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Her Mr Perfect

The woman you see on the screen is beautiful, smart and mysterious, she is not just a writer of her new book, the power of her imagination is much stronger and brighter than her written words.

She plays every scene in her head. She imagines a man, handsome, strong, his body and muscles are driving her mind. Her imagination works as she wants.
DO YOU want to know what she imagines so that her book continued to be written?

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Blackmailing your Friend’s Mom

Makayla’s son’s friend Ricky shows up unexpectedly and when Makayla answers the door he just walks in. Makayly is more than a little annoyed, but when Ricky confronts her that he knows she has been having an affair with the neighbor she starts to panic. Ricky doesn’t want to ruin her life though, he just wants to know what it is like to be with a MILF

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Blackmailing My Girlfriends Hot Mom

This is the full and complete series of Blackmailing My Girlfriends Hot Mom, this series stars Clover Baltimore.

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Sexually Satisfying Adria Rae

Sometimes a girl needs to have pussy fucked to fill satisfied, I am sure she loves her man but Adria just needs a good fucking. Today I am gonna help her out and trust me I am gonna get some good pleasure while fucking her. She wanted to make this tape so her man can she hows she looks when she orgasms seeing he has never seen her do that before. I fill her mouth up with my cum as she looks right into the camera for her boyfriend to see.

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Watching My Wife Get Fucked by Young dick

My wife and I have been talking about spicing things up in the bedroom, Reagan says a lot of dirty things when we are getting passionate. I don’t think I can fulfill her needs, Reagan suggested bringing another man into the equation. At first, I was really wasn’t into the idea of watching my wife get fucked by another man, but I must it might it was such a turn on seeing my hot wife get her pussy pounded by him. She made sure to take off her wedding ring before he touched her. This young stud fucks her so good and fills her pretty pussy with his seed.

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Surprising Stargirl

A cat burglar with amazing wall-scaling human fly abilities has climbed up to a luxury penthouse in order to rob it. He’s done this hundreds of times and never had any issues, unfortunately this apartment belongs to the lovely superheroine Stargirl. He spies her stretching in the other room and realizes that could be a problem. Rather than flee, he decides to get the drop on the unsuspecting caped crusader. He hides in bathroom and waits for his prey.

Catching sleepy-eyed Stargirl by surprise, her guard is completely down. He grabs her from behind and pulls her into a tight sleeper hold. Once she’s out, he tosses her onto the bed and cuffs her hands behind her back. The criminal takes his time exploring the beautiful heroines body; slapping her ass and sucking on her perky nipples. Soon, she wakes up and is furious, but unable to free herself from her cuffs. The burglar humiliates Stargirl by dragging her to the edge of the bed and shoving his big wretched cock in her do-gooder mouth!

Next, he roughly flips her over and defiles her innocent cunt. She squirms with disgust as he crudely thrusts his cock in. He torments her further, spanking her ass red and pulling her dark black hair. Tears fill Stargirl’s eyes at the thought of the disgusting thug cumming inside of her. She begs him not to, but that just makes him enjoy it more.

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Tommy Mom, phone sex

You were supposed to be helping your best friend Jason’s mom plan his birthday surprise. It’s not your fault that she accidentally facetimed you. It’s not your fault that you were naked and wet, just getting out of the shower. It’s not your fault that your cock got hard looking at Jason’s hot ass mom. She asked to see your cock. She told you to stroke it. You both liked it. You’re both adults. At Jason’s party you can’t help but wander in to her bedroom. You wanna know how far you can take it. And this horny MILF wants to take it all the way.

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Student Bullies His Teacher

Student Bullies His Teacher, Part 1 – 5:36 Ms. Cane has several student loans. So much that she started stripping on the side an hour away from where she is a teacher. She never thought anyone would find out, but one weekend one of her students saw her dancing on the pole. Now he is threatening to blackmail her and show the school board the photos and videos he took of her at the club…. unless she gives him a VIP lap dance in her home. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, black mail, bully, teacher, student, lapdance, lingerie, CNC

Student Bullies His Teacher, Part 2 – 6:36 Wade shows back up at Ms. Cane’s house. Things went so well for him last time, he has decided to keep threatening to blackmail her and out her to the school board. Knowing she has no leverage and he has the upper hand, he demands a handjob from her while she is wearing his favorite schoolgirl costume. Ms. Cane has no choice. She gets on her knees in front of her student and strokes his cock until he cums all over her bare tits. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, black mail, bully, teacher, student, handjob, hand job, CNC, school girl, schoolgirl

