Daughter Stuck Behind The Couch

My step-daughter, Alice, decides to fake being stuck again so I can come fuck her again. My wife, Cory, ends up walking in to the room before I do! Cory walks over to Alice and she tries to help her get unstuck from the couch. I walk in to the room afterwards and I find Cory trying to help our step-daughter get unstuck. “Wait… Did you plan this? Why are you topless?!” Cory asks Alice. I decide to pull my cock out and help Alice get unstuck. “What are you doing?! This is our step-daughter!” my wife cries out. I keep fucking Alice in front of my wife, and I keep insisting that I am just trying to help her get unstuck! At this point, Cory now has one of her hands stuck in the couch from when she was trying to help Alice get unstuck. I tell my step-daughter to take Cory’s sports bra off, and she does what I tell her to do. “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” my wife cries out. Alice flips over in to the missionary position on the couch and I tell my wife to grab Alice’s boobs while I fuck her. I keep fucking my step-daughter while I make my wife watch us! Alice leans on Cory and we fuck on top of Cory, and she is eventually able to pull her hand out of the couch! I finally decide to fuck my wife for a little bit next, so Cory lies down and I shove my cock in her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I tell them both to get down on their knees and open their mouths wide, as I cum in their mouths!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:20:42
Size: 619 Mb

DOWNLOAD: https://fboom.me/file/e3c7e9efb5520/Husband_Fuck_Stuck_Step_Daughter.mp4

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