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Julia – Shows Father Her Realy Nice Boobs

Beautiful very young girl Julia was tempted by the cunning father. At first showed it the exciting boobs, and then struck with it as usual.

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Father fucking his young prison bitch daughter

It’s been a few days since Dillion has been released from prison. She does not seem like daddy’s little girl anymore. She snaps at everything and always gets her own way. Dad sits down with her and tells her that it’s time she looked for a job. Dillon replies that she has a job.
Pulling off her dads shorts she jerks his cock. He tries to push her away but she grabs him by the neck and tells him that he is now her bitch and that she owns his cock. He is going to cum for her and there is nothing he can do about it.
She sucks his cock holding on to him tightly until he cums in her mouth. With a swallow she leaves the room. Her dad is terrified.

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Please Exploit Me Daddy

Dear Diary,

I came home for Spring Break and my younger sister Zoey confided in me that Daddy was recording her every move and posting it on the internet. What was even more shocking was when she told me she was enjoying it a lot and making good money too. Even though it was my Daddy we were talking about I had to admit I got pretty turned on. The next day I went into Daddys office determined to make some money for myself. When I confronted him about it he tried to talk me out of it when something inside me snapped. I hopped up on his desk and started teasing his cock. He started to protest so I unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock. My doing that must have abated his fears of mom finding out and he started playing with my tits and pussy. I rode daddys cock while he sat comfortably in his chair. My skills with my ass muscles really got him going and soon he bent me over the desk and took me from behind. Daddy exploded deep inside me forgetting I’m not on the pill. This could be disastrous.

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Daddy’s Psycho Girlfriend

Dear Diary,
After uncle Bob fucked me senseless Daddy came home and found me naked in bed and knew immediately I’d been bad. He told me how disappointed he was and I told him I’d do anything to make him happy. I started by sucking his cock but that didn’t take his mind off punishing me at all. He layed on my bed and I climbed on top of his cock riding him hard. Even pounding me from behind and filling my pussy with spunk didn’t cheer him up.

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Zoey Nixon – Daddy Drops A Big Load

Zoey’s a barely-legal slut who loves nothing better than pleasing “daddy” any way she can: hand, mouth, pussy. She loves dirty talk. She loves encouraging you to beat your meat. Zoey’s one naughty girl, and she’s proud of her slutty ways.

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Brutal stepfather! Why my ass?

That lousy bastard! I am still messed up from the action! Why has he done this to me? Why he just sticks his cock in my ass? I just told him that my date from the night before did not interest him. Suddenly he is totally freaked out and was brutally knocked me over. Then he started fondling me and … What should I do now?

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SexyRia – Fucked by Step Daddy in the Ass and Get Caught By Mom

I am totally shocked! WHY happened to me something? Step-Daddy and I were just at home alone. After he helped me with a contract, I had planned only thank him. Smile Since I just had my red days, however, I offered him as a thank you to my sweet teen ass. Well,… Mommy never let him fuck her. I just grabbed his cock and sucked him until he was really nice and hard! And when I held out to him my little asshole, for us there was no turning back. WOW, that was intense, step-daddy pounding his cock in me so breakneck speed in my tight hole and my wet clit while wank, that he gave me a shortly afterwards an ultimate orgasm… hmm! Quick out of my ass and now I spray your whole juice in my mouth, yeah…exactly…I almost choked ups in the amount came out there! At that moment, was suddenly mommy in the room, OMG poor step-daddy, now are you in a bad Situation Wink

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The Extra Punishment for school girl

