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Daddy You Were Drinking And That Got Me Thinking

Dear Diary,
As you know I’ve been having fantasies about my daddy. Last weekend Mommie was gone and Daddy came in late from the bar. He laid on the floor and was out of it in no time. I heard his breathing deepen and my fantasy took control. I got on my knees and undid his pants slowly. I gingerly took his cock in my mouth looking for signs of him stirring but the only thing moving was his cock. It got so hard in my mouth I lost control, stripped off my clothes and straddled Daddy. I slid his cock in my pussy and Daddy smiled groggily. I rode him slowly, building up speed to my first orgasm. I had to feel him deeper so I turned around and rode him til I came again. I turned back around and rode Daddy hard and fast giving myself an earth shattering orgasm. It was then that I realized Daddy came inside me. In his stupor he must have thought I was mom, hopefully I wasn’t ovulating. Wish Me Luck, Vionah

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A Daughter’s Desires Burn Out Of Control

Dear Diary,
When I was little Mom and Dad bought a very big spread and a separate house across the street. I got married right out of high school to a jock that turned out to be a bum. After a messy divorce where he even tried to take my parents house I settled into a very good career but really wasn’t dating much. My parents liked to throw big summer parties and during one of these I started to see Daddy in a whole different light. My thoughts became more and more risque until finally I couldn’t take anymore so I devised a plan. The next party they threw I pretended to get a lot more buzzed then I really was and mommie made Daddy walk me home. Halfway there I made like I was falling and Daddy carried me all the way home. He set me down in my room and I made my first move, stripping naked in front of him while falling all over him. After I peed I came stumbling into daddys arms and he walked me to my bed. I lay next to him quietly for a few minutes then rolled over and started rubbing his leg. The partying lowered my inhibitions so much I grabbed his cock inside his shorts and Daddy was mine. I pulled off his shorts and was sucking his cock before he knew what hit him. Daddy must have thought he was doing something wrong since he seemed a bit nervous but once I started riding his cock he had to fuck me back. Daddy fucked me til he exploded inside me then we both fell asleep curled up together.

The next morning I woke before Daddy and I decided to do something special so he knew everything was ok. I sucked his cock til he woke up and I teased him about being a “Bad Daddy” the night before. I went back to sucking his cock just as mommie called to see where daddy was. He got her off the phone quick then fucked me hard and fast. I begged him to cum in me again and he quickly exploded inside me.

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I got together many times over the summer and soon the inevitable happened. I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant and concocted a story for Mom. I told them together after mom took her meds and just like I planned she went to bed, leaving me alone with Daddy. I sucked his cock in his favorite chair then rode him for a bit. The thought of me being pregnant must have really turned daddy on cause he bent me over and fucked me hard in front of the fireplace til we both exploded. I hope we can keep it a secret after the baby’s born. Since our DNA isn’t the same I’m afraid the baby will look like Daddy.

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Velma DeArmond in Paying Rent to Daddy

Velma is living at home and has been using her savings to pay her parents rent so she can stay there. She has been trying to get a job but is always under qualified. Now broke her father asks her where the rent is for that month. She pleads with him not to kick her out, that she is his daughter. The dad tells her to pack her things, when she asks if she could do some chores around the house to pay. The dad asks her to give him a show by stripping to her underwear. Velma has always been a good girl, and only ever had sex with her boyfriend. She is shy about her body, and embarrassed that her daddy wants to see her like this. Once in her underwear she is told to take off her bra and let her dad play with her large breasts. She looks away as he gropes and plays with them. He tells her to fully bend over for him and slowly pull down her panties so he can see her ass. He makes her pull her ass apart so he can see her perfect asshole and pussy while playing with herself. She can’t believe her dad is making her do this. He asks if anyone has ever fucked her ass before. “No” Velma says, she is a good girl. He makes her get to her knees and suck his big cock, which she does reluctantly. Then he lays her on the bed and fucks his little girl. She cries and moans daddy, as he fucks her harder than she has ever been fucked before. The shame and excitement drives her pussy crazy and she convulses with an orgasm. She is dazed as her father drops
her against the couch, quickly cumming inside.

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Jessica Is Bound To Fuck – The Harder The Better

Young Jessica asked me to do tie her up and teach her a lesson with very few limits. After a bit of spanking and facial abuse the little slut warmed right up. It got to the point where every time I pulled her hair or wrapped my hands tightly around her throat her pussy would gush. I slammed her onto the bench and proceeded to fuck her to several tearful screaming orgasms before facefucking her til I filled her mouth with a hot load.

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Tipsy Slutty Daughter

Jessica is very tipsy and trying to sneak in. Her dad is waiting for her and promises she won’t see the light of day for a long time, but Jessica has had too many to act appropriately and soon she is on her knees.

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Fucking Daughter during a sleep over

My daughter (Jessica Robbin) is having a friend sleep over. They stay up late, talking bout boys and things that make me realize she isn’t a little girl anymore. Well, since she is obviously ready I slip into the room while she is sleeping. As I feel her huge firm young tits she wakes up confused. I tell her “shhhh!” the last thing she would want is for her friend to wake up and have to explain things. She looks panicked as I take of her panties but doesn’t know what to do. She covers up her pussy but is so worried about her friend waking up that soon I am sliding right into her. I fuck her until she starts wanting it more and more and soon I see that my little girl really needs it. When I finally cover her in a huge load she smiles and starts to giggle happily and I have to shhhh her again

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Incest fucking of pregnant girls – Extream taboo

This is some fucked up shit. Brother fucking his pregnant sister, father fucking his pregnant daughter. Nasty videos combine in one great movie that will blow your pervert mind.

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Natalie Monroe – I Like to Fuck My Step Daddy

Daddy is busy at work, but always finds time for his daughter Natalie!

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Cum on my face daddy

When you’re a young woman and your mother finds a new husband you pray he’s good looking and a great provider. Even better has a big cock he’s willing to share with you. Welcome to Daddy’s Home 2 where four hot little step daughters get to ride daddy’s cock in enchanting tales of taboo lust and sexual indiscretion. These girls better hope mama doesn’t get home early.

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On Daddy’s Desk

Dear Diary,
I went to the Dr the other day because I’m about a week late, sure enough I’m pregnant. I went by the office to tell Daddy the good news but we were so hot for each other I never had the chance. He fucked me all over his desk and when we were done he remembered to pull out and aim all over my tummy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him then but I have to soon, He’s gotta divorce mommie so we can raise our family. The courts may think its a bit weird but at least we don’t share the same DNA.

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