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No Incest, but Meana Wolf is so HOT!

We all have our inner demons… Meana’s just happens to be a soul sucking succubus who fucks the life out of her boyfriends. She doesn’t know it’s happening of course… she just wakes up naked, with lifeless young men around her and the taste of cum in her mouth. She doesn’t even know if she’s a virgin or not. As soon as she gets horny, the succubus takes over. Ready to seduce and destroy the young lad Meana has been working up the courage to get close to. You kiss and touch her… so sweet and innocent… until the beast comes for you. Your soul belongs to her… you just don’t know it yet.

Clip Contains: Meana is unaware of the danger that lies within her: A demonic succubus that destroys her boyfriends. The deep blackness in her eyes pulls you in… her sexuality draws you further. You’re helpless to resist the power of her sex as she slowly fucks the life out of you like a savage beast.

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No incest, but you gonna love this boobs!

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The Most Dangerous Game

Your a teacher who is wanted by one of her students. He becomes obsessed to the point where he breaks into your home and starts going through your panties and stockings/pantyhose drawers. He waits till you come home and hides in your bedroom. He comes out and surprises you and knocks you out with his . Your dressed in a white blouse, black pencil skirt, black pantyhose, and black pointed toe stiletto high heels. He picks you up puts you on the bed and begins exploring your body. He starts taking off your skirt and then opening your blouse exposing your black bra fondling your tits. He then starts feeling your pantyhose legs, he spreads your legs and rubs your pussy, picks up your legs so he can squeeze your ass.

You wake up and start to struggle but he points the at you. He wants you to dress up in something sexy. He picks out a red dress with white stockings like in your “First bender for the arrogant wife” video, white garter belt and a sexy white thong. He also wants you to dress in red pointed toe stiletto high heels like the ones in your “cum on my red lips” video. He wants you to wear make up. Wear it just like you did in your “fuck my face master” video with the red lips and dark eye shadow. Now that your dressed he wants you to model for him. He starts taking pictures of you and puts you in various erotic poses. He decides now to do a striptease for him. you dance sexy for him not wanting to make him angry. You strip till your in nothing but your white stockings garter belt and high heels. Now he wants a blowjob and you start sucking him good.
After awhile he then starts eating your pussy till you nice and wet. He feels up you legs since he enjoys your stockings. Once he sees your ready he starts having sex with you. He holds up your legs in the air. Then he has you go into doggy style, smacking your ass and feeling your tits from underneath. He feels like hes going to cum but wants you on top. So he tells you to get on top and ride him. Do this part just like in your “seamless pleasure II” video where your ride facing him bouncing your ass up down. You keep riding him till he cums inside in your pussy. You let it drip out of you and then he tells you to clean up his cum that dripped on him. He then has you spread your legs wide and open your pussy lips so he can see the remaining cum in your pussy, you look at him and tell him “you bastard cant believe you came inside my pussy”.

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Ugly oldfart fucking nice teen girl

I bought my pretty babygirl stepdaughter the doll house she has been wanting, which is weird she still wanted one at 18. But she is a little immature, except for that sexy body that is. She is so pretty. It’s time for me to teach her that good girls don’t get things for nothing. Teach her that good girls thank their daddy for gifts by letting them own all their holes and how good Daddy can make her feel as long as it’s our special secret.
She was nervous at first when I told her she was going to have to play a thank you game with daddy for the doll house I bought her. When I pulled my cock out she didn’t know really what to do with it. I was happy to show her. She slid the tip into her mouth, she is going to be so fun to train. Then I bent her over in front of that dollhouse so she could play with it while I stretched her tiny young pussy out with my cock. Baby girl liked having me inside her. I knew she would. Her young tight innocent ass pushing back on my cock. I have the best baby girl. She is such a good girl I had to fill her up with all my cum.

