Forced by Mom to Cum Twice

My mom can be such a slut bitch. She staggers in, barely able to walk, and starts making fun of me for being home alone on a Saturday night. Right mom, I’m the lame one for not being so trashed. God, it’s like I have to be the adult around here. I finally convince her she needs to go to bed and not drink more. I walk her into her bedroom and she crawls into bed, her bare pussy and ass exposed as her too-short skirt rides up. God, mom, you’re not even wearing panties? What a pathetic old slut. She flops onto the bed p@ssed out, her tits exposed.

Not gonna lie, she’s got a decent body for such an old whore. You let everyone else use you mom, why not your son while you’re . You’re always riding me about what a loser I am, maybe it’s time I DID have a little fun. Listen how you make little sounds as I play with your pussy. You’re such a slut mom. I wonder how many cocks have been in that cunt. One more won’t matter, even if it is your son’s.

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