Having Daddy’s Baby

Stephie’s Mom and Dad have been trying to add to t5he Family…by having another Baby…but no luck. As it turns out, Mom’s ovaries are not healthy enough for her to conceive again. After some discussions….Mom and Dad have decided that maybe Stephie could help out…by bearing the baby for them. Dad comes to have a talk with Stephie to ask for the enormous favor.
Stephie, of course, is surprised by the request…but….wanting to do what’s right for her Family, Stephie agrees to have Dad’s baby!! Stephie recently learned in health class, that the probability of conception is greatly increased, immediately following a female orgasm…so Stephie asks Daddy if he would make her cum first. Dad agrees….and Stephie takes off her pants. After a nice orgasm…Dad gets to work, pumping Stephie full of semen!!! Hopefully that did the trick…..

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