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Sexual Harassment

Scene One: IT BEGINS

Katana is waiting in the Boss’s Office. The Boss walks in, he sits on the edge of the desk in front of her, sitting with his legs open like he’s deliberately trying to make her look at his crotch. He asks her how she’s doing, tells her that he has heard great things about her. He tells her that he’s sorry but he is going to have to let her go, nothing personal but the economy is down etc.. She begins to cry and plead saying how her husband can’t find a job and her is sick that kind of thing. He walks around her and starts rubbing her shoulders and says that he might reconsider but he has to know she is a team player, she gets nervous as his hands start slipping down to her chest. She asks him to stop, he whispers, “Don’t you want to be a team player? Because that’s what I need from you if you are going to stick around.” She starts to cry silently as he unbuttons her blouse from behind, he unhooks her bra that hooks from the front and fondles her boobs. He moves around in front of her, takes her hand and guides her into pulling out his penis, masturbating him, getting up, kneeling, and giving him head. He then has her get up, take off her panties, give them to him, bend over his couch and he has sex with her from behind. When he’s finished; she bursts into tears and run out of the office holding her blouse closed.

Scene Two: MONTAGE

1) Boss is having sex with her on top of his desk. She is face up with her legs propped over his shoulders. He screws her with short, hard brutal thrusts. She is crying with her eyes and clenched together.

2) They are in the bathroom having sex up against the wall. His hand is over her mouth. Short, hard, brutal thrusts.

3) She is giving him head under his desk.

4) She is braced and bent over the break room table getting it from behind.

5) She is sitting in a chair dictating. He is standing close in front of her getting a hand job while on the phone.

Scene Three: MORE

The Boss is in his living room on the couch. The doorbell rings. He doesn’t say anything but she comes in and She strips to some music. After the song she is naked, she walks over to him, gets him hard with a lap dance, after while, she gets on top of him and has sex cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. After he cums, he tells her, “Get out whore.” and pushes her with his foot causing her to fall with the floor.


They are in her bedroom. He has her strip and then undress him. They have sex on the bed; first doggystyle and then missionary position. She is numb, silent, and unresponsive throughout, he grunts a lot, forcibly kisses her on the mouth, pulls her hair, that kind of thing. When he is finished, he says “Fucking slut” and leaves. She gets up, reaches behind her and looks at the Camera and smiles evilly.

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Breast Dream Ever

I phone a friend to discuss a man at a party who made fun of my breast size tonight. How immature he was! The call is short, as it seems I woke my girlfriend from a deep sleep, but before we hang up, I ask if she had anyone tease her before her augmentation. Seems I’m not the only one who’s been picked on for having small boobs. I decide I should sl.eep off this feeling, but before that, I examine my boobs in the mirror and brush my teeth. After, I lay my head down to sleep.

Something happens while I’m as.leep: A TRANSFORMATION! Unaware, I wake up and go check myself out in the mirror. I’m surprised, as I went from a C cup to a DDD cup! Is it my birth control? It must be! What else could it be? I hop into the shower and begin lathering my big tits with a soapy loofa. They feel more sensitive than normal…almost like I could cum by touching them. I flick and rub my erect nipples and finger my pussy until I have a hard, creamy orgasm. You can see the wetness dripping down my leg. I can only imagine what an orgasm from a cock feels like. I need to find out!

I go to get dressed, only to realize that my bra obviously won’t fit now. Oh well. Braless it is! In a tight, red dress I call up that man from the party and invite him over. He’s so surprised (and of course sexually excited) to see me go from a C to a DDD overnight! He can’t help himself. He needs to fuck me now and I WANT him to do it! I suck him off a bit before rubbing his dick between my large tits! I then crawl on top of him and ride him with my breasts out and bouncing. He’s about to cum before I do, so I quickly put my boobs back into my dress. Can’t have him climaxing before me! I need to feel what an orgasm from sex is like with my newly sensitive body.
I ride and slide up and down on his cock until I finally get “mine”. I’m tingling…something is happening… My boobs are…growing?! I lean back and admire my ginormous N cup boobs. I fall back onto the bed, euphoric. I close my eyes and when I open them again I frantically turn on the light. I then realize that it was all just a dream. I’m still the same 32C cup…how disappointing!! That had to be the BREAST dream EVER…
This video is special because it takes footage from before my breast augmentation and after. This is a true breast expansion clip!

