bourne walks in on his stepmom Clea Gaultier as she’s eating ice cream in her room and tells her that he has won tickets for a trip to France and he wants them both to go! Clea says she can’t because she’s feeling too depressed, but Sam ends up convincing her and they both have the best time on the trip, especially at the hotel room.

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My Step Sister Played the Game until my Cock

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Gave my StepSister Play with my Cock

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Brother Play Me Like Your Piano

When Johnny is in his music room trying to come up with a beat, stepsister Vivian Taylor asks him if he can teach her how to play piano, but Johnny just wants to be left alone. Vivian begs her stepbro, but he says if she wants to hang out in his man cave she must first be initiated, and the process is rather naughty. Vivian is unsure at first, but she can’t really afford music lessons so she gives in and let’s Johnny play a little something with her body.

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Aunt`s Sex Twerker

Serena Santos stars in our newest episode of “Sex Twerker”. She speaks to the viewer in Spanish about her experience in sex work, and then she shows you how she’s been so successful in sex work.

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Step Sister Finds A Pot Of Gold And Brother Dick

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than a lingerie party and candy hunt? Haley Reed knows that her mom can’t be there for this tradition, so she invites her friend Vina Sky to take part. Haley’s stepbrother, AJ, can’t help but peep on the girls as they get ready. They give AJ some lip, but Vina is secretly super into it. Her words may be rude, but her body language is all yes…

Later, when the girls are decked out in their festive green lingerie, they go into the living room to hunt for candy. AJ is there waiting for them, and Vina doesn’t waste another moment. Bending over allegedly in search of sweets, she wiggles her ass to invite AJ to come play. They wait until Haley’s back is turned, and then AJ sticks it in and starts fucking Vina from behind while Haley continues her search, oblivious. They manage to hide what they’re doing from Haley until she kneels beside Vina and starts eating some of the candy she has found. AJ takes that opportunity to stick it into his stepsis, and after her initial shock Haley decides she likes it.

The girls are great friends, so it’s no surprise they share AJ so well. They work together to deliver a double BJ as they slink out of their lingerie. Then Vina takes a stiffie ride as Haley cups her BFF’s boobs and pinches her nipples. Haley gets the next ride, with Vina behind her giving back everything Haley gave her. Then Vina gets on her knees so she can eat Haley out while AJ fucks her from behind. The girls swap spots once again, with Haley taking AJ’s cock in doggy while feasting on Vina’s snatch as Vina kneels before her. Turning around and sliding underneath Haley’s kneeling position, Vina gets into just the right place for AJ to pull out of his stepsis and deliver a hot load onto Vina’s waiting face. This is the best lingerie party the girls have ever had!

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Family Therapy Industries

Recently unemployed Allen Adams walks into the family business for a job interview….

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