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Ivy Aura – Dorm Room Timestop

Ivy and the dorm room security officer Miles are having a chat about their college experience, Ivy is just starting out and Miles is working on his doctorate. Classes are tough, partying is fun, just the usual trappings of college. Miles picks up a discarded watch, something left over from a party last week. As he plays with it time magically comes to a full stop.

He waves his hand in from of Ivys face, getting no response. He unfreezes her and the conversation returns to normal, as if time had never stopped. He tests the watch a few more times until he is satisfied is works correctly. He pretends he is leaving before freezing Ivy one last time. He quickly strips, his cock rock hard, his hands positioning Ivy onto the floor opening her mouth.

He slowly fucks her mouth, guiding his cock down her throat, pushing her head forward. Hes ready, but he must make sure she is too. He gets on his knees and eats out Ivys tight, shaved pussy, getting her nice and wet. He fucks her frozen body, hoping time will not restart on its own. He flips her on top of him as she rides him, his hands guiding her up and down on his cock.

He picks up her up off the ground and fucks her in midair, his strength keeping her pussy locked onto him. He lays her back on the couch where he shoots a massive load across her stomach. He quickly cleans himself up, and gets dressed. He dresses her as well, putting her back to normal. He taps the timestop watch and Ivy returns to normal, bidding her farewell.

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Building Up Your Focus

Victoria June comes down hard on Ike Diezel when she finds out how poorly he is doing in school. His grades are awful, and he’s stopped showing up most of the time. Victoria learns that he may be distracted by a recent heartbreak and wants to help Ike get his focus up. But that’s not the only thing she’s getting up. After one session, Victoria and Ike start fucking on the regular. It proves to be quite successful, and Ike begins doing much better in his classes.

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I Mesmerized & Cocked the New Office

So Vinny and me were sitting at the office bored again. Luckily our asshole boss had his step-daughter, Gabbie Carter, come in to Intern for the semester while she takes online classes for college. Did I mention she has the nicest tits I’ve ever seen on a teen. She’s a total Bitch and would never give me the time of day though. Trust me, I know Because I’ve asked her out like thirty times. But yesterday was different. That’s because Vinnie had a special micro chip that turns people into robots. Watch as Vinny and Me turn Gabbie in a mindless robot. That’s when the fun begins and I get to finally have my way with her. Vinny & I mesmerize her and take control of her mind. I have her pull out her tits, then play with them. After that I motorboat her and worship those titties. She titty fucked me and jerked me off with her feet. I ate her pussy and her ass. After that I fucked her and had her suck me off again. Once I was ready to bust I shot my load deep down her throat and made her swallow my load. A minute later I had her get dressed and I told her that when she came to she was going to have a massive crush on me and actually ask me on a date. Then Vinny turned off the micro chip. Gabbie had no idea what happened, then she asked me on a date. This micro chip rocks.

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My Creepy Roommate fuck

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Model Sister ”miss Tajikistan 2020”

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Bailey Base & Crystal Rush – Girlfriends in Paradise

After getting out of the pool your two perfect girlfriends want to play with you…

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You Do the Fucking

Impregnating Your Therapist
You and your wife are trying to get pregnant but you’re having intimacy issues. You seek out a therapist to help you. The therapist explains that she will put you in a trance & implant a trigger word. You’ll then go home & tell your wife this trigger word, and she’ll use it anytime she wants to have sex with you. It will create an overwhelming desire within you to impregnate. You sit back & relax, the therapist uses a crystal to bring you under. But instead of getting sleepy, you notice the therapist is getting sleepy. Then her head drops. You’re unsure what to do at first, and you don’t know how this trance stuff works, but you figure if the trigger word put her to sleep it will wake her up. You snap your fingers & say the trigger word. She wakes up. But then things get a little weird from there.

Sex Slave
You’ve been such a loyal slave that I think it’s time for you to get a promotion. You have a nice cock, and though I’ve beaten & abused it, that’s not what I have planned today. I want you to be my new sex slave. Do you think you can handle the position? I know it’s intimidating, but if you do well, you can become my new fuck doll. Of course you’re not allowed to cum. You’ll be locked up in chastity, and taken out only for my use.

