I Can Take Moms Place

I’m sleeping on the couch and my daughter, Tiffany, comes in and wakes me up. She asks if me and her mom are fighting again and that she’s a total bitch. She says she doesn’t know why she doesn’t treat me better, and that I deserve someone who doesn’t make me sleep on the couch in my own house. Than she says she can probably do a good job doing what she does, if not better.. and she wants to show me.

I just got out of the shower and Tiffany’s laying in my bed naked and barely under the sheets. She says it’s exactly what it looks like. When I go to grab my clothes she says no, don’t get dressed. She says she knows we said what we did the other night was only one time, but her mom’s still a bitch, and she is going to give me more than she ever has.

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