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German Mother take Her Son Dick In Asshole

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Giving Mom Anal Stockholm Syndrome

Leena was never satisfied with her status in life. So she engaged in an affair with a rich investment banker, seduced him to marry her after she divorced her first husband. With financial backing for her new man, she railroaded her previous husband during the divorce proceedings. Receiving a bulk of their possessions in addition to full custody of their son. Due to the stress of the divorce and his pre-existing health problems, the dad died shortly after. The son’s hatred for his mum’s and his step dad’s part in his dad’s made him obsessed and somewhat unstable when it came to his thoughts about his current parents. He bottled up his hate for both his current parents for a decade, putting up a front, biding his time, while he secretly dug up dirt on both of them; trying to devise a way to get back at them. He hired multiple PIs during the years to investigate his parents, especially targeting his stepdad to find if he was involved in white collar crime. The investigations didn’t pan out on his stepdad, but revealed two key things about himself and his mum. Firstly, his dad had a trust-fund set up in his name before his for a good amount of money, which could be claimed after the age of 18, thus he could claim it at any moment. The lawyers had contacted him before, but his mum being his guardian and proxy, got the news and kept it to herself all these years. Secondly, his mum had been in many affair with other men during the last couple years. Using these two circumstances he devised a way to finally get back at his mum, and indirectly, at his stepdad.

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Mother’s Mouthful

Mom has been getting increasingly stressed at work, especially since she is now unable to leave for lunch and having to work late all the time. Son shows up un-expectantly at her work to surprise her and hopefully spend a little “time” with her…….

Part 1: Pleasant Surprise
Mom is in the reception area, talking on the phone and getting stressed when Son enters with a smile, carrying a bag; Mom finishes her conversation and greets him with a surprised smile. Son tells mom she forgot her lunch this morning and didn’t want her to go hungry; mom thanks him and looks around deviously revealing she is the only one in the building and that he should get a reward for being so sweet. Mom guides son into her chair before going down on her knees and pulling his cock from his pants. She slowly kisses and licks the head of his cock before slowly sucking and jerking his entire shaft in her mouth; son moans loudly and talks dirty to mom, revealing how he’s missed her warm mouth the last few nights. Mom laughs and moans as the feel of her son’s cock makes her wet; Son’s increasing moans cause mom to giggle and laugh as she knows he is close to coming. Mom tells son she wants to suck him in the remaining rooms of the building and instructs him to follow her

Part 2: Photo centric
Mom guides son into shoot room and explains the room’s use; mom also instructs son to sit in the chair and pull his pants down. Mom moans and licks her lips, seeing her Son’s hard member as she pulls her breasts out and rubs them commenting on how Son’s cock is very photo centric; the site causes Son to begin jerking his cock, only making mom wetter as she approaches and goes down on her knees, taking his cock into her mouth. Mom sucks on son’s cock slowly at first, moving faster and faster, guiding his cock further down her throat; Mom moans as she gags herself with Son’s cock, knowing it drives him wild. Mom continues jerking and sucking Son’s cock until his moans get loud again, signaling he is close to cuming. Mom laughs and kisses the head of Son’s cock before telling him to put it back in his pants and follow her to the last room so she can get her relief……

Part 3: Anal Relief
Son follows mom into the make-up room where mom quickly goes down on her knees and begs for son’s cock in her ass. Mom begins rubbing her clit as she continues to service Son’s cock with her tight ass; her moans become louder and louder until she moans loudly on Son’s cock as she orgasms. Mom suddenly flips over and asks Son to pound her ass from the front, bringing son closer and closer to orgasm as he rubs her breasts. Son moans loudly and tells mom to open her mouth; mom continues rubbing her clit as son pulls his cock from her tight asshole, jerks his cock and suddenly explodes hot cum in her mouth. Mom moans loudly again as she brings herself to orgasm as she swallows Son’s semen. She sucks the head of Son’s cock clean before smiling and thanking him for the relief and promises to spend more time with him at home soon…..

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Mother fucking her son like it’s cool

Scene One: Oops I spilled my drink on my son’s cock

Jayden’s son is playing video games on the couch when she comes in to give him a margarita. She “accidentally” spills the drink all over his pants and grabs a towel to clean him up. He tells her to stop but she tells him it’s fine and pulls off his wet pants. She takes off her wet top and pants leaving her only in tight panties. “It’s ok sweety, don’t these panties make my ass look great?” she says giving him a show.
Tasting some of the drink on her hands she tells him that it’s really good. Not wanting any to go to waste she starts to lick it from his legs and balls. His cock tastes so good that she can’t stop sucking it, telling him what a big cock he has now. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him clean until he tells her that he is going to cum. “Cum in my mouth” she begs “I bet it tastes better than the drink”. He cums in her mouth and she sucks its all down with the last of the margarita to chase it. “That’s my good boy” Jayden says and leaves him to play his games.

Scene Two: Oops my son found me with a dildo in my ass

Naked and sprawled out on her bed, Jayden is masturbating. She moans loudly as she slides her vibrator up her ass and feels the ecstasy that goes with it. She continues to slowly work the dildo in and out moaning when her son sneaks into her room. He watches her for a while before taking off his pants.
He places his cock in front of her and with a smile she puts it into her mouth. With her son’s cock in her mouth and the vibrator in her ass she moans louder. The son takes the dildo and places it into her mouth. She sucks the vibrator while the son fucks her ass from behind. He cums deep inside her and places the dildo back in her leaving her twitching with pleasure on the bed.

Scene Three: Oops I handcuffed myself in my son’s room

Jayden walks into her sons room and strips naked. She sits on his bed and puts on some lingerie and stockings talking about how good it feels to be fucked by her son. Jayden takes a pair of handcuffs and latches her hands together. Laying on her son’s bed she puts her arms up high and spreads her legs for him.
Walking in Jayden tells her son to do whatever he wants to her. He wastes no time using her hot body. Fucking her pussy and ass, he makes her suck his cock before stuffing her full again. She squeals with lust, being thrown and fucked like a rag doll. Jayden cums hard and loud when she feels her son shoot his load inside her. He leaves her cuffed on his bed to go clean up.

Scene Four: Oops I’m my son’s sex slave

Wearing only a pair of stockings, Jayden is collared and leashed in the living room. She rubs her pussy anxiously waiting for her master to return to her. Her son takes the leash and pulls her to him demanding that she suck his cock. When hard and wet he tells her to bend over on the bed and present her ass for him to fuck. She lovingly obeys his every command excited for the fucking to come.
He slides his hard cock inside her and fucks her into the covers. He commands her to suck his dirty cock and she quickly turns around to obey him. She has fallen in love with the taste of her own ass and the degradation that comes with it. “Cover me with your cum darling, give mommy all your cum” she begs. As the first splash of cum hits her face she releases her orgasm and screams with ecstasy. He puts the leash back on and leads her out of the room…

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Anal Mama Take My Sperm Inside Her Asshole

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