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My Daughters a slut

Bailey comes home from school and has the house to herself, or so she thought. After finding her moms dildo and watching a kinky movie on TV she starts playing with herself. next thing she knows, her dad comes home from work early and sees her through the cracked door. Baileys dad tries not to watch, but cant help getting a boner seeing his young hot little girl fucking hersel in his bed! right as shes about to cum she catches her dad watching and jerking his dick in the door wa! bailey is too horny and slutty to care, she sucks his dick and makes her daddy fuck her till he cums

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Nympho Teen Step Daughter

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Bored Step Daughter with Huge Tits Wants To Play

Scene One: Goth PAWG with Huge Tits Dares Step-Dad To Not Get Hard

Luke’s wife, Cory, is about to leave for a week long business trip! Luke is stuck at home with his pawg daughter, Skylar, who expects him to entertain her all week. “Let’s play truth or dare!” she tells him. She goes first and she asks him “Have you ever cheated on mom?” He admits that he cheated on her mother with Skylar’s Aunt Nikki. Then Luke asks Skylar “Why do you wear little crop tops around the house?” “Because I have good boobs for them!” she tells them. Then, she dares her step-dad to touch one of her boobs, since he’s always staring at her boobs! They keep asking each other questions, and Skylar eventually says “I dare you to not get hard if I give you a blowjob!” Luke gets flustered at first, but he eventually gives in. She gets down on her knees, pulls her big tits out, and she starts to give her step-dad a blowjob! “Looks like I’ve already lost this dare!” he exclaims, as he is clearly very hard. She continues to suck and jerk his cock off for a few minutes, until he tells her to stop. “I have some work to do! That’s enough truth or dare for today…” he tells her. Skylar looks disappointed that he won’t let her continue to suck his hard cock, but she gets up and walks in to the other room anyway…

Scene Two: I Dare You To Only Put in The Tip

Skylar is sitting on the black leather couch in the living room, when she calls her step-dad in to the room. She wants to play another round of truth or dare today! “I wanted to dare you to just put the tip in,” she tells him. “Put the tip of what in?” he asks her. “Put the tip of your cock inside my pussy!” she tells him. “I will tell mom that you’re cheating on her if you don’t stick the tip in!” she exclaims. She strips naked and she lies back in the missionary position, for him to stick the tip of his cock inside of her. Once he shoves the tip of his cock in his step-daughters pussy, she convinces him to continue fucking her with his entire cock! He thinks about it for a minute, but then he agrees that he really wants to fuck his step-daughter. After he fucks her for a few minutes, she flips over in to the doggystyle position and he fucks her pussy from behind. “This is the best game I’ve ever played!” Luke exclaims. She flips back over on to her back and he fucks her pussy again in the missionary position until he cums deep inside of her pussy.

Scene Three: Step Dad Dares Me to Swallow

Skylar is lying on her bed, topless with little panties on. Her step-dad, Luke, walks in and he challenges her to another dare! “I dare you to swallow all of me,” he tells her. “Swallow what?” she giggles. “You’re really going to make me say it? You have to swallow all of daddy’s cum in order to win!” he tells her. She accepts his challenge and she pulls her panties off. She bends over to suck his cock for a minute to get him hard. Then she lies on her back and he starts to fuck his step-daughter’s pussy in the missionary position. Then she gets on top of him and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position followed by the reverse cowgirl position. Then she flips over in to the doggystyle position so her step-dad can fuck her pussy from behind. He leans over to grab her big, natural tits while he fucks her from behind. When he gets close to cumming, he asks her if she is still ready for the dare. “Yes, daddy!” she exclaims. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and he jerks his cock off in to her mouth and all over her face. She swallows as much of it as she can. “I won!” she giggles. “Just don’t tell your mother! Now go get cleaned up…” he tells her.

