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Filling in for mom


When Holly’s Mom goes away overseas for 6 months….Holly has to Fill In For Mom!!! Dad sits down with her, and goes over the list of duties Holly must inherit. Holly is anxious to begin her new role….so immediately after having the Daddy Daughter talk…she goes to work vacuuming the living room. At dinner time, Holly makes Dad’s favourite….roast beef with potatoes….and she even baked cupcakes for dessert!! Dad is very impressed so far…and tells Holly that her roast beef was even better than Mom’s!! At bedtime, however….Dad drops a bombshell on Holly!!! Dad explains that each night at bedtime….Mom and Dad usually make love…..and since Holly is Filling In For Mom…she should take over this chore too!!! Holly is reluctant…but Dad convinces her that it is perfectly normal for her to assume this new role. Holly gets her shorts off, and Dad can’t believe how smooth and tight her tiny little pussy is!! Dad eagerly licks Holly’s young cunt….and Holly even climaxes! Dad proceeds to fuck the stuffing out of little Holly….and tells her that this shall become a nightly event. Holly asks if Daddy sometimes wants to stick it in her bum hole too…..and Dad seems interested…….

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Squirting Is The Best Medicine

Lola Fae is concerned that her stepdad has not been feeling well, and she wants to help as much as she can. Luckily, she knows exactly what to do to make her horny stepdad feel all better…

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Small Daughter fucks her old Daddy

Her stepdad just got a call that she’s been sucking the cock of the dad she’s babysitting for. This leads to a conversation about how turned on she is by older men…even her dear old stepdad! They decide they can keep this whole babysitter blowjob situation under wraps if they can just fuck each other’s brains out instead! Mom will never know!

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Nicole Baldwin Family Album


Nicole is truly Daddy’s Girl!!! Behind closed doors, Nicole and her Dad share a very special Daddy/Daughter relationship. This is her steamy Family Album! Included are full versions of : “An Unspeakable Act Of Taboo” “Watching Porn With My Dad” “My Dad Caught Me Masturbating” & “My Daddy’s Wrapped Around My Finger”.

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Oblivious Daughter: Cherry English

Beautiful, cute, and petite Cherry English is at home studying. As she bends over to fix the sheets on her bed, her dress rides up to reveal that she is wearing no panties. Her adorable pigtails bob and bounce as she slides onto the bed to read her book.

Dad enters.

He begins by caressing her legs and bum. His hands slide underneath her dress as he takes out his dick and begins to jerk off. His cute baby girl is blissfully unaware of his presence. He seizes the moment and slips into his daughter’s tight little pussy. Daddy fucks his baby girl as she continues to read her book.

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Daughter fucks like a pornstar

My 18 y/o GF definitely knows how to get down and open her throat for daddy in this film, watch her tongue continue to reach down the side of his cock as she shoves my cock as far as she can down her throat!

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Inappropriate Talks With Stepdad

Winter Jades stepdad says some super inappropriate things sometimes! When he sees his petite stepdaughter walking around the house with her ass hanging out, he tells her how hot she is. What Winters mom does not know, will not hurt her

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Daddy`s Girl Role Play Fuck

Anna is a curious 18 year old sitting in her bedroom touching herself while she watches a naughty film on her phone. No matter how hard she tries to have an orgasm she can’t. Her Papa happens to walk by and see her playing with herself. He barges in and asks her what she is doing. At first Anna is embarrassed and says she was on social media. Papa doesn’t believe her, so he grabs her phone from her hand and sees the porno.

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You`re Not Going To Stop Me Are you?

Nora’s Step Dad walks into her changing room and observes that she is taking selfies with really skimpy clothing. Realizing that her Dad is being a pest and won’t easily go away, Nora decides to take advantage of her Step-Daddy’s pervy weakness in order to get what she wants.

Nora uses her sexy body teasing her step-father with naughty poses before finally taking his dick out of his pants. At this point her Daddy is firmly under her control. She is going to ask for all sorts of things, a higher allowance, a new cheerleading outfits, a car… as she sucks and teases his rock hard cock, and then, her lust overcomes her and she decides to fuck Daddy’s Dick! Daddy is going to give her everything!

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Redhead fucking her dad!

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