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Party with Daughter

Lines get blurred after a daughter shows her soon to be divorced stressed out step-dad how to have real fun for St. Patrick’s Day! Now they need to hope that her mom never finds out about their all-night party and pray that she doesn’t get pregnant after he drained his whole fertile load deep inside her…

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I Thought We Shared a Moment Dad

Hunny…what are you doing? Is that mom’s robe?
Yeah you said you only want to be with mom, so I thought this would help you think of her…
No honey, this isn’t right! I told you the other day, we can’t do this!
Dad…yes we can. I thought we shared a moment together?That was an accident, I wasn’t in my right mind…
Come on dad, I can’t stop thinking about you… Since that night I’ve been wanting you so bad. Last night I was touching myself to the thought of you inside of me.
Sweetie this is so wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. Fuck…. I am so hard for you right now!
Dad…is it okay if I feel you through your shorts?
Your mother can walk in at any time! We have to be quiet if we’re really doing this…
One more thing dad, I want to fuck you in the bed you share with mom…
Watch as I lead my daughter into my wife’s and my bedroom, and let go of my carnal desires to feel every inch of her soft young body….until I explode my fatherly load deep inside her pussy!

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I Ate My Step Granddaughters Pussy

Young, fit nympho Zoe Sparx is ready to help when her adoring step grandpa calls up claiming he’s busted his hip and could use a hand around the house. Little does she know, the dirty old man is faking the injury just so he can perv on her hot body! When she bends down to clean the floor, the old man eats her pussy and asshole from behind. Zoe gets turned on and lets her stepgrandpa slam her cunt while she rubs her clit and squirts all over the floor. Then, she takes a juicy load of cum on her nubile tongue. That’s how you get to be number one in the will!

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Catalina Ossa – Fuck Me Daddy

Catalina puts on her big girl panties so there’s no way Ryan can get a mixed message. This horny step-daughter gets what she wants when Ryan slams his hard cock in her little pussy. He stretches her out and she begs for more, wanting all that hot cum deep inside her to make a baby.

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Forbidden Family Frolicking

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Daddy Nurtures Sweet Daughter

A loving father checks on his sick daughter and happily finds she’s feeling much better….

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Dad Catches Daughter Masturbating

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Uncle fucked my ass in all positions

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Step Daddy’s Little Anal Girl

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Mom Installs Hidden Cam

So yeah, my wife thought I was fucking someone, so she installed a hidden camera. This is pretty old footage, and it’s the footage that ruined my life, but fuck it, might as well let you guys see. My tiny daughter, I’ve always called her “Kitten”, has been a Daddy’s girl forever. We’ve always had a special relationship, but we became really, weirdly close as she got older. For a long time, every time her mother was gone, she’d come and want to cuddle, and then it escalated until she was pretty much walking around with Daddy’s cum inside her almost every day. Well, I got caught, and have since been divorced and lost everything… fuck. – Kitten Charmer – hidden cam, voyeur, petite, emo, goth, old/young, 18

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