Scene Four: Wife Dares Husband to Have a Threesome with Step-Daughter

Cory and her step-daughter, Skylar, are wearing lingerie in Skylar’s bed. They start to kiss each other before Cory calls her husband in to his daughter’s bedroom. “What’s going on here?!” Luke asks. “I thought that we could play some truth or dare!” Cory tells him. Luke is nervous because he realizes that his daughter told his wife all about what they’ve been doing the past few days. “She knows everything!” Skylar exclaims. Cory strips out of her lingerie and she pulls Skylar’s panties off. Cory starts to eat her step-daughter’s pussy while Luke gets behind Cory and starts to fuck her pussy from behind. Then Cory lies down on her back so Luke can fuck her pussy in the missionary position while Skylar sits on her mother’s face. “I want to try some of my daughte now!” Luke exclaims. Luke starts to fuck his step-daughter’s pussy in the doggystyle position while Cory licks and sucks on Skylar’s nipples. Then Skylar goes to eat her mother’s pussy out while her step-dad is still fucking her from behind. Luke flips Skylar on to her back so he can fuck her in the missionary position, and Cory goes back to sucking on her big tits. “Make your daughter cum!” Cory tells her husband. “Let me taste your pussy, mom” Skylar says. Cory sits on Skylar’s face while Luke is still fucking Skylar. Cory leans down to lick Skylar’s pussy juice off of Luke’s cock, before he sticks his cock in his wife’s pussy next. Luke fucks his wife in the missionary positon while Skylar sits on Cory’s face now. Luke sucks on Skylar’s nipples while she is sitting on Cory’s face. When Luke gets close to cumming, he jerks his cock off on to his daughter’s face and in her mouth. Then his wife kisses Skylar so the two of them can share his cum… “What game should we play next?!” Cory giggles.

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Annie Wolf fucking my grandpa

The always willing grandpa steps in to satisfy this young horny Annie Wolf. Nikky is still directing and acting along, and she does what she can to tease grandpa with Annie’s horny pussy. Grandpa fuck the girl good, and shot his load on her.. So in the end Annie was satisfied getting two dick in one day. Nikky once more have introduced a young girl to her perverted family

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Cumming deep inside his daughter

Daughter wants to know if she has what it takes to do porn

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Love Daughter`s Feet

I love to be barefoot. I noticed for a while now that my new stepdad has been checking me out with special attention to my feet. I love to put my feet up on the table but he acts like he doesn’t like it saying it’s disrespectful, blah blah blah. But I know, I can just tell, that he would love to suck on my sexy toes and lick my soft soles. So one evening when my mom wasn’t home and we were watching a movie together, I put my legs and feet up on his lap…

I watched him get increasingly uncomfortable since my feet were touching his crotch and his boner was growing. It wasn’t too hard to convince him to put my sexy feet and toes in his mouth. He licked and sucked my pretty feet and pink pedicured toes until I couldn’t resist any longer. I felt an urge to gag on his cock so I unleashed his dick and gave him a messy blowjob so it would be nice and juicy for a slutty footjob. He bent me over, fucked me, and watched my sexy feet shaking as I was cumming all over his big hard cock. He turned me around and pounded my little pussy while he was gagging on my feet as I tried to stuff my whole foot in his mouth. He came all over my sexy feet. I never imagined cum on feet can look so hot. It definitely won’t be the last time I have slutty foot sex with my stepdad.

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First sex with Daddy

This version is 4k. *** This is the 3rd Picked Up & Fucked so far… Cleo Clementine is such a cutie with a big booty. She answered an ad we posted online for local models & was so eager to work for us that we just had to book her. She really new to the industry, and she’s definitely enjoying herself. Watch how much she loves being thrown around the bed and creampied by Laz.

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A Lesson My Daughter Will Never Forget

Last week, something happened between my daughter and I that I just can’t stop thinking about. Her sexuality is what I have been craving for so long. The way she teased me with her tight 18 year old body and took control of my cock was such a turn on! My wife hasn’t been able to get me that excited in years!

I hear my daughter in the bathroom brushing her teeth and instantly thought about how soft and wet her vigina felt, unlike my old boring grumpy wife… Maybe she’ll want to fool around real quick… So I walk in and surprise her!

Dad what are you doing?!

I just wanted to see what you’re up to in here…

I’m getting ready for bed. What do you want?

I can’t believe she just turned me down like that! This little bitch just used me to get a car, and now she’s done with me. Well tonight, I’m going to teach her lesson that she’ll never forget…

After my wife dozes off, I walk down the hall to my daughter’s room and find her resting in bed. Now’s my chance to get what I want! I throw the blanket off my little girl and start groping her chest and private parts…

Then Chloe wakes up to find her father standing over her petite body with a raging hard on!

She tries to yell out but I cover her mouth and tell her to shut up!

