I Want Boobs Like Step Mom

I walk in to the kitchen to find my daughter looking on a plastic surgery website. “I want big fake tits like mom has!” she cries. “You were born with the perfect set of boobs! You don’t need them! Maybe when you get to be your mom’s age, then you can get them,” I tell her. She unties her shirt, exposing her natural, perky tits to me. “Look at them! They’re not big enough!” she exclaims. “No, they are perfect. You really don’t need fake tits,” I remind her. I keep touching her tits and my cock starts to get hard in my pants. I pull my cock out and she gets down on her knees and she rubs her nipple on the tip of my cock. I tell her how much I liked the “Just The Tip” game we played yesterday. “Let’s play again! You can watch me lose again!” I tell her. She spreads her legs in the kitchen chair and I shove the tip of my cock inside of her again. Moments later, I shove my entire cock inside of her pussy. “You lose so easily… but you’re so good at fucking me!” she giggles. She turns over in to the doggy style position in the chair, so I can fuck her pussy from behind now. “I’m so wet!” she exclaims. I accidentally cum inside of her again, and she nervously jumps up! “You need to stop cumming inside of me, daddy!!” she scolds me. “I can’t help it! I haven’t fucked a pussy as tight as yours in so long!” I tell her.

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:09:43
Size: 133 Mb

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