My Daughter want to sleep with Me

Carly is terrified of Thunder Storms. Whenever there is a storm, she always bunks with somebody else in the Family….for comfort. Tonight….Mom is away….and the only one that Carly can sleep with is….Daddy!! It quickly becomes apparent why Dads and Daughters should NOT sleep together!! Carly is very scantily clad….and, as Dad is reading in bed….it doesn’t take long before he develops a massive erection!! Carly feels guilty about having “caused” Daddy’s big erection…so she offers to help him get rid of it!!! Dad licks, and Fucks his hard bodied young Daughter…and ultimately uses her as a cum dumpster!!

File size: 787MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:13:02
File type: AVI


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