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Daddy’s Slut Inspection

Is Aria Carson a slut? We’re gonna find out right now. After a little interview it’s time to check out the goods. We have her deepthroat a dildo to see how far she can go. Now it’s time to open her up and get a look inside that cute little pussy. We tell her to only refer to Indiana as daddy, and like a good little slut, she agrees. She gets spit everywhere while gagging on daddy’s cock. Then it’s time for daddy to really take this whore for a test drive. Indiana pounds away at her tight little pussy every way she could ever want it. Now Aria wants daddy’s load deep inside of her. He puts his cock into her and it doesn’t take long before he buries his cum deep inside. Looks like Aria passed her slut inspection.

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Red MILF Production – Step father fuck Daughter

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Daddy to cum on Daughter`s perfect tits

Farrah is furious at her daughter Scarlit for staying out all night and bringing her car home late. When she returns from work she plans on kicking Scarlit out of the house. Scarlit tells Mark there is still time to get his marriage to her mother annulled and to marry her instead. He thinks she is joking but she keeps pushing him. She seduces him with promises of how it would just be the two of them in the house and how they could fuck all day. She begins rubbing his cock through his jeans. He can’t tell her no. She pulls his cock out and starts swallowing all of it. Then just as she slips onto his dick, Farrah returns. The pair do not stop fucking. Farrah storms out, furious, saying she is getting a divorce. Scarlit’s pussy is so good he could care less. He would rather take the daughter over the mother. Scarlit works his into a frenzy until she begs for him to cum on her perfect, perky tits.

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Daughter Bed Time Story

So there I was reading a bed time story to my little girl Dixie. In the last couple of months me and my new Step-daughter have grown closer and closer. Especially when her step-mother is away on long work trips several times a month. Things actually got a little weird the other night when Dixie started asking me all about the birds and the bees. You see her boyfriend Johnny finger banged her last Tuesday and apparently she really liked it. In fact the two of them were supposed to rendezvous tonight for a little secret sexcapade. They were both going to sneak out of their houses and meet at the local city park when nobody was around. Dixie was supposed to give up her virginity and have sex for the very first time, but she was really nervous. Of course I told my little Dixie she could talk to me about anything, I mean anything, so I tried to give her some sex advice. Even after a long thorough talk, she still seemed a little nervous, so I decided to loosen her up a bit. First, I had her touch herself in front of me so she could get warmed up. Then, I proceeded to rub her snatch on the outside of her knickers. She got so wet her panties were drenched in seconds. Next, I licked my fingers and started to finger bang her gently and softly. I guess I was turned on by the entire thing and I had a raging hard on at this point. Dixie could see it popping out through my pants and she started to stare with crazy eyes. I tried to resist, but before I could say anything she pulled it out of my pants and started stroking it. A few seconds later she began to suck my it. At first, she really didn’t know what she was doing, but after some instruction from me, she was sucking on my shaft way better than her step-mother ever did. I knew we should have just stopped right there, but I couldn’t control myself and proceeded to go down on her. Her tight little hole tasted so good I didn’t want to stop eating her pussy. After a few minutes she couldn’t take the teasing anymore and she insisted I have sex with her. At first I just rubbed my cock on her clit and shoved the tip of my dick into her tight pussy. But she wanted more and insisted I go balls deep in her. I couldn’t say no to my little girl and I proceeded to show her the ropes. I fucked the virgin out of Dixie until her tight little pussy exploded all over my cock. I then pulled out and shot my load all over her snatch. Dixie couldn’t have been happier and I wished her luck with Johnny that night. I also told her she could stop by my bedroom whenever she came home from her rendezvous if she wanted to talk and perhaps to more. I bet you a thousand bucks Johnny doesn’t last three minutes and Dixie will be looking to be satisfied. I’ll keep you all posted.

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Twin Daughters Give Daddy Special Gift

It’s their step-daddy’s birthday and Joey and Sami know what he really wants, even if he won’t ask for it. They want to not only show him how much they have been waning it again, but they want him to know, he can have them ANY time he wants.

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Father Revenge Fucks hot Daughter

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Daughter Needs Favor From Daddy

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Giving in to her Need for Daddy

Winter slips in my room one night because she doesn’t want to rest alone, the way she says “step-daddy’ alone is enough to make a cock rock hard, but when she snuggles close and lets her hands wander…

Winter isn’t happy that her step-dad has been pretending that nothing happened last night while she is walking around with her pussy quivering at the memory, she tries to get his attention, hoping he will be like he was the night before, but he doesn’t make a move. She has no choice but to be direct.

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Do I look good in mommy lingerie daddy?

My stepdad has been on my case to get a job, and I’m getting tired of all the hassling. But when he threatens to kick me out of the house, I’ll do anything to stay. Maybe we can work out a little exchange that will keep both of us happy… Love, Aliya Brynn.

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Wake up! Step-Daddy is in you

My step-daughter is always flaunting her stuff around the house so what better way to get her going then by sticking my cock deep into her. At first she is scared and wonders why i am doing this but shortly after her pussy betrays her as it starts to feel good. always happy to take care of my little girl
starring Brooke Haze