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Daddy Impregnate Your Princess

Hi Daddy, guess what time it is? Thats right it’s time to knock your little princess up. I really need you to fill me up good today Daddy, I need to get pregnant soon. Oh Daddy you’re already so nice and hard I bet this won’t take lone. The way your cock feels in my little princess pussy is amazing, I’m gonna cum already! Just think how tight my pussy will be after you knock me up Daddy and you won’t last much longer. There you go Daddy give me all your seed and impregnate your princess today!!

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Remote Control Daughter

Scene One: Never Disrespect Daddy

Luke is enjoying a cup of coffee in his kitchen one morning, when his daughter walks in to the room. She is wearing tiny jean shorts and a grey crop top with sneakers. “What are you doing here?! Aren’t you supposed to be at college?!” Luke asks Karma. Karma explains to him that she dropped out of college and she is just going to get a sugar daddy or become a stripper instead! Luke notices that she has gotten a lot of tattoos recently as well! He is very upset with his daughter’s life choices. He begins to tell her that he has a new invention at work that he needs to try out. When she turns her back towards him, he pulls out a remote control and says “freeze!” All of a sudden, his daughter begins to act like a doll. He waves his hands in front of her but she doesn’t move or make a sound.

Then he pulls her tank top up above her big tits, and he pulls her shorts down to the ground. Then he decides to unfreeze her! Karma starts to freak out because she doesn’t know how she ended up half naked in front of her dad. Luke lies to her and tells her that she wanted to show him some of her stripper moves! Karma is confused and she tells her dad that his remote invention doesn’t really work. He proves her wrong by freezing her again! “Looks like daddy’s little girl needs a lesson! Don’t disrespect daddy!” he tells her. He pulls her shorts down to the ground and then he lifts her tank top over her head. He decides to program her as “daddy’s obedient little slut,” and she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth. He starts to fuck her face with his hard cock. While his dick is in her mouth, he decides to hit the “unfreeze” button again. Karma is humiliated and confused! She jumps up and runs out of kitchen…

Scene Two: Anal Mode

Cory is sitting on the couch in her red, lace bathrobe as Karma comes running over towards her mom! “Mom! Dad was just doing stuff to me!” she begins to say. Cory ignores what her daughter is saying and she immediately starts questioning her as to why she is home from college and why she has so many tattoos now! Karma keeps trying to tell her mother that her dad put his dick in her mouth! Cory finally listens to what her daughter is saying and she walks off to go find Luke. A minute later, Luke sneaks in to the living room and sits down next to Karma. Karma is scared to be near her dad because she doesn’t know what’s going on or how his cock got in to her mouth! “If you’re not going to college then you have to work in other ways…” he begins to tell her. He freezes her again and then he lies her down on the couch. He sucks on her nipples before shoving his cock inside of her pussy. He unfreezes her and she starts to panic again. She tries to crawl away from her daddy, and that’s when he freezes her again. He programs her to say “fuck my tight little asshole!” Then he shoves his cock deep inside of her ass! He programs her to become an “anal loving whore” next, and she starts to repeat that over and over! “Do you want to taste daddy’s cock?” he asks her, and she says yes. She sucks his cock before flipping over in to the doggystyle position for more anal sex. He fucks her from behind and then she sucks his cock again before getting in to the missionary position. He shoves his cock back in her ass hole and then he unfreezes her! She starts to panic again and she tells him that it hurts! He freezes her again and he picks her up and carries her in to the bedroom to finish…

Scene Three: Monster in Bed

Luke drops Karma down on the bed, so they can continue what they started in the living room! He says “eyes follow” which allows her to look around the room but she is unable to move or speak yet. He starts telling her how later on, he is going to have anal sex with her and her mother at the same time! He starts to fuck her pussy but then he realizes that it’s in the wrong hole completely. He takes his cock out of her pussy and puts it in her ass this time. Then he programs her to say “Fuck all of my tight little holes, daddy! All of my holes are yours!”

He switches back and forth between her holes, and then he unfreezes her! She starts to panic again, but he shoves his cock in her mouth while telling her that this is her way of paying him back for what happened with college. He flips her over on to her stomach and fucks her pussy and ass hole. He programs her to turn back in to his slutty, anal loving daughter now. “I love how it feels when you fuck my ass, daddy!” she moans. He hits a top secret button which makes her turn in to an even sluttier version of herself. “Fuck all my holes, daddy! I love being your little slut!” she moans over and over. He keeps fucking her until he gets close to cumming, and then he jerks his cock all over her face! He decides to leave her on the bed with cum dripping down her face…

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