Accountant Gone Wild
You take your taxes into an accountant on April 15th & she’s very obviously upset about how many people are bringing her their taxes at the very last minute. She lectures you about how irresponsible it is. Then she starts looking through the files you brought her & her attitude begins to change. She looks confused. “Did you prepare this yourself? All these spreadsheets… you did them?” She starts breathing a little more heavily. “All these calculations. It’s absolutely perfect! I wish all my clients were as good as you.” She says maybe you should come work for her, then she takes off her blazer. You can’t believe what you’re seeing. She’s turned on. She shakes out her hair. “I know it seems crazy but I’m kind of a Type A & I just… LOVE… an organized man. It’s so hot.” She starts stripping off her clothes piece by piece, talking about how she needs to have some fun.

An Hour with an Escort
This is your first experience with an escort & you’re so nervous that you can barely maintain a hard-on. She’s so nice about it, and she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, but you just can’t perform. She patiently uses her hand to stimulate you & gives you a blowjob, but she can’t have sex with you until you’re fully hard. When she mentions that you only have 15 minutes left, the pressure of the time crunch causes your cock to become fully hard. She gets on top & rides you, and you almost cum right away, but she encourages you to wait & take your time.

Goth Girl Titfuck & Backstage Bang
Custom (no name): You’re at a metal concert & the crowd is going crazy. You notice this hot girl about to get trampled. So you rescue her.
Begin scene: You lead her backstage to get her out of harm’s way. She wants to thank you for rescuing her, so she shows you her tits. You try to grab them, but she slaps your hand away. She puts on a little show for you, but then she decides that since you like her breasts so much she’ll let you touch them. Things get hot & heavy, and she pulls off your pants.

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Nasty wife!

I came home from work only to find my wife Addie, in the shower with another man. She tells me this is her way at getting back at me for cheating on her. Addie already had his dick deep inside her when she tells me to shut up and watch as she takes it. I had no other choice but to sit there as my wife gets stuffed with this stud’s big huge cock in my home. To top it off Addie drops to her knees and lets him cum all over her face.

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Babysitter Creampie Seduction

You know better, but fantasizing and jerking off to your babysitter Meana is all you that keeps you going these days. You try to initiate sex with your wife, but after you had your son, she just doesn’t care for it anymore…. And her body just isn’t the same. You know it’s cliche, but you love how your babysitter fawns over and compliments you all the time. She’s a young woman after all and she’s learning how to control men sexually. She doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet…she’s shy and a little awkward sometimes. But you love that about her. You love her innocence. You’ve even touched her a couple times… just ‘accidentally’ of course. And each time you do you know her little pussy gets wet. Whenever you drive her home, you always pull over somewhere to jerk off after while you look at her pictures on facebook.

Tonight was date night with the wife. Maybe you two had a little too much to drink at dinner, because you don’t remember getting home. You wake up with your pants around your ankles and a hand on your cock. FINALLY…. Your wife obviously wants to fuck. But as your eyes get clearer you realize that it’s the babysitter. She giggles. Apparently your wife is completely blackout comatose in your sons room. She says, “I think you guys had a little too much wine because you both just came home and forgot about me”. You push her off…. But you don’t want too. You want her to keep going. She doesn’t seem so shy and awkward now. You can’t fucking help it. The sexual tension between you two has been building for years. She says, “If I were your wife I’d fuck you every night” and slides your cock inside of her. You don’t know if it’s the wine or the fact that you haven’t fucked in months… but you let her do it. You think to yourself that you’ll just fuck her quickly…but she’s playing with you. She likes to moan loudly and talk about your wife as she rides you, It’s like she wants to get caught. You beg her to stop but she keeps going and you hate yourself for wanting it so badly and for being so selfish. Finally you can’t take it anymore and you tell her to get off of you as you start cumming… but she won’t get off… she makes you cum inside of her.

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