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Anal Fucking My Mother In Law

ASS Fucking my Mother in Law …………TABOO………… Would you like to FUCK your Mother in Law? How about Boning her in the ASS for some ANAL FUN, besides her daughter won’t give you any BUTT HOLE, BUT MOMMA will………….. Recently my father in law (Tom) came down with a minor problem that put him in the hospital for a few days . Joan (Sally D’angelo) called me up and asked me to stop by and do a repair for her, and whoa when I got there, there she is all decked out in her morning lingerie, the boner started growing right away (which she noticed) and while i was standing on the ladder ,she just pulls my cock right out and starts sucking it (MY FUCKING MOTHER IN LAW ) for Christ’s sake , could not believe it, I’ve always wanted to fuck the slutty bitch .And I am not losing this opportunity, I lay her on the patio furniture (outside) and slam away at the MILF , BUT she has one more surprise for me, SHE WANTS me to FUCK HER ASS !!!!! (hell yeah)…. I Slam it all the way up BALLS DEEP in one thrust , (her daughter) NEVER lets me fuck her i ASS and here I am FUCKING my wife’s mother BALLS DEEP in her virgin ASS (my father in law) she claims never FUCKS her ASS …..I try to make it last as long as I can before I bury a huge load of CUM deep in her ASS mmmm watching it all drip out was pure heaven , …..Production Note: She’s so turned on by the ass fucking she squirts on the camera lens , we run the cum shot twice (a bonus in slow motion) so you can see the squirt ….

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Mom Lets You Fuck Her Ass for Christmas

This little Christmas list of yours is a very naughty joke, young man. Of course, you were kidding, you don’t really want a blowjob from your Mom. I don’t even do the third thing on this list with your father! I guess I did say you could have anything you wanted for Christmas if you got into the right school.

We better start with sucking your cock and then move onto the sex. I suppose you are right, it doesn’t count as a blowjob if you don’t cum in my mouth. I know this school year has proven that you are very determined but are you sure you are up for all three holes in one afternoon? I would not want you to get too tuckered out before you fuck me in the ass.

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I’m Gonna Give My Son Anal

Sexy milf, Cindy Sinclair, stands in her bathroom…putting on her makeup, thinking about her son Conor. Cindy is upset that her son doesn’t think about her, and seems to only think about girls. She tried to think of something that will catch his attention, and she has just the trick. Cindy will offer her son anal… that’s something he definitely will pay attention to. Conor walks in the door, and walks right past his Mom. Cindy calls Conor over, and asks what he has been up to. She invites him to dinner, and he tells Cindy that he has other plans. Cindy gets frustrated with Conor, and decides there is only one way to get him to listen. She stands up, and strips off her blouse and bra. “I know you watched MILF porn. You want to fuck your mother.” Cindy strips off her skirt, and starts to unbutton Conor’s pants. Conor, being so horny, decides to let his Mom show him what she’s got. Cindy sucks her son’s cock as he lays back on the couch. She takes all of his cock down her throat, stroking and sucking every inch. “So, you said you wanted to fuck…right?” Conor strips off his Mom’s panties, and Cindy sits on top of his cock. Cindy rides Conor’s hard cock…bouncing her ass up and down. She bends over the couch, and Conor fucks her from behind. He pounds her pussy hard from behind, then they decide to take it to the bedroom. Cindy lays back as Conor licks her wet pussy. She sucks his cock again, before he sticks it back in her tight pussy. Conor licks his Mom’s asshole…
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I found my mother’s hidden erotic pictures and she caught how I masturbated on them, after that she decided to explain to me what it was and helped me deal with my problem.

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Hey stepson, your dad had to leave before satisfying me so why don’t you take his place. I know you don’t want to but it’s okay, I’ll be gentle with you. Lay down and let me suck your dick. Then I’ll ride you and take your big cock all the way in my tight, little asshole. That’s sure to make me cum hard. Then you can spoon me and fuck and creampie my tight pussy.

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Big Butts & Beyond

We have had Syren De Mer on set many times and now you can finally see her in our much loved series, Big Butts and Beyond. Syren, being the self proclaimed anal slut that she is, was more than happy to serve up that deliciously huge ass.
We start the scene with our usual friendly banter. We get a good look at her big booty and of course, Mrs. Scribbles stops in to get the official measurement. After that we get her nice and oiled up and give her an anal fucking she won’t soon forget.
Syren has an insatiable love for getting her butt fucked so we let her have it for as long as she wanted, which gave us the opportunity to shoot this extra LONG scene. We did a bunch a different kinds of doggystyle, spoon, prone bone, cowgirl, ass to mouth (atm) AND lots of ass to pussy.
Syren is a very passionate and sexually free person. Every scene with her results in multiple screaming orgasms and this time it was even more intense because she finally got the one thing I never gave her until then, a deep ass fucking. I seriously hadn’t cum in almost a week in anticipation of filling her ass.
There were a lot of firsts in the scene. It was my first time doing anal with Syren. Syren is the first “milf” to be in Big Butts and Beyond. She is 49 years old but her endless exuberance and craving for cock matches 19 year old Valentina Jewels from Big Butts and Beyond 4. She is simply amazing.

