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Daddys Surprise Visit – Sadie’s Daddy Desires

Dear Diary
So I was at school almost 2 weeks when Daddy dropped by for a visit. I was dying to feel his cock again but I had class soon so it had to be quick. He fucked me on my dorm counter and made me cum hard. Rushing made Daddy lose control though and he jizzed deep inside me. That wasn’t good since I’m not on the pill but at least if I wind up pregnant we’re not genetically related.

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Daddy I’m Addicted – Daddy Will It Hurt

Dear Journal,
After Daddy and I had our “Talk” I was almost ready for my boyfriend when he dumped me. I was on my bed in tears when Daddy came in to see what was wrong. When I told him he began to massage me and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. Daddy teased and fingered my pussy til I was ready for his cock then he took me from behind. He made me cum a few times then let me get on top and have some control. I rode him like a girl possessed and came hard a few more times. Daddy grabbed my throat and fucked me while I was laying on him which made me cum really hard. Daddy then threw me on the dresser and pounded me til we both exploded…… He came inside me again too.
I’m Really Nervous Now,
Love Jennifer

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Jenna’s Family Tradition Lead To An Unexpected Surprise

Dear Diary,
While Lola was gone one weekend I decided to make something nice for her and started looking around in the attic. I found a chest full of books and pictures among our old toys and started reading. I made some pretty interesting and arousing discoveries about the family and just had t talk to daddy. I sat next to him on the couch and revealed what I’d found. Daddy could tell I was aroused and quickly took control of the situation. Before I knew what was going on Daddy and I fulfilled a family tradition right down to an unexpected creampie and I’m not on the pill. Even if I get pregnant it was worth it for this family tradition.
Xo Jenna

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Daddy Cover My Pregnant Belly With Cum

Daddy I am so horny! I want your cock so deep inside of me. But I am so close to giving birth that we can’t risk having sex. I still want your cum and will do anything else to get it. Tell you what why don’t you get out your big daddy dick and stroke it for me while I rub my pussy and pregnant belly. Yes Daddy please jerk for your daughter. I love my Daddy’s cock so much and wish you could stick it inside me. You have been fucking me for over a year now and I still can’t get enough of it. You know Daddy we haven’t really talked about it and I have been waiting for the right time. I know you have wondered who the baby Daddy is. I have only had sex with you and we never use protection so guess what? YOU ARE THE DADDY!!! Isn’t that great! Aren’t your proud of your baby girl? I see how much that turns you on! Now give me that Cock! I want your cum all over my baby belly!!! This is a very Hot TABOO “PREGNANT” Fetish clip. This clip includes PREGNANT, TABOO, FAMILY SEX, DADDY DAUGHTER, HANDJOB, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, JOI, and CUM ON PREGNANT BELLY!!!

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Cadence Lux – Father Forgive Me

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Sadie’s Pregnant BellyJob

Sadie loves her Daddy and wants to show him just how much but she can’t have sex because it’s to close to birth time. But she can please him in other ways. She knows how much Daddy loves her pregnant belly. It turns him on so much knowing it’s his baby in there! She decides to give Daddy something very special. After she was done rubbing baby oil all over her belly, she decide to share with her Daddy. She starts rubbing his very hard cock against her freshly oiled baby bump. Sadie moves up and down fucking her Daddy’s cock with her slippery pregnant stomach until he shoot his hot load all over her belly! This is a “PREGNANT” Fetish clip. This clip includes PREGNANT, HANDJOB, BABY OIL, DIRTY TALK, BELLY FETISH, CUM SHOT ON PREGNANT BELLY, and BELLYJOB!!!

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Taboo Diaries – Are You Happy I’m Pregnant

Dear Diary
When I was little Mom and Dad bought a very big spread and a separate house across the street. I got married right out of high school to a jock that turned out to be a bum. After a messy divorce where he even tried to take my parents house I settled into a very good career but really wasn’t dating much. My parents liked to throw big summer parties and during one of these I started to see Daddy in a whole different light.
My thoughts became more and more risque until finally I couldn’t take anymore so I devised a plan. The next party they threw I pretended to get a lot more buzzed then I really was and mommie made Daddy walk me home. Halfway there I made like I was falling and Daddy carried me all the way home. He set me down in my room and I made my first move, stripping naked in front of him while falling all over him.
After I peed I came stumbling into daddys arms and he walked me to my bed. I lay next to him quietly for a few minutes then rolled over and started rubbing his leg. The partying lowered my inhibitions so much I grabbed his cock inside his shorts and Daddy was mine. I pulled off his shorts and was sucking his cock before he knew what hit him. Daddy must have thought he was doing something wrong since he seemed a bit nervous but once I started riding his cock he had to fuck me back. Daddy fucked me til he exploded inside me then we both fell asleep curled up together.

The next morning I woke before Daddy and I decided to do something special so he knew everything was ok. I sucked his cock til he woke up and I teased him about being a “Bad Daddy” the night before. I went back to sucking his cock just as mommie called to see where daddy was. He got her off the phone quick then fucked me hard and fast. I begged him to cum in me again and he quickly exploded inside me.

Dear Diary
Daddy and I got together many times over the summer and soon the inevitable happened. I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant and concocted a story for Mom. I told them together after mom took her meds and just like I planned she went to bed, leaving me alone with Daddy.
I sucked his cock in his favorite chair then rode him for a bit. The thought of me being pregnant must have really turned daddy on cause he bent me over and fucked me hard in front of the fireplace til we both exploded. I hope we can keep it a secret after the babys born. Since our DNA isn’t the same I’m afraid the baby will look like Daddy.

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Jade Learns Self Defense From Her Daddy

Jade’s daddy wants to make sure she can handle herself and is teaching her how to fight and protect herself. A couple of accidental touches when he show’s her how to “hit where it counts” and then a few more compromising positions begins to create tension. Jade wants to ow what to do if an attacker gets on top of her, daddy explains she needs to use her hips to wiggle free while biting and clawing but when Jade gets too intense, digging her nails into daddy’s back, biting his neck and grinding her hips her dad pushes away, embarrassed by his impossible to hide hard-on. Jade’s tights are soaked at the crotch and her dad tries to say it doesn’t mean anything, that they should take a break, but with smoldering eyes Jade peels off her tights and jumps on her dad, kissing, biting, clawing biting, tearing off his shorts. Over and over her dad tries to get her to stop, but she is wild and pulls his cock into her. They fuck with wild intensity showing how long this has been building .

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Mom Got Mad I Got To Fuck Dad

Dear Diary,
How did I get so lucky? Mom and Dad were fighting again and she made him go sleep in the pool house. After I was sure she was sleeping I was ready for a fun night with Daddy. I slipped out of the house quietly and as I suspected Daddy was wide awake in the spare bed. I sat down and started to comfort him when his hand brushed my knee. His touch ignited my passion and I pulled his face to my chest. Daddy asked me to strip then he put his head between my legs and made me cum with his tongue. Daddy tit fucked me while I licked and sucked his cock then he slid it in me. His cock stretched me open and Daddy plunged it into me faster and faster until we both exploded in exctasy. Mom needs to get mad a lot more often.


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OMG Shes Fuckin Daddy Too

That evening I wanted even more of his cock so I went in Daddys bedroom and started teasing him. He played with my titties as I sucked his shaft and soon I was riding him hard. Daddy teased my nipples and spanked me a bit really driving me wild. He took me doggie style next and withing minutes blew another load in me. I’m a bit scared now.

Dear Diary,
Now I really hope Tucker doesn’t read this since I’m pregnant with our stepdad’s baby.

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