Mom Installs Hidden Cam

So yeah, my wife thought I was fucking someone, so she installed a hidden camera. This is pretty old footage, and it’s the footage that ruined my life, but fuck it, might as well let you guys see. My tiny daughter, I’ve always called her “Kitten”, has been a Daddy’s girl forever. We’ve always had a special relationship, but we became really, weirdly close as she got older. For a long time, every time her mother was gone, she’d come and want to cuddle, and then it escalated until she was pretty much walking around with Daddy’s cum inside her almost every day. Well, I got caught, and have since been divorced and lost everything… fuck. – Kitten Charmer – hidden cam, voyeur, petite, emo, goth, old/young, 18

File size: 88MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:14:40
File type: MP4


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