After visiting a girlfriend who just had a baby….Victoria has “baby fever”! She desperately wants one of her own. She goes to tell her Brother Richie about the baby….and shares her desperation with him “I don’t want to wait until I’m old, like Mom…..she had me when she was like 37…I want to have a baby NOW…while I’m young…I can feel my biological clock ticking….”. Richie laughs at his Sister, and tells her that she is too young to have her biological clock ticking…and besides….she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Victoria has an idea….”Richie, why don’t you knock me up….we will never tell anyone…I’ll just say I had a one night stand with a stranger….please please Richie….the baby would be super cute if you knocked me up!!!”. Richie is not on board with the idea….so Victoria springs into action!!! She takes her shirt off…and begins to rub Richie’s penis through his trousers….and next thing you know….Richie is ok with Fucking his own Sister….AND Knocking her up!! Victoria climbs on her Brother and Fucks him…but after a while Victoria realizes they should change positions…”Richie if you cum while I’m on top….all the baby makers will fall out….you should get on top of me…and cum inside me that way”. Richie obeys his little Sister and pumps away at her missionary style until he unloads deep inside her. Victoriafeverishly shoves any semen that leaked out onto her thighs back inside her vagina….and squeals with delight as she proclaims “I’m off to do a pregnancy test!!!”.

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