Tellula’s chore was to have the Family Room cleaned up before her Dad got home from work. She, however, got distracted playing video games after school…..and when Dad gets home….the room is a mess!!! This is NOT the first time Tellulah has messed up….so Dad is furious with her. Dad tells her that she needs to be Punished….and immediately puts Tellulah over his knee and gives her bum a hard spanking. After the spanking is done….Dad tells Tellulah that she needs to have….the….”Extra Punishment”!!! Tellulah starts to shake….”No Daddy PLEASE!!!….not the extra Punishment!!!!……anything but the Extra Punishment!!!!….PLEASE NO DADDY!!!!”. Daddy is furious, however…and he continues with the Extra Punishment. Dad pulls up Tellulah’s skirt and begins to lick her young pussy while she screams and cries. Next, Daddy shoves his cock into Tellulah’s mouth and forces her to suck it. Daddy continues the dreaded Extra Punishment by Fucking Tellulah REALLY hard in all kinds of positions, while she screams and begs him to stop….”You’re hurting me Daddy…..please stop…..”. When she has been painfully fucked hard in several positions, Daddy tells Tellulah to get down on the floor on her knees, and get ready for the “Final Punishment”. Daddy proceeds to cum all over Tellulah’s face while she cries….and promises she will never do it again.

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I’m Gonna Have Daddy’s Baby

Dear Diary,
I decided to take things to the extreme and get as many creampies in me as possible. Daddy was napping so I snuck in and tied him to the bed. He woke up to my mouth on his cock and began to protest so I sat on his face to shut him up while I explained the situation. Daddy tried to resist my charms but his cock sprang to life so quickly I knew it turned him on. I force fucked Daddy making him suck my tits and lick my pussy til I came a bunch of times. Once I was satisfied my pussy milked his cock til e shot a huge load in my pussy. I’m going to get pregnant for sure.

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Taylor Raz – Crazy College Girl

Scene One:Pledging to a sorority

Taylor comes home after her first semester of college. She has completely changed from daddy’s little girl to a woman in what is only a few months. Her dad is shocked at the changes he sees in her. She tells him not to worry, and asks him for a favor.

She is pledging to a sorority and to get in she has to suck her fathers cock. She puts her hand down his shorts telling him that she has to do this and that he will like it. Taylor pulls down her dads shorts and begins to jerk his cock. She teases him with her tongue before fully taking his dick into her mouth. She gives him a better blowjob than he has ever had.

Picking up her phone she snaps a few photos of her with her dads dick in her mouth for the sorority girls. Not being able to take anymore her dad cums. She takes a pic of her cum filled mouth and thanks her dad for the help.

Scene Two: Does this make you uncomfortable?

Dad is sitting on the couch when Taylor walks through the living room completely naked. She goes into the kitchen and grabs a beer and returns to the couch exposing her pussy while sitting. She complains about the heat and rubs the cold beer over her body. She asks her dad if this makes him uncomfortable looking at her hot tight body?

Crawling over to him she giggles that she made her dad’s cock so hard. She pulls off his shorts and sucks on his cock again. He asks her what she is doing, and she tells him she is getting him ready to fuck her.

She pulls herself onto his cock and fucks her dad. Losing himself in the moment he fucks her back and she moans with excitement. Holding his little girl by the hips he fucks her until she loudly cums. The sound of her cumming causes him to cum and he shoots his load into his daughters pussy.

Scene Three: How I got good grades

After living on campus for one semester Taylor has emptied her bank account. She decides to ask her dad for more money. Dressed in lingerie Taylor walks into her dads bedroom and asks him for some cash. When he refuses, she begins to dance showing him how she gets her professors to give her good grades without having to go to class.

Pulling down her top she plays with her tits for him, then moves her hands down to play with her pussy. When she sees his dick get hard she pounces jumping on her dad’s cock. She fucks him hard on the bed until she cums again on her dad’s dick. She licks her dad’s cock clean and sucks him begging him to cum in her mouth. Taylor swallows her father’s huge load and asks him how much he is going to give her.

Scene Four:The deal

Taylor’s dad does not want her to go back to college. She is been nothing but a slut there. Taylor makes her dad a deal. She promises not to fuck any men if her dad can fuck her better than she has ever been fucked before. As her dad pulls off her clothes Taylor taunts him making her dad angry.

Shoving his cock into her mouth he face fucks her in the bed. Her moans are muffled as she rubs her pussy. Like a jackhammer he fucks her around the room making her cum over and over again. His cock drills her into a puddle of pleasure. He jerks his cock onto her face sending streams of cum to cover her.

Exhausted and destroyed Taylor agrees to the deal, but she did not say anything about fucking girls at college.

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