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Answering the Babysitter Ad

Oh my gosh I just got off the phone with this couple and they said they have the perfect babysitting job for me! This money would really help me get through college. I can’t believe what I’m paying for textbooks! I really hope they give me the job. My interview is set for later today; I’m so nervous!

…This couple seems genuinely excited to have me in their home, but I notice there aren’t any toys or anything around. I wonder where they are. What do they have in mind? Wow, she’s so pretty. Her husband is such a catch, too. I hope I can impress them.

…What does she mean they don’t have k!ds? What do they need a babysitter for? This is getting weird. Wait, they want me to stay with them!? Wow they’re offering to pay for my whole tuition. I don’t know if I can do it. Isn’t this wrong? I guess there’s no better time to experiment… I’m young! I need to have some fun. They say they will teach me everything I need to know!

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Daughter make footjob and blowjob for Father

Father Chad has come for his regular, weekly visit with young, Catholic School Girl, Alice. Usually, Father Chad hears Confession from Alice….but this week, in an ironic twist…..Father Chad tells young Alice that he has a Confession for her!! The young girl is all ears as she asks the Priest what his Confession is!! Father Chad confides to Alice that…..lately….he has been getting very aroused by young girls’ feet!!! Father Chad tells her that his new interest…..a “fetish” he believes it is called….is somewhat awkward to discuss with Alice….particularly since…..her feet are….in his words….”not covered up”! Alice is very sympathetic with Father Chad…..and she is also somewhat flattered that her feet may, in fact, be stimulating to him. Alice tells Father Chad that a “foot fetish” is completely normal…that she knows boys who have one….and she asks Father Chad if he would like to kiss her feet. The embarrassed Priest admits that yes…..he would VERY much like to kiss her feet. Father Chad begins to kiss Alice’s feet….and it is apparent to her that he REALLY likes girl feet….as he devours her precious feet….sucking each toe carefully. “Wow!!!!….you really DO like feet Father Chad” she says. Alice asks Father Chad if he would like her to use her feet on him to induce an orgasm….and at first, Father Chad is reluctant to give in to “sins of the flesh”…but young Alice reminds him, that as long as they do not engage in “vaginal intercourse”…he will not have broken his “Vow of Chastity”. Father Chad agrees….and Alice begins to give the Father a Footjob!!! Father Chad loves the way Alice’s soft, young feet feel, as they stroke his cock. Wanting to please Father Chad….Alice holds the base of his cock with her feet…and Sucks him Off!!! Father Chad unloads a MASSIVE CUMBLAST inside Alice’s young mouth!!!

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Wife Wants Your Brother

I have a suprise for you tonight! A big surprise. Gosh look at you! I don’t even know if I should tell you now. It looks like the suspense is getting to you.
I went out and bought some nice lingerie. Do you like it? Well, that’s not the surprise, and I didn’t buy it with you in mind so don’t get your hopes up. Do you remember when we got married? You promised me that I could do whatever I want… with other men. I know, I havn’t really rested you on your promise to me. But I’ve really been wanting to, and have finally decided, tonight is the perfect night.
Can you guess who I invited over tonight? I bet you will never guess. You look so fucking nervous and you should be. Tonight…I invited over… your brother! Yes! Stop it, quit whining. You said any guy and this is the one I want. No. Quit Complaining! You don’t get any say in this and my decision is final. Maybe if you had pleased me better I wouldn’t want your brother so badly.
Do you know what I want to do with him? I’m gonna sit your brother down this evening. I’m going to unzip his pants, and I’m going to give him the best head he has ever had. I’m going to suck him like I’ve never sucked you. I’m going to lick up and down his shaft and milk every last drop of cum out of him. Do you want to know the best part? I’m going to make you watch. You’re going to sit there and listen to me moan with his cock in my mouth. He is going to get everything you’ve always wanted from me and you’re going to get nothing.
I’m going to record everything I’m going to do. Whenever you forget your place, I’m going to make you relive every last moment of pleasure I give to your brother tonight. He is going to enjoy my mouth so much while you just sit there and stare. Now go in the living room and sit down. He will be here soon and I don’t want another word out of you.
Video Includes: HD deep throat, blowjob, cuckhold, hotwife, husband watching, gagging, cum in mouth, spit fetish, braces, eye contact, tits, messy, petite, brunette, cock sucking, tongue ring, dirty talk, princess leia, porn

