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Stepson Catches Mom Cheating On Dad

My stepson walks in on me sending sexy photos to my boyfriend. He promises not to tell my husband if I fuck him. I start sucking his dick and then he fucks me doggy style. I ride his cock and then he fucks me over the countertop, in the kitchen. He finishes on my face.

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Cuckolding My Son With His Bully

Script: Hi, I ordered the cuckolding mom/bully video this is part 2 of that one No blackmail, no humiliation similar style. This one I want to only see the side view (no need for PoV camera) You’re glad your son enjoys watching his mom suck cock, in fact you’re glad your son enjoys it. Dad is okay with it as well, and you often have them over for dinner so your son can watch his mom suck cock while dad takes care of the dishes or whatever (again nothing is behind his back) No need for any teasing, just nice beautiful cocksucking that you do excellently Clothing, please be vibrantly sexy, hard color (blue or red or black, look sexy with hair done beautifully)

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Cory Chase in My Hot New StepMom

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Catching My Stepson Jacking Off

I knock on my stepson’s door but he doesn’t answer me! I walk in and catch him jacking off! I’m so horny, so I decide to start sucking his cock. He fucks me in doggy and missionary.

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Brooklyn Chase Is My Hot New StepMom

1. Losing My Virginity.

2. Just The Tip Challenge

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Get Stepmom Pregnant

Oh my, I didn’t expect you home from school so early. I heard a man’s footsteps coming up the walkway and I thought it was your father. You must think your stepmom is so inappropriate to be walking around the house in lingerie like this. But you aren’t a boy anymore, are you. You’re a man, so I guess I shouldn’t be too embarrassed.Do you want to know how I know you’re a man now? I’ve been spying on you. I watched you changing in your room through a crack in the door. And what a man, indeed! You’re hung like a horse! Your cock wasn’t even hard, and it was still one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. I would love to find out just how big it can get when it’s erect. Are you blushing? Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin! Well, you won’t be for long!

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Motherly Concern

Alex Jett is too busy jerking off to a steamy video on his computer to notice his step-mom, Texas Patti, approaching with a laundry basket. When she opens the bedroom door and accidentally catches him masturbating, Alex is embarrassed beyond belief! As if he wasn’t already a big enough loser…

Texas is concerned about her step-son and asks why he’s being so hard on himself — everyone masturbates! But Alex admits that he’s just frustrated because the girls in the videos are way more excited for sex than any of the girls he’s actually been with. Is he doing something wrong??

Texas is empathetic as she insists that what he sees in videos isn’t realistic. If he wants, though, she can give him some pointers to help him out. Although Alex is a bit nervous at first, he doesn’t want to be forever alone, so he accepts her help.

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Bubble Bath With Stepgrandma

I can’t help but stare at my stepgrandma, Darla Crane. So, when she scolds me for cumming all over her hand towels, I’m hoping she helps me bust a nut, so I don’t have to keep jerking off alone anymore! Later, when I help her get all cleaned up in the bubble bath later, she lets me catch a glimpse of her huge GILF tits while I rub her down. We keep getting closer and closer, and it seems like she wants to feel me inside her tight slit. A couple days later, she sneaks up to my room when she’s supposed to be entertaining guests – all to get me to plow her GILF pussy with my thick cock!

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Staying Home with My Mom and Sister

Fit blonde MILF, Cory Chase, has a busy day of yoga classes planned. Her teenage step-daughter, Haley Reed, has a busy day ahead, too – not as wholesome as yoga, but just as vigorous. Haley lies to her step-mom, claiming that she’s sick so she can stay home from school. Cory reluctantly leaves her home alone while she heads to her yoga class. But surprise surprise, Haley isn’t sick at all. She just wanted to dedicate a whole school day to fucking Xander Corvus!…

When Xander arrives, Haley takes his cock into her mouth and sucks it, but she’s soon caught red-handed by disappointed Cory. Cory decides the only appropriate action is teaching the pair an unforgettable lesson. She sits on Xander’s face and grinds against him, and Haley takes Xander’s cock into her mouth to continue giving him a blowjob, and a raunchy threesome ensues. Lesson learned!

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