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My Stepmom’s Juicy Ass complete series

This is the full and complete series of My Stepmoms Juicy Ass, this series stars Maria Jade. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Cuckold Masturbation CFNM Handjob Ass Grinding Humping Blowjob Pussy Eating Hardcore Creampie Sex Series, you can now buy all 5 parts here at a discount!

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Mommy needs your cum

Mom just came home from work and is not feeling well. She tells me the only cure for what she has is my cum in her belly. First she offers a blowjob as she strips down to her bra. She asks if I am about to cum, I say no and she rides my cock. A couple minutes later she asks if I am about to cum, when I say no she bends over the bed and tells me to fuck her ass.

Again she asks if I am about to cum, when I say no she goes to her knees and blows my cock. I am still not ready to cum so she goes onto the bed and tells me to fuck her ass again. Now that I am ready to cum she goes back down to her knees and opens her mouth wide. I fill her mouth with my load and she sucks my cock clean before swallowing all my cum.

Mom thanks me and says her belly feels better all ready. I start to wonder if that is what she ready wanted because she wants more tomorrow…

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Son Ernesto wants to fuck his stepmother Gali

She doesn’t want because she’s like a mother for him, however he insists so she accepst but on one condition. She wants to fuck his friend Geroge first. So George is invited for watching a soccer game then Gali shows up and seduce him, and he ended up fucking her in the ass.

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Family Summer Free Use

Scene One: Kissing Lessons

It’s been several weeks since Aunt Clover returned home and Johnny has been depressed. Aunt Clover told some of Johnny’s friends about his poor kissing skills. This really bummed Johnny out…
In walks his Aunt London…She asks what is wrong and Johnny reluctantly tells his Aunt. She asks him to show her his kissing technique…He does and he needs lots of help…Good thing Johnny has his Aunt to show him how to kiss…They kiss and Johnny quickly improves but London notices the sudden growth in her nephews shorts…Not wanting to ever waste a good hard cock, London decides to suck off her Nephew for a good laugh and after several minutes of taking his cock deep into her mouth…London takes a full mouth load of his cum and swallows every drop! We sure hope he learned his lesson of the Day!

Scene Two: Aunt Fixes My Boner

Johnny is sitting in his bedroom one afternoon, watching porn on his phone. His Aunt London walks in and asks him if he needs any help. He tries to deny the fact that he was just watching porn. It doesn’t take long for him to agree that he does want London’s help! She starts to give him a blowjob, and then she pulls her big tits out to titty fuck him for a bit. “There are other places where we can put your cock…” she tells him. She lies down on the bed and tells him to stick his cock in her. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum!” she moans. He bends over to kiss her while he fucks her… “You’re a natural!” she tells him. She flips over in to the doggy style position and he fucks her pussy from behind. “Oh my God, you’re going to make me cum again!” she moans. “Please cum on my tits!” she begs. He fucks her pussy until he explodes all over her tits!

Scene Three: Threesome with My Sister

London and Cory walk in to Cory’s bedroom, and London has something to confess to her! London tells Cory all about the “talk” she had with Johnny about kissing the other day. Cory starts to get jealous that her sister has been getting sexual with her son. London reassures her that she still loves her and that she is irreplaceable! London starts to eat Cory’s pussy out, just as Cory’s husband, Luke, walks in to the room. He instantly pulls his cock out and starts to fuck London’s pussy from behind. Cory leans up and licks London’s ass hole to lube it up for Luke before he starts to fuck London’s ass. London lies down in the missionary position for Luke to fuck her pussy and ass next. Cory sits on London’s face at the same time. Then Luke decides he wants to fuck Cory’s ass and pussy next, while London licks Cory’s tits. London also licks Luke’s cock every time he pulls it out of Cory’s ass. London and Cory both sit next to each other with their legs pulled back towards their heads. This way, Luke can easily go back and forth between fucking London’s ass and pussy and Cory’s ass and pussy. When Luke gets close to cumming, he moves Cory’s head right next to London’s… then he cums all over both of their faces!

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