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In the Office

Scene One: I need this job

Just divorced from her husband and now a single mom Krissy really needs a job. When an old friend tells her about a position at her company Krissy Lynn jumps at the opportunity. With no prior experience required and a 6 figure salary it almost seems too good to be true. “Why don’t you show her what her job entails” He says to Ms. Chase. Krissy looks on in horror and shame as Ms. Chase gets to her knees and sucks off her boss. “If you want the job stand up” Ms. Chase tells her. Half paralyzed with fear Krissy stands up and is humiliated by her friend slipping off her panties, exposing herself to everyone in the room. Her legs are spread and her tits groped by the powerful man offering her a huge salary and a huge cock. He fucks her from behind and takes away her dignity and pride. As he presses his cock against her virgin ass she screams. “No you can’t put it in my ass!” and runs out of the room, unable to keep going even for the amazing job.

Scene Two: Ms. Chase offers her ass

Luckily Ms. Chase is still there to meet her bosses needs. She happily sucks her boss hard again and more than makes up for her friends failure. Bending over the counter she gasps as his big cock presses into her hot ass. A slap of punishment on her ass and he fucks her. “That’s it master, use my tight ass.” She moans. Throwing her to the couch he fucks her like the slutty sex secretary she is. Shoving his dirty cock into her mouth and making her taste him and lube him up for more ass fucking fun. Ms. Chase has no shame anymore, doing exactly what her master wants of her until he shoots his big load into her welcoming mouth. Her duties over Cory goes to comfort her crying friend. “I needed this job. Fuck!” Krissy Lynn cries. Cory explains that she can have the job if she wants it, she just needs to put in more effort.

Scene Three: The Accountant

Putting aside her pride for her , Krissy takes the job and walks into her bosses office with her first accounting report. He makes her bend over the desk and read it to him. She tries not to whimper as he pulls up her skirt and slides down her panties. As she reads his hands slide up and down her exposed pussy making her gasp as she speaks. “Just fuck me already!’ She yells. He pushes her to the couch and grabs her big tits as his dick plunges into her. He makes her keep reading as he uses her tight milf body. He even lets her touch herself and cum on his big cock. “Thank you” She moans and he shoots a big load over her hairy pussy. “Go get cleaned up” He says, sending her back to work. “Thank you master” She replies.

Scene Four: Holiday Party

She’s been working there for a few weeks now and the pay checks have started rolling in. At the office Christmas party she walks into her bosses empty office and remembers fondly the rough fuck she got. Just then her boss walks into the room. “I wasn’t snooping, I promise master” She tells him. “Can you please do it to me again?” She asks, getting to her knees and telling him how bad she wants to be fucked. She takes out his cock and hungrily sucks on it, transformed into the perfect office slut. Looking up at him she spreads her legs and lets him use her hot horny body until she’s cumming like a whore. “Thank you master” She moans, her earrings jangling and bouncing as he fucks her. “Cum on my ass master” She begs him and feels the hot load cover her. He slaps her on the ass and tells her to get out of his office.

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