Daddys All Mine For The Hurricane

Dear Diary,

Last weekend Mommy was still out of town and Hurricane Irma kept her from flying home. As soon as I got the news I went in to the bedroom to tell daddy. As soon as he found out I noticed his cock getting hard which is just what I needed……. All through the storm. I pulled down Daddys pants teasingly and before long his hard cock was deep in my throat. Daddy peeled off my panties and next thing you know we were locked in a hot 69. Daddy ate me unti I came really hard which made me want even more.
I straddled his cock and rode him slowly savoring every thrust. We made love like that for a long time then Daddy took control. He pounded my tight wet pussy til he exploded all over me. I’m so glad Mommy didn’t make it so Daddy and I can do this for days!!!

File size: 681MB
Resolution: 832×480
Duration: 00:21:48
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