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Ryan Mclane, Violet Starr – Daddy

Jenny (Violet Starr) has a brand new step-daddy, Carson (Ryan Mclane). Jenny uses her beauty and her quick wit to manipulate Carson into staying the night. Carson is a good guy, he has a strong moral exterior that makes it all the more fun for Jenny to chip away at. Jenny slowly seduces him, breaking him down until he is powerless to resist her. Jenny’s the sort of girl who always gets what she wants.

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Hot Daughter Fulfills a Fantasy for Dad

Ryder Rey is a trip! She’s a saucy little spinner who loves having sex. She likes it nasty too! Watch her throw down in this new installment of Picked Up and Fucked. Spitting, riding, cream pie and all!

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Teasing Step Dad with my Huge Tits

I walk in to my living room and I find my step-daughter, Gabriella, wearing a slutty, string bathingsuit. The bathing suit is bright green and she pulls the straps to the side, so she can show me her huge tits! She notices my cock getting hard in my pants, so she gets down on her knees in front of me. She pulls my hard cock out and she puts it in her mouth. She starts to give me a nice blowjob while her big tits are hanging out of her bathing suit. I shove my cock in between her tits and I titty fuck her for a while too. “Why don’t you lay down on the table and take your bikini off?” I ask her. She does what I ask her to do, and then I shove my cock inside of her pussy. She starts to moan as I thrust my cock deep inside of her tight pussy. She sucks on her own big tits while I fuck her pussy. I keep fucking her pussy until I cum deep inside of her! “I’m going to go check on your step-mom, Cory, and see where she is!” I tell my step-daughter, as I quickly put my cock back inside of my pants.

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A Stepdaughter Like You

When Filthy Rich complains about how crappy Michelle Anthony’s mother is at taking care of the house chores, Michelle offers to take over and says that she’d do anything to show her appreciation. The next day, Filthy tells his stepdaughter that her mom has moved out because she was cheating on him with his best friend and he feels lousy about himself now. Lucky for him, Michelle is such a devoted stepdaughter that she stays by his side and gives him comfort in the naughtiest way possible. With a stepdaughter like Michelle, who needs her cheating mom around?!

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Fucks Step Dad and his best Friend

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Daughter Stuck Behind The Couch

My step-daughter, Alice, decides to fake being stuck again so I can come fuck her again. My wife, Cory, ends up walking in to the room before I do! Cory walks over to Alice and she tries to help her get unstuck from the couch. I walk in to the room afterwards and I find Cory trying to help our step-daughter get unstuck. “Wait… Did you plan this? Why are you topless?!” Cory asks Alice. I decide to pull my cock out and help Alice get unstuck. “What are you doing?! This is our step-daughter!” my wife cries out. I keep fucking Alice in front of my wife, and I keep insisting that I am just trying to help her get unstuck! At this point, Cory now has one of her hands stuck in the couch from when she was trying to help Alice get unstuck. I tell my step-daughter to take Cory’s sports bra off, and she does what I tell her to do. “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” my wife cries out. Alice flips over in to the missionary position on the couch and I tell my wife to grab Alice’s boobs while I fuck her. I keep fucking my step-daughter while I make my wife watch us! Alice leans on Cory and we fuck on top of Cory, and she is eventually able to pull her hand out of the couch! I finally decide to fuck my wife for a little bit next, so Cory lies down and I shove my cock in her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I tell them both to get down on their knees and open their mouths wide, as I cum in their mouths!

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Free Use Family Vacation

I walk in to my step-daughter’s room and I find Gabriella lying down on her bed, and she is watching a video of my wife on her phone! She has a light pink dress on as I sneak up behind Gabriella and I lift her dress up. She still has the video of her step-mom on her phone, as I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy. I keep fucking her pussy in the doggy style position as her big ass bounces up and down on my cock. “Yes, fuck that pussy! Fuck that pussy!” she moans. I take my cock out of her pussy and I let her suck my cock and taste her own pussy juice. Then she lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her pussy again, while she watches a video of her step-mom. “Cory is so hot!” she moans, while I fuck her. I start to fuck her pussy harder and her moans get even louder now. I cum deep inside of her pussy, and then I run off to take a shower…

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Keeping Stepdad’s Secret Cash

When stepdaughter Paisley Bennet catches her stepdad Ike Diezel trying to hide some money on the couch, she confronts him telling him that if he doesn’t pay her, she’ll tell everything to her mom. Ike makes a counter offer, and proposes that if Paisley treats him to a good blowjob, he’ll give her a good share of the money. Cash and a good dick? it’s a no brainer for Paisley!

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Special Assignment From Step Daddy

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Lilly Hall – Keeping Stepdaddy Quiet

When Ike Diezel finds some drugs that his stepdaughter Lilly Hall was hiding, he threatens to tell her mom if she doesn’t give him a blowjob. Lilly accepts and soon she’s getting a good taste of stepdaddy tender love and care.

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