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Daughter Needs Father’s Touch

Tiny Dakota returns home to her father confesses to him that she misses how he used to touch her….

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Yes Daddy fuck my pussy

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Daughter’s Little Secret

Lucie is waiting on her Dad’s bed when he comes in the room. She tells him that she wants her brother to move out. She starts stroking his shirt saying she wishes it was just them. He “needs to stop seeing her as a little girl”, and she’s going to show him why.

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Dad… I’ll Let You Play if You Don’t Tell Mom

The older I get, the more adventurous my fantasies become. Of course I’ve thought about fucking women other than my wife, but this is the first time I’ve thought about my daughter in this way! After I found the pipe in her room, my imagination ran wild with dirty thoughts about my little girl..

Please don’t tell mom!!

I can’t keep this secret from her sweetie

Maybe we can work something out..

-I imagine Kenzie running her fingers up my leg, getting closer to my hard on-

Is there anything I can do for you Daddy?

My daughter looks up at me with her big bubbly eyes, and unzips my jeans. It felt wrong letting her suck my cock, but it’s only a fantasy, right?

You taste so good! I need to feel you inside of me

Watch her climb on top and bounce her petite body on me. If this were real, I would have cum instantly with the way she fucked my cock. But in this dream world, I can last longer than I’ve been able to in a while!
I bend Kenzie over and fuck her from behind. With every thrust in and out of her tight pussy, she begs me to fuck her harder! Her creamy juices running all down my dick and down onto my balls. It drove me crazy!! I couldn’t wait to fill her young cunt up with my seed!
When I finally snap out of my kinky fantasy, it’s time for us to go out to eat. Luckily, no one will ever find out about my dirty thoughts about my own daughter!!

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Free Use Daughter – Cumencing Anue

Daughter is getting ready to start her summer semester. She is worried though. While she more or less known as a reliable slut by the other students, she doesn’t want to get less attention, or have a harder time making friends because people might think she is gonna charge them for the sex or anything. So she is modelling some slutty outfits to wear under her school attire for her parents, so they can approve or disapprove. She hopes that, if she can deduce enough people early on and fuck them, then word of how she really is like will spread again and everything will be fine. They find one that is just, well, “wow, honey you are gonna get every guy’s attention. Maybe their girlfriends attention too.” Says dad, in response to how amazing she looks. “Yeah, but I only have one chance for a good first impression. So when I get close to them and maybe accidentally unbutton something for them to see this, what should I do?”. Vanessa then practices slutty ways to sit on guys’ laps or to otherwise through herself at them to seduce them quickly in the middle of school, and dad eventually cannot help himself. Mom decides to take the opportunity to Vanessa how to best fuck a random guy to leave a good first impression. Mom fucks Dad while she also fucks her daughter.

“Hey… remember to not hesitate to cum inside!” she says “I am always happy to receive some cum!” “Yes honey! With that talk you will have all the guys chasing after you in a few days. You better hope won’t get jealous!” They keep going until dad once again cums in daughter’s mouth. Mom and Daughter swap Daddy’s cum..

“Woo! I feel so much more prepared! Thank you daddy!” she says. “You are welcome sweetie. Now go prepare your stuff, you can’t just fuck your way to an “A” on the first day.” “Well…” comments daughter laughing, ending the scene.

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Secrets With Dad

Carolina has been trying not to be a burden on her dad financially and has started working in a shady massage parlor at the edge of town. The lights are low and she never really pays attention to the clients. She gives a great massage and then begins the happy ending, the client payed for the full service handjob blowjob and fuck. But when she hears her clients voice she stops and pays attention suddenly realizing it is her father! He is asking nicley if she would switch from her hands to her mouth and her pussy, it’s his first time doing something like this and he doesn’t want to be pushy, but he paid for full service. Carolina tries to disquise her voice and tells him she doesn’t do that. When her dad asks if she can send a girl in that does Carolina panics more, she doesn’t want some other girl there fucking her dad!

Carolina is so nervouse, she wants to talk to her dad about what happened. She knew that his mom hadn’t really been taking care of him, but for him to have to resort to paying for it is a shame. He is such an amazing sexy man! She wouldn’t let him ever need to go without sex if she were his. Carolina realizes she can be his, if she tells him it was her.

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Daughter Taste Dads Cum

I was watching my daughter chat on the phone to her friends when she caught me spying on her… My sexy little asian girl was too hot, I needed to have her right away! Watch as my sexy little girl flirts with me on her bed while my wife is in the next room over. She slowly sucks on my cock, making me grow even harder for her! I bend over my slutty daughter and pound her tight cunt until I blow my load all over her face!

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Caught With My Brother and Fucked By Daddy

I had a feeling that Kenzie and her brother were up to no good. While I was hiding in her closet, I saw her with Brick! They were having sex right in front of me without knowing that I was watching them. After some time, I finally came out and caught them together.. “I won’t tell your mother if you let me watch” I say to them. Brick slowly penetrates Kenzie before pounding her young tight pussy again. I watch as she bounces on his cock, loving the thought that Daddy is watching! I got myself pretty worked up by watching them fuck, I told Brick to leave. My petite daughter plays with her pussy for me before I shove my throbbing cock into her. I slide in and out of her before I pull out and spray my big load up her perfect body!

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Sexually Exploring Daughter

I caught my slutty daughter making out with her cute petite friend, so I decide that I want in on the action! And they were both more than excited to have me join in. They both suck my big cock together. One shoving me down her throat while the other licks my balls. I finally get to slide into their perfect young pussies. Bending them over and having both of these sexy girls ride me. They couldn’t wait to taste daddy’s cum, and I give them each a turn, shooting my cum into theirs mouths. I love watching them makeout while swapping my thick load between lips!

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New Arrangement with Dad

Jeni moves in with her dad after getting into trouble at her mom’s house. She soon realizes it’s much easier to get her dad to let her do anything she wants….

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