Daddy’s Revenge!!!

Dad is very protective of his Daughter Ariel. She has been seeing a no good thug…..with green hair….and no job. Dad has warned Ariel to stay away from this boy….but as with all girls her age….Ariel doesn’t listen to Daddy…and sees the boy behind Dad’s back. Dad catches them kissing in the Living Room…and throws the boy out of the house….Forbidding Ariel to ever see him again. Dad thinks that will do the trick….but when Dad catches the boy back….late at night….in Ariel’s bedroom….with his pants off, and his cock in Ariel’s Hand….Dad loses it!!! He screams at both of them….kicks the boy out…and tells Ariel that if she needs cock so bad…..he is going to force her to take his cock!!! Dad shoves his cock into his disobedient Daughter’s mouth, and makes her suck it. Next, Daddy mounts his hormone infused Daughter, and gives her a good Pounding! Dad finishes off by ejaculating inside Ariel’s mouth….and warns her….that in the future if she displays poor judgment in search of sex……that he will force her to take it from him again!!

File size: 719MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:10
File type: WMV


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