Student Bullies His Teacher, Part 3 – 11:22 Jane is very angry when Wade just barges into her home. This time, he wants to see her bedroom, but that’s not all. He wants to fuck a stripper. He tells her that she will lose everything if she doesn’t cooperate. He walks into her bedroom and takes his clothes off on her bed and demands that she sit on his cock. Knowing she has no other options, Ms. Cane fucks her student and does as he commands until he showers her with cum. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, black mail, bully, teacher, student, CNC

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Deep Throat Sucking Turns To Deep Dick Fucking

Ms. Slim Waist-Cute Face-With A Big Behind Herself, Luna Wulf, is here to today and ready to suck some dick, especially some deep throating. She brags about her oral skills and then strips off her clothes, exposing her big beautiful booty. Luna lays down naked in only her Air Jordans and starts to rub on her pussy. She then gets down on her knees and crawls over to a sitting Conor. Luna starts by instantly worshipping his huge balls before going right in to sucking his massive cock. She sucks him rock hard and then does several sessions of intense deep throating, causing her eye make up to start to smear. Conor then lays back on the couch, as Luna puts her perfect ass to his face as she continues to worship and deepthroat his big dick. He thrusts in and out of her mouth, causing her to get turned on beyond reason…

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You Do the Fucking

Impregnating Your Therapist
You and your wife are trying to get pregnant but you’re having intimacy issues. You seek out a therapist to help you. The therapist explains that she will put you in a trance & implant a trigger word. You’ll then go home & tell your wife this trigger word, and she’ll use it anytime she wants to have sex with you. It will create an overwhelming desire within you to impregnate. You sit back & relax, the therapist uses a crystal to bring you under. But instead of getting sleepy, you notice the therapist is getting sleepy. Then her head drops. You’re unsure what to do at first, and you don’t know how this trance stuff works, but you figure if the trigger word put her to sleep it will wake her up. You snap your fingers & say the trigger word. She wakes up. But then things get a little weird from there.

Sex Slave
You’ve been such a loyal slave that I think it’s time for you to get a promotion. You have a nice cock, and though I’ve beaten & abused it, that’s not what I have planned today. I want you to be my new sex slave. Do you think you can handle the position? I know it’s intimidating, but if you do well, you can become my new fuck doll. Of course you’re not allowed to cum. You’ll be locked up in chastity, and taken out only for my use.

Accountant Gone Wild
You take your taxes into an accountant on April 15th & she’s very obviously upset about how many people are bringing her their taxes at the very last minute. She lectures you about how irresponsible it is. Then she starts looking through the files you brought her & her attitude begins to change. She looks confused. “Did you prepare this yourself? All these spreadsheets… you did them?” She starts breathing a little more heavily. “All these calculations. It’s absolutely perfect! I wish all my clients were as good as you.” She says maybe you should come work for her, then she takes off her blazer. You can’t believe what you’re seeing. She’s turned on. She shakes out her hair. “I know it seems crazy but I’m kind of a Type A & I just… LOVE… an organized man. It’s so hot.” She starts stripping off her clothes piece by piece, talking about how she needs to have some fun.

An Hour with an Escort
This is your first experience with an escort & you’re so nervous that you can barely maintain a hard-on. She’s so nice about it, and she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, but you just can’t perform. She patiently uses her hand to stimulate you & gives you a blowjob, but she can’t have sex with you until you’re fully hard. When she mentions that you only have 15 minutes left, the pressure of the time crunch causes your cock to become fully hard. She gets on top & rides you, and you almost cum right away, but she encourages you to wait & take your time.

Goth Girl Titfuck & Backstage Bang
Custom (no name): You’re at a metal concert & the crowd is going crazy. You notice this hot girl about to get trampled. So you rescue her.
Begin scene: You lead her backstage to get her out of harm’s way. She wants to thank you for rescuing her, so she shows you her tits. You try to grab them, but she slaps your hand away. She puts on a little show for you, but then she decides that since you like her breasts so much she’ll let you touch them. Things get hot & heavy, and she pulls off your pants.

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