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More Than Lovers

A curious little sister and big brother explore their new feelings for each other….

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Mother Applies Son’s Special Medicine

Brianna’s Son is neglecting to use his special ointment from the doctor.. Mom realizes as usual, if something needs to be done right, she’ll just have to do it herself…

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Programming His Step Mom

Rion’s step-mom is a total bitch. He knows all she does is yell at him and spend his dad’s money. She even makes fun of the new software he is devolping to help people instantly learn information from electronic signals. He decides to show his step-bitch that his invention works
Rion’s stop mom is now a perfectly programmed woman. She happily takes care of whatever his needs are.

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Mom shows me her needs

I am just checking out some hot milf porn on my phone one night and my mom comes home feeling very good from happy hour. She starts talking and all the things I’ve kept out of my mind are coming at me from her mouth. It’s really clear she knows what she wants.
Ever since I gave my mom what she needs, she needs it all the time. She is really enjoying letting the slut she is show for me

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Mom Thinks I’m Old Enough Now

Mom Makes me a Man – Its my birthday and my mom has an amazing surprise for me. She has a cake just like any mom would, but then she shows me what she is wearing under her dress. My mom is SO FUCKING HOT! She is wearing some crazy sexy lingerie, and she gets on her knees for me. I can’t believe it is happening and my mom gives to most AMAZING head I could imagine. I explode in her mouth and she tries to swallow it all but a lot still purs out of her mouth.
But my birthday isn’t over. Mom has me follow her upstairs and teaches me all the things I need to know, now that I am a man.

ADDICTED TO MOM – Ever since my birthday I can’t stop thinking about my mom. She is like a goddess. We haven’t talked about it, or repeated it. But it is all I can think about. I quietly watch my mom exercising, her body is incredible! She sees me watching and smiles. I realize she likes me watching her! It seems like I am not the only one that can’t stop thinking about my birthday. She takes control again, and it is even better than the first time.

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Good Morning With Mom

Sweetie wake up.. No baby, you didn’t oversleep, it’s Saturday.. Mommy just could’t wait any longer. Daddy just left for his fishing trip.. That’s right baby. Mommy has you all to herself today….

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Son Plays a Trick on Mom

A horny son sneaks into his mother’s bedroom and is surprised by the results…

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Cheating Mommy

I know you saw me with that man today. Are you going to tell your father? I know you’re upset. I didn’t think you would see me. I want to be a good mother, but your father and I don’t love each other anymore. I would never leave you… you’re everything to me. I know you are confused… I’m trying so hard to stop how I feel. Are you jealous? He reminded me of you… that’s why I did it. I want you so badly… I’m trying to be a good mother… I want things that I shouldn’t want… And I know you do too.

Clip Contains: You saw your mother with another man and it sent you into a jealous rage. You gave her the silent treatment… but you can’t stay mad at her when she comes to your bedroom in the middle of the night. The two of you have been trying to hold back for so long… will you keep her secret and create a new one together? **MILF. Mommy. Family Taboo Role Play. Creampie**

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Impregnate stepmom Not Your Girlfriend

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Mom Craves Young Cock

Scene One: Cereal Dilemma

Mom has been having headaches lately and was prescribed an experimental medication. Mom trusts her doctor and listens to everything he says…Today was an ordinary Saturday, I was looking forward to watching Cartoons and having a nice bowl of cereal. Mom fixed me my favorite bowl of O’s and a nice glass of OJ, then I see her take her pills. She asked what my plans were for today and we have some small talk…Then she begins to complain of feeling tired and leaves the Kitchen to go to sleep…I say goodbye to Mom and continue eating my cereal…A couple moments later there is a tug at my shorts and I look down…MOM IS SUCKING MY COCK!!! Mom is blowing me as if she was a hungry Vampire!!! I ask what she is doing and she just says go with it. I want to tell her to stop but it feels too good…This continues for what seems like a hour but I quickly feel the urge to blast in my Mom’s mouth. She does not stop and I drop my young seed in her mouth and she swallows all of it! She then tucks my cock away and tells me to continue eating my breakfast…Happy Dad did not catch us, I do what Mom says and go back eating…Mom walks away and my mind is blown!!!

Scene Two: Tight Predicament

Johnny plops down on the couch one afternoon, all ready to watch some T.V! His mom, Cory, walks in to the room in a blue, floral bath robe. She lies down next to him and puts her head on top of his leg, next to the bulge in his pants. She takes her hand and starts to rub his cock… She can feel him getting harder and harder. She takes her bath robe off, and starts to tell Johnny how much she has been craving his cock. He starts to gently kiss his mommy’s pussy, but she eagerly tells him how badly she just wants his cock inside of her pussy. He starts to fuck his mom in the missionary position… “Oh, yes, Johnny! You fuck mommy so good! Let me flip around so you can fuck me deeper!” she moans. Then she flips around in to the doggy style position, and he fucks her pussy even deeper than before. She hops on top and rides his cock next, while begging her son to grab her tits as he fucks her. He cums deep inside of her pussy while she is on top. “Oh No! I think I heard your father come home!” Cory exclaims, and the two of them run to get dressed…

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